A Woman on the Edge – Both Edges

So much to show you today! First of all, let’s talk about my Red Thread. As you may recall when I stitched the first six boxes I found that I only was going to have about an inch of fabric on the left side once my border was stitched. Yes I did count and recount to make sure my boxes were the correct stitch count, and yes I did start from the middle of the fabric. So, I couldn’t account for why there was such a problem on the left side. In order to make sure that I had not done something terribly wrong, I decided to stitch the six boxes to the right of center (again starting from the middle). As you can see, I have even less fabric left on the right hand side.

I spoke to my friend, Sherri, who I am doing the SAL with and she mentioned her boxes measured out to 2 1/2 inches. I measured mine and they were 2 3/4 inches. So then I decided to check my stitch count. I was only getting 14 stitches to the inch, instead of 16, which means that I was incorrectly sent 28ct fabric instead of 32ct. So, I sent an email to the ONS where I purchased the “32ct” fabric and explained the dilemma. The response I got was basically, “wow, that’s too bad”. I asked if they would please send me a replacement piece of fabric in the correct count, and someone else responded that they would ship one out to me. Now, I have a sneaky suspicion that I am being charged for my replacement fabric, which I am not overly happy about. If I had not stitched on the first piece it probably would have been no issue to swap it out for the correct, but since I did stitch on it, I am now just out the $17.50 for it. Let me ask you, when you order a piece of 32 count fabric – do you check to make sure it is 32ct fabric before you stitch on it, or am I the only one who just assumes that I am getting what I ordered, especially when it is cut the appropriate 10 x39″ that it is supposed to be? So, not sure how this is going to play out, but either way I should have a new piece of fabric that I can restart on, but I will be already a month behind in my SAL, and 1/2 a skein of Cocoa less. Sigh.
But, I was productive this weekend. While Eric was gone to Baton Rouge Friday night, I stitched on Tesori in an attempt to finish my two blocks for this week. I did finish Campania. I enjoyed this one, although all the backstitching on the ship was a pain! The motifs for this block are: pizza, the Amerigo Vespucci, spaghetti (which I outlined in gold), a Neopolitan coffee pot, a mandolin and a Pulcinella (or Punchinello in English). The whole time I was stitching the Pulcinella, I had no idea it was a face until it just appeared!
I did make a good start on my next block, Abruzzo, but I am now behind by a block for last week. Which means this week I need to stitch three. Ack!

I put Tesori away on Saturday afternoon before Eric got back and since I couldn’t stitch on my Red Thread, I needed something else to work on. I felt called to stitch a little on Mystery 9. Above is how it looked the last time I stitched on it (in March of 2007). I finished the background on my first artichoke and started the second one. I’ll probably save all the artichoke flowers until the end of this section and do them all at once. I enjoyed stitching on this, and was glad I pulled it back out. This is where I left off last night.

I’ve been thinking about Valentine’s Day too, I can’t believe how fast it is coming up. I think I want to finish this little Twisted Threads piece that I started back last year or maybe the year before. It’s from a chart called Itty Bitty Romance, and this is called “For You”. It’s stitched over one, and I think I abandoned it because I wasn’t sure the words were showing up well. I think I will continue on with it and see how it looks when finished. I love the design, it reminds me of the candy conversation hearts, which I love. I even have a cute little Twisted Threads tin frame just for this piece. So, I think I will try to finish this for Eric.

Now, I forgot to show you more New York photos last time, so here are some from the Monday that we were there. We started our day off with a trip out to see the Statue of Liberty. You can only go as far up as the pedestal now. And security is really high – two sets of metal detectors, and x-ray machines, plus a bomb sniffer. I think she’s wonderful though.
And then we headed over to Ellis Island. Eric was very interested in seeing everything here because so many of his family came through Ellis Island from Italy.

We had intended to go up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, but there was zero visibility, so we saved it for another day.

We did go over to Rockefeller Plaza and see the Christmas tree all lit up.

Pretty, huh? It was a lovely night.

Here’s to a wonderful week!

I am grateful for Eric’s safe return.

20 thoughts on “A Woman on the Edge – Both Edges”

  1. Michelle,
    I rarely ever count my fabric threads to see if the stitch count is correct, especially if it is new and has a tag on it. I probably will from now on though, thanks for pointing out this possibility. What a drag πŸ™

  2. The only reason I would check my thread count is if it looked “off” when I started stitching (either too large or too small). I probably wouldn’t check beforehand. I have had something similar happen to me, but it fortunately wasn’t that critical, although I didn’t enjoy stitching on a lower count fabric as much, which was a shame.

    I’m sorry that the shop sent you the wrong fabric and I would be upset if I had to pay for a replacement too, especially if it was their mistake. The only way it couldn’t be their mistake is if the fabric was incorrectly labelled when they received it, perhaps?

    You’re making great progress on Tesori and your NY photos are wonderful!

  3. I never check what count fabric I have. I think I will be doing now though. It is awful that you’re probably having to pay for a replacement when it was the shop’s fault.

    Tesori is looking wonderful and I love your New York photos.

  4. I have a few pieces of fabric I received from friends or family that were unlabeled, so I did have to check those when I wanted to use them. Any fabric I’ve received in a shipment from a store (or purchased in person) has been labeled, and I’ve always assumed them to be accurate. Because I keep a stash of fabric on hand, though, I don’t know if I would be able to contact the seller for replacement of a wrong item…. outside of the piece I ordered two weeks ago for Rosemarkie (that hasn’t arrived yet), I haven’t bought any new fabric in over a year.

    I would be highly upset if they charged you anything for the replacement, including any shipping costs. They screwed up, they should eat the cost. And I’m evil enough that if they were to ask for the 28-count back at this point, after the attitude you’ve already gotten, I’d leave the stitching in place and let them frog it out if they want to try and resell it.

  5. I’m like you, I’ve never checked the fabric count on fabrics I’ve purchased in the past. I guess I’ve always assumed I’m getting what I ordered, and its the shop’s responsibility to give the right count. Now you’re making me wonder about the fabric I recieved through an ONS for the Red Thread series…

  6. I would hope that they really don’t charge you for the replacement fabric, since it was their mess-up!

    I admit, I do check my fabric before starting a piece… sometimes even twice LOL I have these rulers that make it so easy; they are “Clear View Stitch/Thread Counters” by Margaret Lee.

    Love your NY photos!

  7. I would hope that they really don’t charge you for the replacement fabric, since it was their mess-up!

    I admit, I do check my fabric before starting a piece… sometimes even twice LOL I have these rulers that make it so easy; they are “Clear View Stitch/Thread Counters” by Margaret Lee.

    Love your NY photos!

  8. I never check my thread count – I just assume that it’s labeled correctly. What a bummer!!

    I’d be pretty peeved if I had to pay for a replacement fabric when it was their mistake, and if they do charge you for it, I’d send them a complaint (in writing – it may get more attention than an email). And I agree with Sewunicorn – if they want the fabric back, leave the stitching in it and let them deal with it.

  9. I had something similar happen recently when I ordered a 36 count linen … luckily, it was “obviously” the wrong count and I could see that it was more like a 28 count before I ever put needle to it.

    I don’t think it’s fair you have to pay for a replacement.

  10. ((hugs)) I never check either… What a bummer for you to have to deal with this.

    Tessori is looking splendid! The boat looks wonderful and the mask is lovely!

  11. What a joy to see your pictures of New York!!!! Thank you for posting them.

    I am so sorry about your fabric….I rarely count my fabric as well….I have the red thread in the top of my pile to do…..Can’t wait to see your pics. I know it will be gorgeous!!!!

    Lovely WIP pictures. Tesori is coming along nicely !!!!

  12. I don’t count my fabric either. Do you still have your order receipt or whatever? What count shows on the order receipt? That might be enough to show them that they sent the wrong fabric.

    You might want to check the sizing on the written extra border. I talked to someone the other day when I was making calls at my LNS and she said there was a mistake in the stitch count on the border.

  13. That’s terrible about your fabric – your LNS shouldn’t charge you for getting what you ordered in the first place. I love how Mystery 9 is coming – I definitley have that one on the to-do pile for when it is released in chartpack.

  14. How aggravating! I don’t think nor do I hope you should be charged for that! Nice progress on Tesori. I love the NY photo’s-the Statue of Liberty is just beautiful.

  15. I am one who nevers count my fabric because I assume I am getting what I ordered. I know I should KNOW better but now that it has happened to you, I plan on being more careful in the future.

    I am LOVING your Tesori, Michelle. I would love to pull mine out but I can’t even get my act together with my kitchen stitching. πŸ™‚ And in looking at your Pulcinella, I see the face now that you pointed it out but I thought (by looking at the chart) that it was a shellfish of some sort. LOL I had no idea and still had to stare at yours for a few extra seconds. πŸ™‚

  16. wow, sorry about the fabric! Sure hope they don’t make you pay for their mistake! Guess I’ll start watching closer.

    Tesori is soo pretty! great work so far πŸ™‚

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