Heartfelt Flower
Shepherd’s Bush
Esmerelda’s Friends Kit January 2006
DMC, GAST & Weeks on 32ct Awareness Pink by R&R
Embellished with Bee Button; Finished in Twisted Threads Tin Pin
Finished 8/4/07

The time is ticking away before we leave for Philadelphia on Thursday. We are getting very excited about our trip and have a lot of stuff planned to see and do. But before we go, I thought I’d finish up a few things. These are two more of the Essie’s Friends pieces from Elegant Stitch. I stitched both of them up last week and did the finishing on Saturday. Pretty quick and easy. These are the first two that actually got finished without months (or a year) going by. Maybe I’m getting better at tackling new things. They are both finished as tin pins (with the Twisted Threads tin pins), and it was my first time doing this type of finishing. I learned a couple of things for next time, but all in all they were pretty easy and straightforward.

Halle’s Heart
Sampler Cove
Esmerelda’s Friends Kit February 2006
SNC The Lavenders on 32ct Awareness Pink by R&R
Embellished with JABC Small Mauve Swirly Bud; Finished in Twisted Threads Tin Pin
Finished 8/4/07

I’m hoping to participate in the Focus on Finishing FAL this month. They’ll be doing a pinkeep class, and I’ve been wanting to learn how to make a pinkeep. I have my Eek! piece all ready for pinkeep status. I think all I may need is some ribbon.

I have several finishing techniques I’d like to try out this year: a scissor fob, a pinkeep, a flat fold, a tin box top, a bellpull, a needle roll and a scissor keeper. I have a couple of pieces that are all ready to be finished, so I’ll probably put some of these finishing techniques to use sooner rather than later.

I am very close to finishing Their Song, and hope to have it finished up tonight. It will be so good to finally finish a larger piece. And speaking of Blackbird Designs, my replacement fabric for the newest Loose Feathers arrived last night. The first piece was, in my opinion, terrible. I am also moving right along on the Liguria block of Tesori. I have two motifs left to stitch, then the backstitching. Hopefully next week this will be done.

Ok, enough rambling. I’ll be sure to post my Their Song finish before I go, and you can look forward to some photos from our trip when I get back. Then I’ll be diving into Katrina’s RR block. I think I have my charts all picked out. Until then…take care of yourselves!

I am grateful for practice, practice practice.

31 thoughts on “Pinned”

  1. Lovely finishes!!! Have a great time in Philly! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog as well. And thanks for the offer about cutting fabric…I may take you up on it

  2. Lovely finishes Michelle πŸ™‚

    I hope you have a safe and happy journey!! and am looking forward to seeing pics when you get home again πŸ™‚

    Hugs hugs hugs!

  3. Wow…I came across your blog and am so impressed with all of your work~gorgeous! I love these little pins!!!
    I also must say that your needleminders are wonderful, isthere a tutorial on making these? I would love to give it a try :-).

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