Monday, April 04, 2011


Dorothy's Garden 040311

This entire post is covered under the following disclaimer: Please view photos at your own risk. Michelle cannot be held responsible for the craptastic quality of her photos in this post. Exhibit A (above) was taken with a point and shoot early in the morning without the help of sunlight and/or being able to actually see clearly. Exhibits B and C (below) are photos that were taken previously and reused for the purpose of not wanting to post with only one craptastic photo. Exhibit C particularly shows the misuse of a flash. Please excuse the effontery and carry on.

Lately my stitching/crafting/existence has been taken over by a general level of anxiety. I find myself worrying constantly about "what ifs". Unfortunately, it does keep me up at night. Not that I'm ever well-rested, but lately it's been worse. These minor anxieties could possibly be linked to the fact that when worrying about something huge, I tend to deflect it by concentrating on little things.

So...Dorothy. Dorothy has not been playing nice lately. You may remember my last post in which I showed off her pretty butterfly and little border flowers and how lovely they were over one? Well. The day after that post, I suddenly became very concerned that I might actually run out of fabric on this piece. My old LNS (no longer in business) was notorious for mis-cutting fabric. And although I started in the middle of the sampler, once I got that corner of the border in, I realized I had about four inches on the top. Which concerned me, that I might run out at the bottom. Not good. I decided I would work on that border and make sure I had enough fabric, before I went any further. So I stitched on down to where that basket of flowers is and then realized I was off by two stitches. After much recounting and gnashing of teeth I discovered the problem was in the vine by the third little border flower. So, I spent a couple of nights ripping out OVER ONE including my sweet little flower. I started putting my green vine back in and got down a ways, only to discover I'd made yet another mistake. Holy Cannoli, can I not get this right? I eventually was able to fix it and move on and as you can see, I've made it to the bottom. I can now breathe a sigh of relief that Dorothy actually does fit on the fabric. But OMG I have so much extra fabric on the sides. What were those people thinking? But I'd rather have too much than not enough. Anyway, I was hoping to get all the way around last night, but I still lack a bit. I'll feel better once I know my ends meet.

But I haven't been stitching a whole lot over the past couple of weeks, so it's all slow going. Some nights I only get about 10 stitches in. Some nights it's not even that. But, since we're on the topic of minor freak outs, I thought I should share another one I had last week. You may remember a couple of years ago, this quilt kit was a Christmas gift to myself. It's been sitting in my closet in it's pretty little bundle since then. Suddenly the other night (while in bed, trying to sleep), it ocurred to me that I don't know if I received the pattern for this quilt. What am I gonna do, if I have this expensive kit and no pattern? So, I tossed and turned and worried about it all night. First thing the next morning, I marched downstairs and took the kit apart and thankfully, the pattern was slipped between the folds of the fabric. Whew! Although I am now wishing I'd bought backing fabric for this quilt at the same time because I don't think this fabric line is available any more. Drat.

Winter Trees Quilt Kit

This is lesson #5968 of why you should check your order when you receive it. And it did make me really start thinking about having so much stuff on hand that it could be years before I ever get to it. I've cut way back on the amount of stuff (including stash) that I buy and as you know I've also been focusing on finishing my WIPs in an effort to even get to some of the new stuff that's never been touched. I love being able to walk into my craft room and grab something new to start at a moment's notice. But, I can't help feeling that the more "stuff" I have the more it weighs on me. I'm really trying to pare down what I have and not buy more (there's always my for sale blog you can check out too, if you're interested. See the sidebar for the link). So, that's where I am, and what's keeping me up at night. And even though I apparently should have put a disclaimer on this post that I was going to be wordy and annoying, I have just one more thing to share. I had hoped to do some sewing this weekend, but that never did materialize. But, I'm so pleased with having finished my Indulgence quilt as well as my Shepherd's Bush wall hanging, it's time to pull out another quilting WIP. This is a Batiks BOM that I started back in 2007. Yes, that's right, 2007. My LQS charged $3 for each block. So each month I picked up my new block and for awhile I kept on track with it. You can see I have six blocks done.

Batiks 050607

There are six more blocks to be cut and assembled, and then I have 12 setting blocks to make. I'll need fabric for those though. But I loved the opportunity to get to work with batiks, so I'm anxious to get back to working on these. Maybe next weekend?

I am grateful for a layover in Dallas.


Hazel said...

I know all about not sleeping! So frustrating. Hope you can get it sorted soon. Love your quilting. Dorothy is looking good too. xx

Laurie in Iowa said...

Oh boy... unstitching, sleepless nights, not fun at all. Your Dorothy does look beautiful and she's well worth the effort.
As far as the backing fabric for your Christmas quilt... lovely fabrics by the way... I would look at the designers current fabric line, or new holiday line. Many designers stick to color favorites from line to line. You may be able to find the perfect backing, even though it's from a different line.
It's going to look great no matter what you put on the back.

Margaret said...

I hope your anxieties will be taken care of so you can sleep better. I know that feeling well. :( Love your Dorothy! She's so beautiful! Your fabric bundle (yay on the pattern being tucked inside!) is beautiful, as are your batik squares!

Deb said...

Oh dear, I sympathize with you on the not sleeping. For a while I thought I was the queen of it. Not sleeping, and not stitching either! UGH! I hope that you start getting some sleep.

Really love your Dorothy - it's such a wonderful sampler. And all the fabric and quilting - what is nto to love!

Nancy said...

Dorothy looks so beautiful, and so do your quilt blocks! Your projects always look so pretty and interesting. I hope you get some good night's sleep soon!

valerie said...

So sorry to hear about the anxiety. I'm experiencing much of the same and am running on fumes. Hope you get some sleep soon. I'm finding my stitching to be really soothing. Dorothy is looking good. Sorry to hear about the frogging!

Love to Stitch said...

Worrying is never fun, and especially in the middle of the night. I hate that, in fact, I have gotten up in the middle of the night to double check something, put my mind at ease and went to sleep like a baby :)

Glad you have enough fabric for Dorothy-- that would have been THE WORST if you were going to run out! Solution-- always stitch on halves-- I call them sheets, so you dont have that problem!!!! LOL. Progress however slow it is, is looking GREAT!!! Keep you chin up girl :)

Ming said...

Your stitching looks beautiful and your quilt project looks like fun. If you want to get Figgy Pudding fabric for the backing of your quilt, I did see some yardage bolts of it at a store in Phoenix and I'm sure they'd be willing to ship.

Siobhan said...

Ugh, I hear you on the not sleeping. :P Unstitching, not sleeping, anxiety--yikes. Your Dorothy looks fabulous, and I love the quilt blocks!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I hate when I'm so anxious that my brain just won't settle down enough to rest - happens quite often to me, too. Hate it.

Sorry Dorothy was giving you such fits - but, I think she looks gorgeous and your quilts look fun, too!

Jackie said...

I hope you're able to get back into normal sleep patterns soon! I know that when this happens to me, I have a really rough few weeks. It's good to hear that Dorothy will have enough fabric - that is most definitely something I'd worry about!

Laurie in Iowa has great advice about the backing. if the designer doesn't have an available line in similar colors, I don't think you'll have problems finding something that will work.

Sylvia said...

Dorothy is just such a beauty! Of course, it would be even better if she behaved.

I think the quilt shop here still has fabric left from this line - I can get it for you and bring it in Sept. I'll look to see what they still have.

Your batik squares look like so much fun. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of them. I just love bright colors.

I am grateful too for layovers!

Sally said...

I hate not being able to sleep. You start thinking about one thing and before you know where you are you've all sorts going round in your head. Hope you can settle soon.

Dorothy is looking gorgeous.

Giovanna said...

I hope you manage to get back to normal sleeping, it can't be any fun... The sampler looks lovely! Glad the fabric was enough :-)

Glenna said...

You're a good influence. I took Dorothy out also. I have not been sleeping well lately either, and also general anxiety. I wish I were one of those people who could just go with the moment instead of worry ahead about stuff that generally doesn't happen.

Natalia said...

Michelle, frogging is not fun at all !!! I can feel your pain as it seems that's what I've been doing lately also !! Not sleeping is not fund at all either !! Isn't it amazing the things that come to our minds and how restless they make is? LOL !!!

Ranae said...

Beautiful stitching
I am sleepless in Illinois,
Due to hot flashes, lol
Hope you get a good night's sleep in soon

merumo said...

Dorothy is coming along very nicely and pretty! I know that feeling VERY well. I have tons of stitching supplies kitted up (I thought I did anyway.) and few years later, I sometime find just a piece of the fabric in the middle of something and don't remember what that is for? lol Same as for the quilting fabrics. Sigh... I also had that line of Basic Grey (Isn't it?) and made some log cabin blocks a couple of years ago. Very fun fabrics to play with!!

Berit said...

Ugh, I can really sympathize on many of these points! The good news is that everything does look really good, though. :)