Sunday, September 02, 2007

Encyclopedia of Me - B and Goals

Books - The second letter of my encyclopedia brings another of my passions. Books and reading have been a love for as long as I can remember. The reason that I put this under Books, rather than under Reading, is because the books themselves hold such a draw for me. I've never like checking books out of the library or borrowing books from someone else. Their is something about a beautifully made book, about owning it, about having it as your own to choose from for the next book to be read, or to refer back to when the mood strikes you. I love finishing a book and then going to my bookshelf to choose what I will read next. It is kind of like turning the page on the calendar to a new month (which I also love doing), because it opens a whole new world of possibilities and experiences. And I love the look and feel of books - their colors particularly. I find it so intriguing that Laurie sorts her by color. Mine are sorted by type and then by height.

Books have always been a constant companion for me. I often find that I am so utterly consumed by a book, so emotionally tied to it, that once it is finished, I can't seem to pull myself out of it. My moods are often led sometimes by what I am reading, and vice versa, I often choose what I read based on my mood. Books have definitely shaped my life, and for most of my life, I have read voraciously everything I could get my hands on. In fact, funny enough, that was the way my parents taught me about the "birds and the bees" so to speak. They left a book for me. In the past few years I have not read as much as I once did, and I am sorely missing that. I joined my book club at the art museum when I was going through my divorce - I did a lot of things that year that I had always wanted to do. I look forward to my book club, because the books chosen are usually not something I would have chosen myself, but in almost every instance, they are remarkable. I love language, and words. I think they have a beauty to them. It is probably why I started writing poetry. Sometimes when I think about a career, I think that I would have loved to have been a writer or to be someone who researches and studies language (is there a name for that?). It may also be why I am so drawn to stitch samplers, because of the letters. But, books encompass all of this to me. My love of reading, of words, of the ritual of turning the page. I once read that the end papers of a book are like theater curtains at the beginning and the end of a performance. The books in the photo above are my most recent acquisitions. I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love (as my sidebar will attest). So far, this book is amazing. The history book I wanted after our trip to Philadelphia. After being there, I realized how little I remember from my American History classes. Certain things would ring a little bell of recognition, but then nothing further. I decided to refresh my memory (or create new knowledge in some cases). The bottom three books are the next three for my book club. I am looking forward to them.

And below is a photo of the bookshelves in the living room. This is my primary place that I come to for books. You can see I have a bad habit of piling books on top of each other when I run out of room. Number two on my 101 Things list is to read all of the books on these two bookshelves. Of course, this includes any that I add to it as well. We have three more large bookshelves at the house, but the majority of my books are in storage (yes, I rent storage space for my books).

Anyway, that's a little more about me. Oh, and you probably want to know what types of books I read. Almost anything. I read a lot of fiction (general fiction, mysteries, fantasy, science fiction, with a little historical romance thrown in), a lot of non-fiction (particularly in the realm of travel and also some spirituality or new thinking), and some of what I call "the classics", those books that I never seemed to get around to in school. Currently I have two of these on the go - The Three Musketeers and David Copperfield.

Now, onto the stitching... I have been stitching away on the RR, and hope to have it done this week. I hate showing progress of these because I feel like it pushes me to finish them if I am anxious to show what I've chosen. So, photos coming soon! And it is time for new goals.

Here were my goals for August:
Knit on Homespun Wrap yes
Finish Their Song yes!
Finish Liguria and Lazio finished Liguria, haven't started Lazio
Stitch one WhimZi started on Frost Flower
Stitch one SB Ornament bought the threads
Stitch on Baby Garden yes
Katrina's RR Finished nope
And for a bonus: Do some finishing for the August Finish-a-Long although I did finish two tin pins, I did not make a pinkeep like I had wanted to

The time just got away from me this month, with our trip and then several busy weekends.

And for September I intend to:
Knit on Homespun Wrap
Finish Katrina's RR and Mail by 9/15
Finish Row 1 of Tesori (Lazio and Calabria)
Stitch one SB ornament
Stitch one WhimZi
Stitch on Baby Garden
Read 3 books
Do some quilting

Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Tomorrow is Labor Day, so Eric and I both have off work tomorrow. I am looking forward to having an extra day!

I am grateful for the book I'm reading.


Mindi said...

I'm another book lover/collector. I have way too many, and should probably frequent the library more often than Barnes and Noble. An interior designer would have a fit coming into my house and seeing my bookcases crammed full of books, instead of all nice and pretty, with lots of open space.

Good luck with your September goals!

Sharon said...

I am enjoying reading your encylopedia of me Michelle. I thought I loved to read-but you surpass me totally in this dept. How do you stand not having all your books around? Good luck with your monthly goals.

Jenn said...

I love reading about you and your love for books. I'm the same way. I love getting into a good book. When I find one I want to share it with everyone. Pass it along for all to share...but, then there are the ones I love so much I just can't let them go.

Barbara said...

Oh boy, can I relate! Niek and I are both serious book lovers. We're waiting to see if any of our kids will follow in our footsteps. ;)

Aussie Stitcher said...

Loved reading about you and your books. We have lots of books and we store what we aren't reading in our bungalow, a room off our garage.


Juls said...

I adore reading your blog! You say things so well! I know what you mean about books there is something constant and comforting in them! My books are still in boxes and all around my nightstand! I find such joy in picking my next read!!!

Sally said...

I love getting into a good book too. It's so good to be able to sit quietly and just lose yourself:)

Good luck with your September goals.

danielle said...

I love books, too. I really love seeing other people's bookshelves--thanks for sharing! By the way I read Eat, Pray and Love and thought it was pretty good. I also really enjoyed Portrait of an Unknown Woman, too.

tkdchick said...

Best of luck with your september goals

Michele said...

Hi Michelle, my email address is

I'm really glad you liked the package *smile*

My DH and I are soo bad about books .. books and music are our downfalls .. can never have too many!