I’ve had this done for several days now, but am just now getting around to posting a photo. I finished my second block on Tesori d’Italia. This is for the Liguria region. The motifs this time are for the sea, musical notes for the San Remo Music Festival, flowers for the Riviera dei Fiori, olives, and the Bigo in the port of Genoa.

I am still loving the color scheme, although I think I hate the DMC metallic I am using. It seems to be so much harder to work with than Kreinik or the Rainbow Gallery Treasure Braid. This stuff just unwinds and snarls. But, the anchor got a little gold outline anyway.
The next region for me is Lazio, which I am looking forward to, because it includes Rome.

After my last post, Jenn asked for photos from the Star Wars exhibit. Although they did allow photos, it would have been impossible to get them. Everything was behind plexiglass, and the lighting was quite dim. Although Eric is phenomenal when it comes to taking photos of things behind glass in dim lighting, when there are a million child-size handprints on the plexi, it becomes impossible. So, alas, no photos from us. But, it looks like has a few.

I’ll leave you with Han Solo though…be still my heart.

Walk to Rivendell: Farmer Maggot’s lane meets the Causeway to Buckleberry Ferry. Ride in wagon. (Total miles walked: 69.25)

I am grateful for recommitting.

ABC 123, More Birthday for Me

Hello, all! Thanks for your comments on the Encyclopedia. I’m already thinking about “B”. In the meantime, though, I thought I would share a little more birthday goodness with you. On Saturday, Eric took me to see the Star Wars exhibit, Where Science Meets Imagination. It was pretty cool, and included a lot of the costumes and models/maquettes from the six films. When we got home, the mailman had brought me a goodie from Carol.

Carol stitched me this sweet fob that is a Prairie Schooler freebie. So cute! I love the little tassel. I’ve already put this on a pair of scissors, and have been so enjoying my first fob. Here’s a look at the whole package. Unfortunately, my photos turned out a little dark – so it is hard to see that the bottom of the fob says “abc 123”. So cute!
Thank you, Carol! You’ve spoiled me! And speaking of spoiled, remember Jenn sent me that gift certificate to Down Sunshine Lane. Well, my order arrived yesterday, super fast!
This is what I got!! It’s so funny too, because I’d had a dream about this chart the night before my birthday and when I woke up, I thought “hmm, I should really order that.” Then I opened my email and the opportunity presented itself. Thanks again, Jenn!
Sunday night provided more birthday goodness, as we went to Eric’s family’s home for dinner. My sister-in-law made me a lemon cake with lemon icing and decorated it with Plumeria. I love Plumeria – it reminds me of Hawaii!
And since I had to go over to my LNS to get some thread for my next Shepherd’s Bush ornament, I thought I would treat myself to chart. I’ve loved this one since I saw Karen V. and Tina’s SAL on it, but after visiting two Meeting Houses in Philadelphia, it’s a must-stitch now!
That’s all for me today, my allergies are better and the 3-day migraine I had all weekend seems to have lifted. Everything that was causing anxiety for me, has been resolved and I am feeling pretty good. I’m making progress on Katrina’s RR and am pleased with the new house I’ve chosen to stitch for her. Eric has helped me pick out a color for the roof, and I am moving right along!
I am grateful for being seen.

Encyclopedia of Me Meme

After being inspired by Anna‘s posts and Bella Dia‘s, I thought I’d give the Encyclopedia of Me a go. By the time I get to Z, you may be saying enough already, but you’ll know more about me. And hey, I might even learn a thing or two about myself.

A –
Art: Art has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up my parents took me to the museum, and I have a strong recollection of standing before Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party and being completely blown away. I loved art in high school and was one of four people who actually took Art IV in my senior year. That was a fun class, since there were only four of us. I was a member of the Art Club too. When I went off to college, I started as a dual Archaeology/Anthropology major (two more A’s for this meme, mind you), then I dropped the Archaeology and just majored in Anthropology for awhile. After a whole lotta stuff happened, that put my life on a different course, I fell back and reassessed. I moved to an Art History major. Although I loved my studio art classes (painting, drawing, ceramics, etching, etc.), I didn’t want to plan a career around it. So, after having taken my first Survey of Art History classes, and loving them, I made the move to Art History. In case you haven’t already guessed, I was in school a long time – mainly because I loved it. For a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History, I was required to take a selection of different genres in art. For example, I could choose between taking 17th, 18th or 19th century art history – I took all three. I could choose between Greek and Roman or Medieval, I took both. I couldn’t fathom having to pick only small portions out of the whole of history, so I went on art overload. I minored in Anthropology though, and my intention upon graduating was to go into restoration and conservation. Reality set in after graduation, and I needed A Job, so I never ended up going back to school. My thoughts about what I’d like to be when I grow up have changed, but art is still a huge passion of mine. I am a member of one of the local museums, and as you know I also attend their book club, Artful Readings. I can’t think of a time when art has not been a part of my life. I do paint and draw on occasion still, and I do hope one day to go back to school for my art-related “big idea” of what I want to do with my life.

Here are a couple of pieces I’ve done. The first is an etching and it is called “Shiva”.

This next one was my first and only time doing watercolor, called “Strength”. It is a companion piece to a poem I wrote, but you’ll have to wait for “P” for that discussion. It’s about the size of a post card.

Anyway, that’s all for me today. I’m feeling really under the weather, and also having a lot of anxiety that I’ve done something to upset a friend. Here’s hoping the weekend eases both of these.

I am grateful for my art.

A Good Day

Thank you all for all the birthday wishes. My birthday is often sort of an emotional day for me, and not in a good way. In the past I have often felt discounted when it came to my birthday, which kinda sucks. But regardless of what goes on with other people, I chose to have a good day yesterday. And Eric helped to make it special too, guess that’s one of the reasons I keep him around. He brought me these beautiful red beauties Tuesday night. Red roses just look so velvety don’t they? We both took the day off work yesterday, to spend the day together. He brought me a sweet card first thing in the morning and then we went out sewing machine shopping (we never made it on Sat). I think we’ve narrowed down our choices, and after doing some research online, I’ll probably make a decision. Then, he took me out for Thai food last night, which was delicious. Saturday he is taking me to Star Wars exhibit at the Science Place museum (my request).
I opened up my mystery presents as well yesterday morning. My best friend, Julia, sent me Ink Circles Sea Stars, which I’ve been wanting forever and Just Nan’s Jump for Joy. Karen V. was the sender of the other package. She sent a sweet card and Little House Needleworks Emmaline Whitcomb from the Dear Diary series. I love those little charts (now I have two!). Thank you so much!! My boss gave me the Italian art book, as well as a 2008 calendar of Italy. The calendar is now hanging in my cubicle next to my ornament from Anna.
Deb sent me the sweetest e-card as well as this Blackbird Designs chart. And Jenn surprised me with a gift certificate to Down Sunshine Lane. I’ve never shopped there before, but I’ve already picked something out. Strangely enough, a chart I had a dream about and just yesterday morning thought “I really should get that.” I’ll show you what I chose when it arrives. Thanks to both of you!!
Birthdays, of course, are not all about the gifts, so I want to say again (I really can’t say it enough), how much I appreciate each and every one of you. I appreciate all the friendships I’ve made through this blog, all the friends I’ve gotten to meet (both of you!), and how much I feel appreciated by you as well. It is nice to have my little space here to talk about whatever I feel like, and receive the support and wisdom that you all bring to the party. Thanks so much for making my birthday, and every day, special just by stopping by.
Now, on to the stitching…I did decide to stitch on Midi Mystery 2 yesterday. Here’s what it looked like before yesterday’s stitching (although imagine it less blurry).
And here is what it looked like this morning. It was a relaxing and fun stitch. I appreciated having a little time to stitch on it. I’ll be going back to Katrina’s RR, maybe tomorrow. Tonight I am feeling kinda yucky and run down.

Thanks again for stopping by, and hope you’re all having a great week.

I am grateful for true friends.


I’ve made the teeniest progress on my Baby Garden piece. I had to rip out and redo the flower stems on the right- hand side because I was one stitch too low. I’ve been mainly stitching on Katrina’s RR that past couple of days, but am having problems with it too. I chose what I thought was the perfect house and began stitching, but last night gave into my realization that it was just not working. So I ripped it out. So I’ll be restarting on my block tonight or Thursday. If I do any stitching tomorrow, I think I’ll pick something special to work on. I am sorely tempted to start Liberty Hill Inn, but when I look at my list of WIPs, I should probably work on one of those. It felt so good to finish something that I’m looking for another finish now, rather than a new start, tempting though it may be. After our trip to Philadelphia, I am really wanting to start that Liberty Hill piece. And speaking of Pennsylvania, I saw Niky’s finish on the Goode Huswife’s Pennsylvania Christmas Sampler, and now I’m dying to get my hands on it. No idea where I can find this chart though, as the GH charts are so hard to come by.

Isn’t it beautiful?! I just love it.

We had a good time with my parents on Saturday. My mom made a lemon meringue pie for my birthday. When I was growing up, my grandmother used to make a lemon meringue pie for my birthday every year. I haven’t had a homemade one in years. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, I am also back to my working out as of yesterday and back to my regular eating. When I went to weigh in last week, the lady said “have you been on vacation?” That is never a good sign. So, as much as I enjoyed all the wonderful things I ate in Philadelphia, it’s back to the norm now. After all the walking we did there, my two mile walk yesterday seemed a little easier too. I’m a little bit frustrated with my lack of progress on the weightloss front. I’ve been sitting within the same five-pound range since April. I’ve been really slacking with the workouts, so I think getting back to work on those will give me the push I need. It’s hard to stay motivated though, you know? I’ve put my weight loss ticker down at the bottom of my blog, to help me keep my eye on it and hopefully provide some extra incentive since it’s public now.
Yesterday I received a couple of mystery packages in the mail. One I know is from my best friend, since she told me it was coming (it’s from ABC Stitch!!), and the other is unknown as yet who it’s from. I’ll save these for opening tomorrow. What fun to get mystery mail! And since you all know I love a good mystery, I’m going to treat myself with Chatelaine’s Midi Mystery 3 (just the chart for now). Midi 1 was the very first and only Chatelaine I’ve finished. Last year on my birthday, I started stitching on Midi 2. That’s still on my WIP list though. I had completely forgotten about Midi 3 starting, so I am anxious to join up and see what Martina has in store for the Renaissance garden (Midi 1 was Medieval, Midi 2 was Baroque). Love ’em! Maybe to stick with tradition, I’ll stitch on Midi 2 tomorrow? Who knows!
I hope to be able to show you my next finished block on Tesori soon too. I am so close to finishing Liguria. I just have a little bit of backstitching left. Stay tuned!
Walk to Rivendell: After a turnip field there is a stout gate to a rutted lane, edged by hedges. Farmer Maggot’s house and buildings: brick with thatched roofs, surrounded by a high wall cut by a wooden gate from the lane. Eat. (Est. time there: 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.: full dark when they leave). (Total Miles Walked: 63.25) – shame I can’t count what I walked on our trip!!

I am grateful for working out yesterday.