Ten Lords-a-Leaping

I finished up Day 10 on Arthemise’s Just Nan RR. I just love the colors in it. I decided to go ahead and start another block, since she has so many empty ones. Although I really wanted to stitch 8 Maids-a-Milking, I decided to opt for Day 1, since I’ll be signing both blocks I don’t think it would look as good with both right next to each other. So, the partridge is making an appearance.

Not much else going on stitching-wise, but have you seen the new Mirabilia, Mermaid of Atlantis? Gorgeous. I love mermaids, of course, and this one is a stunner. I’ve already pre-ordered her. It makes me want to get to stitching on Mermaids of the Deep Blue soon (not that I don’t have several other projects on the go already!!).
Thank you all so much for your comments on my biscornu. I really enjoyed stitching it, and I did find it amusing that several of us decided to stitch Martina’s designs for the exchange! I haven’t seen any photos of anyone else stitching Manuela’s Sunflowers, so I thought it was kind of fun to maybe be one of the first.
And Christine asked if I would recommend seeing Wicked – absolutely! The reason we had our tickets so far in advance is because when it was here last year, it sold out almost immediately. After that first set of shows sold out, they began selling tickets for this year …so that’s why we had our tickets for so long. If you’ve read the book (and if you haven’t, go read it, it’s great), the musical follows the same general storyline, but is not as dark, you might say. It’s quite funny and the sets are great. I’ll probably be picking up the soundtrack this weekend.
So that’s all the news from here in Tornado Alley…it’s been an interesting couple of weeks with all the storms and tornados touching down. Hope a house doesn’t fall on me…

Walk to Rivendell: Pippin realizes it is the Stock-brook. The banks are low enough now for them to cross. The land on its south bank is wet and reedy. They reach a belt of trees, mostly oaks with a few elms and ash. Drops of rain fall. (Total Miles Walked: 50!!)

I am grateful for a wonderful life.

Biscornu Exchange

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s been busy around here. The photo above shows how I spent my weekend. On Saturday, we went to see Wicked, which was amazing. We bought tickets before we got married actually, so this has been a long wait! On Sunday, we went to the museum to see their exhibit of Japanese paintings. What I loved about the paintings, was the way they were mounted onto silk. I may have to take inspiration from that and do a wall-hanging of a stitched piece.

Anyway, the big news is that Pam has received the biscornu I stitched for the exchange on the Friends Gather BB!

I stitched a freebie called Manuela’s Sunflowers by Chatelaine Designs. The design called for gold beads and gold Kreinik, but I liked the yellow beads instead and left off the Kreinik. I used my Silkweaver Lemon Zest fabric for the bottom. I love the way it turned out, being my first biscornu, and I’m so glad Pam liked it too!
I also sent Pam LHN’s Spring Violets and some of the threads to stitch it. I’m so glad for another successful exchange!
I am grateful for fun exchanges with other stitchers.


Hello, all! I am slowly but surely getting past all the allergy nastiness that has been keeping me feeling not so good. And of course, good mail always helps! I went ahead and ordered the Songbird Pullware for Lady Scarlet’s Journey, even though I am not even finished with Barnabee. Since Jenna and I have plans to stitch this one next, I figured there was no time like the present to make sure I got the pullware. It arrived and it is so pretty! Now, I will just have to figure out how to finish my pieces into a bellpull once I get them stitched!

I have been stitching solely on the last Just Nan RR I have to stitch on. Arthemise has chosen to do a bellpull of the Just Nan Twelve Days of Christmas for her RR. I am stitching on Day 10 – Ten Lords Leaping. I just love the colors in this, and I have been looking forward to stitching on this one since the RR started. I think I may have to invest in this chart, even though I have Teresa Wentzler’s 12 Days ornaments on the go. I should be able to get this finished up in the next couple of nights. There are still several blank spots on this though, so I may ask her if she wants me to go ahead and stitch a second one, or if she wants it to come on home. I was kinda torn between 8 Maids Milking and 10 Lords Leaping.

And speaking of the Just Nan RR, I so appreciate all of your wonderful comments and compliments on it. I have asked Carol and Jenna to stitch in my last two spots, as they were my two initiators on the Barnabee Quest SAL. I am so excited to send it to them! I will probably go ahead and order that snowflake charm for the Frost Flower square while my RR is traveling again.

Walk to Rivendell: Camp – Woody End. A green floor in the wood, roofed by boughs of trees. To the east a steep shoulder falls, and they can overlook the river valley. The lights of the village of Woodhall seen below (ca. 11 p.m.). Sleep late (leaving time ca. 11:00 a.m.). Frodo decides to cut SE to Buckleberry Ferry. Scramble down hill into the thick trees below. It begins to cloud up. A deep-banked stream below the hill cuts across their path. Looking back, they see a Black Rider on the hillcrest where they had camped. They force through the bushes alongside the stream. (Total Miles Walked: 47) [That’s a lot to happen in only a mile and a half!!!]

I am grateful for having lost 31.2 pounds!!!

Just Nan RR – Welcome Home

I can hardly believe it, but it is home! This is my Just Nan RR. The fabric is a beautiful sky blue that you can’t really get the full effect of here. I still have some stitching to do on my square, and adding beads, etc. The top middle piece probably needs the silver snowflake charm, as well. But, it is lovely! I am so appreciative of my first RR, and the wonderful stitching that all these ladies did for me: Michelle, Cathy, Allie, Angi, Kari and Jennifer. Thank you all so much!

I have also received Michelle’s RR, so I have started stitching on it. I have to run out this evening and pick up a few DMCs that I need for it. Most likley, I have the DMCs roaming around somewhere in one of my WIP bags! I had to borrow several from Baby Garden just so I could get started last night. So, that’s what I stitched on yesterday.

I finished reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban yesterday as well, so now I am starting on Book 4 (Goblet of Fire). I don’t know if I’ll get them all read before the last one comes out, but I’m going to try! And thanks, everyone for your continued comments and support – I appreciate them!

Walk to Rivendell: It’s been far too long – I’ll be back on track starting this week.

I am grateful for my own magnificence.

Another Success

I recently had another success that I rewarded myself for. And I rewarded myself with knitting! I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit for so long, and I decided to make it a reward when I reached a specific goal. So, on Saturday, I finally had time to redeem my treasure. Even though I was still feeling like crap, nothing was going to stand in the way of my knitting. I drove out to a yarn store I had found via the internet, which looked like a good bet. Their web site shows that they offer classes, and it also looked like they had a good selection of yarn/needles. So, when I got there, I inquired about their beginning classes and was told that they are in the middle of one now, and don’t have the next one scheduled yet. So, they suggested I check back in about the classes in a couple of weeks. But, I want to knit now!!! The guy at the register suggested that I teach myself from a book. Now, as you may know, I previously bought Stitch n Bitch in order to teach myself to knit. The problem though is that I was just lost in the instructions. Which I explained to my helpers here. I was shown what yarn would be good to start with and which needles are good for beginners. So, I purchased a skein of yarn and size 8 needles to begin. I figured I would just go home and try to figure it out, now that I at least had the tools to do it with. As I was getting ready to leave, the owner of the store asked me if I would like her to teach me. I jumped on the chance, and she sat down with me for about half an hour and showed me the basics – how to cast on and how to knit. She said next time I come back she will show me how to purl. So, I practiced. I practiced and ripped out, and cast on, and did it over and over again. It isn’t pretty, but I love it. And when I went home and looked at my Stitch n Bitch book, the instructions now made sense – now that I had seen it done. So, I am very excited and proud of myself. I still intend to see about signing up for a class, but in the mean time, I think I have a start at knitting. Yay!!
I stitched a little bit on Mystery Sampler too, but that’s about all I did. Eric and I did some cleaning and reorganizing the past couple of days, and like I said I was feeling yucky still. We had intended to have a night out on Saturday night, but the most I was up for was going out to dinner.
I received my Silkweaver Fabric of the Month package on Friday. It had a light blue, which is a FOTM Exclusive, and the green one is Cactus.
On Saturday, I received my Stitching Bits & Bobs order – can you believe it???? I had ordered two charts for use in my upcoming Neighborhood RR. I am doing a Halloween-themed neighborhood. How fun will that be? I love the idea of having spooky houses and pumpkins and stuff. I think I am going to stitch the graveyard from Village of Hawk Run Hollow in the center if I can figure out how to make it fit. It is unfortunately bigger than the 70 x 70 my blocks are supposed to be. The threads in the photo are for Chatelaine’s Pearl Lights. I try to get a couple threads here and there whenever I get a chance. Someday, I’ll get a chance to stitch it!

I am grateful for knitting!