Out of My Comfort Zone

I always like to have a New Year’s Day start and this year was no exception.  I wanted 2018 to be a year where I not only focused on whittling down the enormous pile of WIPs, but I also wanted to work on something that would stretch my skills a bit.  Last year I started the year off with Williamsburg Remembered that so intimidated me that I quickly lost interest in working on it (much to the chagrin of the ladies I was supposed to be SAL-ing with).  But after spending so much time in 2017 catching back up on one of my absolute favorite blogs (who sadly has since quit blogging), I kept being so inspired by her projects and the level of skill that she demonstrated that I thought I needed to step up my game a little bit.

Back in 2010 Amy Mitten designed a piece for our guild‘s tenth anniversary.  It was a mystery sampler that turned out to be an amazing Adam & Eve piece with a large Tudor Rose at the top (for the Tudor Rose Sampler Guild).  Be still my heart.  We started off stitching in the rose in class, but when Amy passed around her model we quickly saw how beautifully aged and mottled her piece was.  Not at all like the (I think it’s) Lambswool that we had in our kit.  Amy explained that she had tea-dyed her fabric to give it that look.  The photo above is of the top half of the sampler.  Gorgeous, right? And I love those splotches of color she said were from Orange Pekoe tea.

If you’ve been reading my blog here or watching my videos for any length of time, you know that getting stuck or frustrated with a piece is usually the last time it sees the light of day.  I wanted to tea-dye my fabric but I’d just stitched that  big red flower with hand-dyed silk.  Dilemma!!!

When I decided at the end of last year that I really wanted to pick this piece up again and that I wanted it to be my New Year’s (re) start, the first order of business was to rip out all my stitching.  I was able to salvage most of the silk, but unfortunately not all of it.  Once I had all my stitching out, I did some tea dyeing on my fabric.  I dunked it in tea for a bit and then let some tea bags sit on the fabric for a bit as well.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

It has a lot more life to it now than just the basic lambswool linen.  I love it.  So, that done, I was ready to go on January 1.

I started by restitching the foundation for the Tudor rose.  The petals will be 3-dimensional and eventually added.

Managed to get all those little leaves done.

Double running stitch for the trunk and branches (the trunk and branches become the tree Adam and Eve are beneath).

And I finally got to add the first of the leaves in the color Venom.  Absolutely love how it’s looking and while challenging, I just took it one step at a time.  This is what I got done in basically a week of stitching before I moved on to something else.  I’m anxious now to pick this back up and work on it some more.

Here is what the whole thing will look like when finished.

Pretty fabulous, no?

I am grateful for inspiration to practice new skills.

Revisiting Victorine

Way back in January of 2012 I decided to start the gorgeous Victorine Delacroix sampler from The Essamplaire.  A friend and I conspired and bought kits for this piece during a sale and decided to splurge on getting the silk kit rather than the DMC.  Soooo happy I did.

The photo above shows my progress on Victorine as of the last time I worked on her, which was quite some time ago.  Here is a not so flattering photo of the original from The Essamplaire’s site.

Admittedly, it is a little harder to fall in love with her based on this photo.  But she is a stunner in person.  So, back in January of this year I was having the hardest time settling on anything I really wanted to stitch on so I decided to dig some options out of the vault.  Victorine was calling to me, so I pulled her out and started on the motif to the right of that basket of flowers.  I so love the contrast of those pistachio and lime greens against the drab colored flowers.

I only worked on her for a couple of nights, but it was enough to rekindle my love affair with her.  It was also enough for me to start and finish that motif including the over one heart and initials in the center.

So pretty.  I’m stitching her on the 40ct linen that came in the kit and the silks are AVAS.  Luscious.

I am looking forward to that satin stitched ribbon-looking inner border and the navy baskets of flowers down below.

There are some beautiful photos of a Victorine in progress over at Corgi Cottage, if you need further enabling.

I am grateful for sampler stitching when I’m feeling unsettled.  

Episode 56: Limbo

Flosstube Episode 56: Limbo

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share my Stitch Maynia week 3 progress and the first foray into “the archives”.


  1. Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread stitched with the called for overdyed threads on 40ct Weeks Confederate Grey.  SAL with Farm Girl and Felicity Stitches.  The hashtag on instagram is #WTNTBirdsofaFeatherSAL
  2. The King’s Vegetable Garden (aka Mystery 9 aka Le Potager du Roi) by Chatelaine Designs – silks, metallics, delicas & swarovski crystals on 32ct Lavender Mist by Zweigart

From the Archives:

  • The Ann Nelson Sampler 1828 by Threads Through Time
  • Sampler from 1808, North German by Permin of Copenhagen
  • Ann Wheatley 1829 by Needlework Press
  • The Sun & Moon Miniature Sampler Circa 1815 by The Scarlet Letter
  • Temptation by Praiseworthy Stitches
  • Elizabeth Buck Sampler by In the Company of Friends
  • A & E Long and Lean by The Traveling Stitcher
  • Adam and Eve Sampler (Gift of Stitching May 2009) by Elizabeth Talledo
  • Jane Philpott 1837: An Adam & Eve Sampler by Shakespeare’s Peddler
  • 1836 Mary Hannah Gipson Sampler (SANQ) by C Street Samplerworks
  • Adam & Eve Sampler by The City Stitcher
  • And All Was For An Appil by The Scarlet Letter
  • Temptation by Sheepish Designs
  • Adam and Eve Reproduction Sampler (CS&N May 2009) by Robin Laukhuf – link to Tanya’s finished sampler here.  I couldn’t find her conversion on her blog, but here it is:
    • Olde Willow Silk to NPI
      12~922 or 324
      Olde Willow Silk to DMC
      9~407 or 3778
      12~3768 or 169
  • Adam & Eve Sampler from JCS June 2016 by Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett & Christy Schmitz
  • Ann Sandles 1846 by With Thy Needle & Thread
  • Parrots Sampler by The Sampler Company
  • “Sachsentuch”, Merseburg 1763 by Kulturhistorisches Museum
  • Scottish Sampler by Needleprint
  • Margaret Hugh by Reflets du Soie (from the book Marquoirs d’Angleterre)

I am grateful for sunshine peeking through the windows.

Episode 55: Teeny Tiny Stitches

Flosstube Episode 55: Teeny Tiny Stitches

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share my 20Stitch Maynia week 2 vlog.

This week I worked on:

  • The King’s Vegetable Garden by Chatelaine Designs – stitching on 32ct Lavender Mist with silks, PTB, delicas, and Swarovski crystals
  • The Snooty Parrot Sampler by Barbara Ana Designs – stitching on 52/60 Vintage Light Examplar with Tudor Silks
  • Jinx by Raise the Roof Designs for #dark13stitching
  • Preparing to SAL on Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler by With Thy Needle & Thread with Felicity Stitches and Farm Girl – stitching on 40ct Weeks Confederate Grey with the called for Weeks threads

Episode 54: When the Rooster Crows

Flosstube Episode 54: When the Rooster Crows

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share my Stitch Maynia week 1 vlog.

This week I worked on:

  • Dutch Beauty by Permin of Copenhagen – stitching on 40ct linen I overdyed myself with my own color conversion to dark/jewel tone colors and using silks, overdyed cottons, and DMC.
  • The King’s Vegetable Garden by Chatelaine Designs (also referred to as Mystery 9 or Le Potager du Roi).  This is on 32ct Lavender Mist with silks, PTB, delicas, and Swarovski crystals.
  • Snooty Parrot Sampler by Barbara Ana Designs – stitching it on 52/60 Vintage Light Examplar linen with Gloriana Tudor Silks