Kimono’ver Here

I finished another kimono block. I have two more to make, and I am almost finished with one of those two. This is really coming along now. I hope to be cutting out the fabric for my sashing and border soon! Thanks for all your compliments on my blocks.

I think I’ve finally made it over my migraine, but I am feeling really down lately. I just can’t seem to find the energy for much of anything. I’ve been trying to make myself work on all these projects I’ve had in the works, in order to finish some of them and narrow down my list. The problem with stitching though, is that I am just not wanting to stitch on any of the stuff I have in progress…so in order to avoid it, I am just not stitching. Has anybody else had this problem? I’ve spent several nights just staring at the TV, with no needle in hand. So, last night, with Eric’s encouragement, I decided to start something new.

I started Blackbird Designs Their Song. I just love this piece, and have been wanting to start it for awhile. It is a nice relaxing stitch. I did a couple hours on it last night while watching The Sopranos. Hopefully, it will help me get back in the swing of stitching. I’d really like to get some things crossed off my WIP list. But, in the meantime, until I feel more like myself, I will stitch on blackbirds. I hope that the listlessness and anxiety disippate soon. I hate feeling like this, I am usually such a positive and happy person. And nothing is “wrong” really, I just am out of whack. Eric will be out this evening, so I am thinking I will sew some more on my kimonos until he gets home, then we can settle in and I’ll see about stitching some more on Their Song. Thank you all for your continued support and patience with me…I so appreciate everyone that checks in, even if you don’t comment!

I am grateful for understanding.

The Star Wars Scarf

Hi, all! We had a great, relaxing weekend and I did not get on the computer once (which was a nice break), so please bear with me as I am behind on blog reading. I didn’t do any stitching this weekend either, as I still had my migraine for a portion of the weekend. It has been raining off and on here since last week, so I am sure it is the weather that is getting to me. Eric brought me some flowers on Sunday though, to perk me up.
I did end up sewing a little bit on my Kimono quilt this weekend. I had hoped to finish up the last five kimonos I have left to sew, but I only got two finished. But that is two closer to being finished! I also took two of my quilt tops (that were finished in 2002) to a local quilter to discuss having them quilted for me. As soon as I get the backs pieced, I’ll be dropping those off to her. I will be so glad to have them quilted finally! They are just going to have all-over patterns quilted on them, nothing too fancy.
And finally, the main accomplishment of the weekend. Eric and I decided to spend the weekend watching all six of the Star Wars movies, in honor of the thirtieth anniversary. We’ve never watched all six together, so it was really an experience. Even as many times as I have seen Episodes 4, 5 and 6, they now take on such different meanings with Episodes 1, 2 and 3 before them. I was looking at the relationships between the characters in a different light, which was sort of mind-blowing after thirty years! While watching the movies, I practiced my knitting by working on my garter-stitch scarf. And it is finished! Well, almost finished. I haven’t learned how to end my yarn, etc. so it is finished except for that. Hurrah! I love it. Beginning next Tuesday, I am taking a four-week beginning knitting class. They only offer it during the day, so I’ll be working half days, and taking half a vacation day in order to go to the class. I am so excited! And once I learn how to finish off my scarf, I can cross that off my 101 Things list.
My fabric for Tesori finally came in as well, so in the next week or so I will probably be starting on it and on my Neighborhood RR. In the mean time, I’m hoping to get caught back up my stitching. Happy Tuesday!!
I am grateful for knitting and Star Wars.

Halloween and Christmas

Lizzie Kate freebie
DMC & GAST on 28ct Boo! by Silkweaver
Sterling Spider Charm

It’s been an interesting week. I’ve been down with a migraine, so no stitching. I did finish reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire though. Only two more to read before the release of the last one. I am so loving re-reading these. Earlier in the week I did finish stitching my latest travel project. I think I may finish this into a pinkeep to try my hand at one.

I had some good mail this week too. My fabric for the Neighborhood RR finally arrived. It is 36ct Meadow Rue by Lakeside Linens. I don’t think I’ve ever stitched anything on their fabric, so I thought I’d give it a try. I love the color! The theme for my neighborhood is going to be Halloween/Fall. I plan to stitch the graveyard from Village of Hawk Run Hollow in my block. What fun! I also found Prairie Schooler’s New World Sampler, which I have been wanting forever. I saw a model of this in my LNS several years ago, but it was already out of print at that time. So, I’ve been watching ebay for it at a good price. And now, it’s mine!

I also purchased a Prairie Schooler chart from Missy. This is such a cute wintry scene, I can’t wait to stitch it up. Melissa kindly sent along some PS freebies for me too. Thanks so much!!

I am really looking forward to the three-day weekend coming up, since Memorial Day is Monday. I plan to do a little sewing on my Kimonos quilt on Monday. I can’t wait! I’ve been doing a little reading and a little knitting this week, but as I said no stitching to speak of. I hope that I am back up to par tomorrow. I’ll take it easy again tonight. Thanks for all of your sweet comments on my Mermaid box and our San Antonio photos, I appreciate it!

I am grateful for shopping at the office supply store, I love pens!


I intended to show you a couple of photos from our last day of our San Antonio trip on Friday, but alas, our internet connection was intermittent all weekend. The guy came to look at it yesterday afternoon, so now we are back up and running again. So, here are the photos finally. These are both from the Natural Bridge Caverns. We had intended to spend Sunday morning at the botanical gardens, but the Japanese Tea Garden we mainly wanted to see was closed for renovation, the train that goes around the whole park was closed because of the weather, and so we just headed out of town. We decided instead to go to the Natural Bridge Caverns, which was a lot of fun.
And that was our trip to San Antonio. We won’t be going to New York this summer, but just to Philadelphia. Although Eric is hinting around about another trip near Christmas – so we’ll see what he has up his sleeve.
I received my Silkweaver Fabric of the Month on Friday, and the colors are Jamaica Sunset and Smoky Blue. Both great colors. I’m thinking the Smoky Blue might be good for some ornaments or something.
I spent some time this weekend also stitching on my Mermaid Treasure Box. I finished all the cross-stitching in this part and started on the specialty stitches. I finished all the Rhodes Stitches in the border, and moved on to the Algerian Eyelets in the four corner motifs. Martina suggested on the eyelets to use either the Water Moccasin, which was used for the Rhodes Stitches or to use a pink, which I think is Fairy Rose. I opted to go with the pink, as I thought the corners could use something a little different. So far, I like them.
I had my book club on Friday night and we discussed The Music Lesson by Katherine Weber. This is an excellent book if you ever get the opportunity to read it. I love Vermeer’s paintings, so it was wonderful to be able to discuss them in context with this book. On Saturday, we watched An American in Paris as our next Academy Award winner. Hopefully we are back on schedule to watching one a week. I really enjoyed this movie, and it was a pleasant change from the recent films on our list.
I have picked out all the over one stitching in the goldfish pond on Baby Garden, so I should be able to get it started again within the next couple of days. Wish me luck!
I am grateful for smaller sizes.

Part 1 and Day 2

More photos from San Antonio. These are from our second day there. Remember I said it was like 30-something degrees out and rainy and windy. Well, we did most of the things we had intended to do that day, but a few of them (walking in the historic homes district, the open air market, etc) got pushed by the wayside. It was still a very full day. We started off at the Alamo. It is hard to believe that I have lived in Texas for almost twenty years and have never been to the Alamo. Now I have!
After the Alamo, we walked over to the Tower of the Americas, and Eric took a few photos from the observation deck – brave soul that he is. This photo is of the Alamo from above, just so you can get an idea that it is smack in the middle of downtown. It’s the cross-shaped building surrounded by trees.

From there we went over to The Market, which is the enclosed (meaning warm and dry) shopping area. It has shop after shop of trinkets and goodies. We ate lunch there and then continued on to San Fernando Cathedral. There were some beautiful stained glass windows, as you can see. I love stained glass.

Another window
After San Fernando Cathedral, we went over to the Spanish Governor’s Palace. The doors contain symbols that tell a story.
Inside I found some interesting crafty things, like this Crazy Quilt.

And these samplers, which were unfortunately really difficult to photograph.
Eric had made us dinner reservations at a fabulous Italian restaurant on the Riverwalk, in honor of our honeymoon in Rome. There was a wedding reception next to us, so it was cool to see a couple getting married the day before our anniversary. And there was a couple next to us that also were celebrating their one-year anniversary. And the food was to die for! After dinner, Eric had booked us on a riverboat cruise, but unfortunately the company had decided to close down the cruises due to the weather. So, we walked along the Riverwalk and then over to the Alamo again. It looks pretty cool at night, even with the rain.
I’ll share photos from our last day there next post. Hope you’re enjoying these. San Antonio was a fun place to visit and only about a five hour drive for us, since we’re a little north of Dallas. I’d love to go back, when the weather is better!
And I finished up Part 1 of my Mystery Sampler last night, plus the motifs that overlap into parts 2 and 3. I’ll be focusing on Baby Garden and Barnabee now in order to get my goals met for them this month…at least that’s the plan!!
I am grateful for getting out of my comfort zone and doing new things.