Sunday, June 10, 2012

Of Angels and Acorns


On Tuesday night before guild, I met a couple of friends for dinner. After we ate, they presented me with a secret project they'd been working on since my dad died. They started with Ghoul by Plum Street Samplers, which I love, and charted out a part of the poem that was read at my dad's funeral. They put his name and birth and death years on the piece along with each of their initials. 


And if that wasn't enough, they also sent it to Jill Rensel to be framed. 


I just can't get over it. What a huge surprise and such a thoughtful thing to do. I took it to my mom's yesterday to show her and she got just as choked up as I did. Thank you my sweet friends, it really means the world to me to have a memorial sampler for him. 

I did decide a few months ago that I wanted to start something new on my dad's birthday, that is coming up on Tuesday. I used a little bit of my bonus check to purchase the AVAS silks and the Weeks Confederate Grey linen. I'll be sharing my start with you soon as well as which sampler it is. But, I am so grateful to some friends of mine who helped me out by bringing lots of fabric for me to do floss tosses on until I settled on the one I liked. The chart called for ivory or cream linen, but I really wanted something a little more interesting. 


It's time for another WIPocalypse post. They time sure flies. And I haven't gotten a whole lot of stitching done lately, but I've put a little bit more in my Quaker Pincushion. And for those who asked that thread is Caron Wildflowers in Tanzanite. Gorgeous, yes? 


And Isabella's gotten a bit farther as well. Although I think it's taken me over a week to get what I have done on that wreath. 


And you might be wondering why I haven't done any stitching? Well, let me introduce Thutmose 


and Ramses. 


They are 14 weeks old and are brothers. Eric and I adopted them last weekend. Since my first boys had all Shakespeare names, I thought these guys needed Egyptian pharoah names. Although lately Eric has been calling them "Monkey See" and "Monkey Do". They are treasures and have really brightened up our home and our hearts. 

I am grateful for a new beginning to our lives.


Robert said...

Beautiful sampler in remembrance of your father Michelle! Truly great friends that you have. And congratulations on the welcome addition to the family.

Chris said...

What a wonderful surprise from your friends and what a lovely way to honor your father.
Isabelle looks wonderful. You are getting close.
Look at those boys! How lucky they are to have found you. They are precious. I am sure that they are a handful too.
Have a great week!

Jackie said...

Such a special group of friends you have! Reading about their special gift to you in memory of your father really touched my heart.

Jules said...

Purrfect names for your kitties!

Your guild friends are the best! I love the piece they stitched for you. Beautiful is the only thing that can describe it and the sentiment.

Great WIPs!

Margaret said...

So is it hard to tell your two cuties apart? They are adorable, that's for sure! They look so bright eyed and bushy tailed. lol! Love your WIPs. Love the fabric and fibers for your new start too -- such pretty colors! And the memorial sampler -- that is so wonderful of your friends to do that for you. Special indeed.

Stitching Cat said...

Wow, Michelle! That sampler is gorgeous and such a wonderful remembrance of your father and also of your friends! Love your new little kitties. Graycie send kitty kisses to welcome them.

Michele said...

Love the sampler! Love the cats! Love their names!

Linda said...

What a lovely piece your friends stitched for you. Love the new kittens. Makes me want to get a new one.


DebbieSFL said...

What a wonderful remembrance sampler for you of your dad....and what adorable new boys :)

Sara said...

What a beautiful gift from your friends. Good luck with your new start and the kitties too, they sure look full of mischief.

Laurie in Iowa said...

The memorial sampler is beautifully stitched and framed. What wonderful friends you have!
Your kitties are adorable and I'm sure they're both up to lots of mischief.
All your WIPs are lovely and the new linen and fibers are gorgeous. Can't wait for you to tell us what your new project will be.

Sharon said...

Michelle, your friends have given you a wonderful gift. It is beautiful! Love your two new family members-great names!

Sylvia said...

Oh, your two boys are just too sweet!! They look naughty though! LOL.

Isabella is looking good, and I am anxious to see your new sampler.

I am so happy you like your sampler.

Katrina said...

What a sweet gift from your friends!!!! Gorgeous stitching, can't wait to see what piece you are starting for your dad's birthday. Cute kitties too, they look like little love bugs :-).

Loraine said...

What a wonderful gift! What sweet friends you have. My husband loves that poem, as they read it at every pilot training graduation. So thoughtful.
Love the new kitties too! Enjoy your new start.

Margit said...

OMG, that sampler turned out so wonderful with that adorable frame!

I looove your babies! They are very cute. I bet you have lots of fun with them.

Mouse said...

what a lovely gesture from your friends :)
yummy looking silks for your new project too and awwwwwww your furbabies are gorgeous :) love mouse xxxxx

Littlebit said...

Oh my..what a wonderful, beautiful gift from your friends!!!
Your kitties are absolutely darling.

Mindi said...

Beautiful remembrance sampler for your father, and Jill did a fabulous job with the framing. The two new kittens look adorable.

Veronica said...

What a thoughtful and gorgeous gift. As usual, Jill did a fabulous job. Both your kitties are cutie pies ^.^


Siobhán said...

What a special gift, Michelle!! It is beautiful. Love your progress on the WIPs, especially Isabella. Everytime I see it, I want to rush and finish Jane Tindall so I can finally start Isabella!

Great pics of the kitties. It looks like they're settling in well. :)

Thinking of you today--anniversaries and birthdays are always so bittersweet when the loved one isn't there to share it with. I know the first one is particularly hard. (((((((((((Michelle))))))))))

Dona said...

A beautiful tribute to your dad. I know you will always treasure and the friends who were thoughtful enough to create it for you. It's a treasure.

I can't wait to see your new start. It sounds interesting!

Thutmose and Ramses look so regal! Theyre' beautiful. Glad they are in such a good home.

Giovanna said...

What a lovely, touching gift from your friends. Nice going on the WIPs. And welcome to your adorable new babies :-)

valerie said...

What a wonderful gift from your friends and a great way to memorialize your dad. The verse, stitching and framing are wonderful!

Cute kitties!!

marly said...

What wonderful friends you have. Such a personal and meaningful gift, not to mention beautiful. Congratulations on the new additions!

Susan said...

What, what a thoughtful gift from your friends! Just stunning!

Valentina said...

Your friends really made you a great gift.
Your kitties look so cute!

Holly said...

Beautiful gift and sweet kitties! It was great to meet you over the weekend and have added your blog to my google reader.

Marie said...

What amazing friends you have, the remembrance sampler honoring your dad is beautiful.

Your new furry babies are absolutely adorable!

Anne said...

How amazing for your friends to stitch that piece for you in memory of your father. It's so beautiful! Love that tanzinite thread! I think I may have to order some!! Can't wait to see your new project too! Aw, welcome new kitties! They are darling!

Melissa said...

That was a lovely and thoughtful gift from your friends!

Your new additions are so cute!

Joy said...

This such a lovely post. The memorial sampler could not be more perfect. Your new kitties are precious and what great choices for names! We used to name ours after dead presidents, but pharaohs are so much better.