Almost a House

Jenny Bean 101409

The Bean house is really coming along. I took this photo last night before I sat down to stitch. Those lines on the front of the house remind me of tube socks. But, they also remind me of this. Anyway, although last night was a late night (Eric was shooting at the house – photos, not guns), I was happy to sit on the couch and stitch away at the house. I was able to finish filling in the front of the house, fill in those lines on the roof and start on my chimney. I love how this is coming along. I can’t wait to start stitching the graveyard! It fits in with my Poe-esque mood right now.

Anyway, I promised I would be posting photos from our day at the State Fair. One of the things I like to do when we go is to visit the Creative Arts building to see all of the quilts and stitched pieces, etc. There were some lovely things this year.


And look at Moon Garden over one!



While I was digging around in my photos, I remembered I had some from last year I hadn’t shared.


And you are not going to believe this one. I had heard stories of it, and made it my mission to track it down and have a look myself. This stitcher stitched the cover from the book, Wicked. There are so many colors in this, and the piece itself is huge!! The detail is just over the top – even to Dorothy’s house spinning up there by the tip of her hat. I stood staring at this piece in complete awe for I don’t know how long. What is not pictured here are the five or so ribbons this piece won. Sorry about the glare too, the piece itself is framed with glass, and then is in a glass case. Stunning. Now I want to stitch one.


If you want to see more of my photos from the Fair, I’ve posted them here. That’s all for me today. I’m so happy to be going to stitch with my Thursday night stitching buddies again tonight. I anticipate having a tombstone or two to show you next time.

I am grateful for knowing everything is exactly as it should be.

16 thoughts on “Almost a House”

  1. Oh, my. But first, the thing that made me crack up at my desk: what’s with the Dickies Guy’s chest? Is he really a Dickies Girl? The Wicked cover is amazing! Surely it’s not a pattern? It’s not an HAED or something, is it? And the rugs–it makes me want to take up rug-hooking! I’m with you on the treats at the fair–most of them are too over the top. Although I like a good hot dog and maybe some funnel cake too. They had deep-fried cheese-cake or something at the VA fair, but they cheated in my opinion, because it was wrapped in a tortilla and then deep fried, which I think is cheating. Your photos make me sorry we didn’t make time to go to the VA fair. Eric doesn’t make you ride the rides?

  2. Oh my…look at that rug…funny thing is, this weekend when I was at my Fibers Retreat, I decided that I was going to give my hand a try at hooking and I have a kit I’m going to try πŸ™‚ Nothing as spectacular as what you pictured, though! WOW! And the wicked cover stitched piece is AMAZING!

  3. Hi Michelle! It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the Fair -what great pictures.

    What lovely quilts and the Wicked piece – amazing! I can’t begin to fathom the number of house she put into such a piece.

    Great work on Jenny B – I’m not sure about those stripes – they look really odd. It’s a great project for this time of year – get’s you in the mood for Halloween.

    So, why was your husband shooting at the house?

    (Glenna, you are too funny! He’s just really buff)

  4. Wow wow wow! Beautiful pictures – but yeah, Wicked is the show stopper. How was this stitched? From here it doesn’t look like cross stitch.

  5. The Wicked piece is amazing. TFS Your Jenny Bean is coming along… but your crack about the tube socks had me laughing.

  6. Bean House is looking great! Love the colors…and the Wicked? *gasp* oh my wow!!!! That is truly a labor of love done by that stitcher….wow, the detail!

  7. I love Jenny Bean! I want to do it sometime too, but for now, I’ll enjoy yours. πŸ˜€ Thanks for the fair photos. I think my favorite is that gorgeous flower hooked rug with the bright, vivid colors. Wow! And I just can’t imagine stitching that Wicked picture! OMG! Amazing!

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