Less Talkie, More Stitchie


Jenny Bean Ltd Edition Threads

Tuesday night was guild night, and as is always the case I do way more talking than I do stitching. And we had a fabulous presentation on Tennessee Samplers. So, not a lot of progress on my new start. But, you can see above the gorgeousness of the threads and fabric that arrived at my doorstep shortly after Market. How could I possibly resist the lure of a new start…a Halloween start.


Jenny Bean 2 100709

You may have already guessed that Jenny Bean’s Halloween Sampler was my pick for an October project. The fabric and limited edition thread pack arrived with the pattern and I was all set to pick this up and start on Sunday, right after my Angel of Tulips finish on Saturday night. I’m stitching this on the recommended 40ct Vintage Pearled Barley. I love love love Lakeside linen and this color is no exception. The threads look beautiful on it. And of course, I love the thread names too: Nightmare, Zombie Flesh, Sarcophagus, Coffin Lid, Parched Bones, Witch’s Wart, Dried Blood and so on. The threads are GAST, by the way. Stitching with one strand, even though the coverage of the Nightmare (black) is killing me. I’m trying to love it. But I do love this design, so I am very happy with my choice of starting something new.

And speaking of something new, I’ve started a new book. But first, many of you asked me to review my “book challenge” books that I’d listed here. I mentioned that I was currently reading this…

The Vampire Diaries

As you can see, this edition is actually the first two books in the series. I’d already finished The Awakening and was about halfway through book two, The Struggle. I finished that up Tuesday night, so I thought I’d better let you all know what I thought.

As you probably already know, these books have been made into a series that premiered a couple of weeks ago on the CW. I’ve been watching the series while also reading the first two books. Love the series. As for the books, I had a hard time at first getting into the first book. But, then I fell into it and book one ends with a bit of a cliffhanger ending, so I breezed right on into book 2. The more I read, the more I enjoyed them. The only problem I had with the books is that because I was reading at the same time as watching the show, and because the show does differ from the books, I did start to get a bit confused with whether something happened in the book or not. But, aside from my own ability to be easily confunded, the first two books in the series are well-worth the read, if you like this genre. And although book 2 also ended on rather a cliffhanger, I did resist starting book 3. I picked up The Lovely Bones last night, because I’d promised myself that would be the next book I read. And so far, I cannot put it down. So I will probably have a review of that one fairly soon.

That’s it for me today, it’s raining here but not as cool as it had been the past few days. I’m hoping to have some curled up on the couch stitching time this weekend.

If you’d like to take a look at the last of my Miami photos, you can see them here.

I am grateful for my friends.

Thwarted by Ribbon

Madeira Tin Almost Finished Set

The week since I took the Jane Timmers workshop has been interesting, to say the least. I managed to get over to one of my local shops to pick up some more of the Gloriana ribbon I need to finish my Jane Timmers pieces. They are ordering it for me, and it should be in soon (they had calls from two other people needing ribbon as well while I was standing there). So, no ribbon for me. But, I didn’t want my vacation day on Friday to be a total bust, so I got to work on the finishing I could do.

First things first, I finished my needlecase. I just needed to assemble the fron the of the case, attach it to the hinge and then attach my cording to both the front and the back. Et viola, I was finished! Love how it turned out. I am very pleased with it. Next up would have been to finish my biscornu, but alas no ribbon. So, I moved on to making the little ditty bags. I decided to attempt both the triangular (3-sided) bag and the square (4-sided) bag. Thanks to the very generous Katrina, I was able to have my selection of fabrics to use! So, my little bags are finished, they just require ribbon drawstrings. From there I decided to go ahead and put the color copy of Jane’s sampler in the front window of my tin. I hadn’t really decided whether I would stitch the piece and add the actual stitched piece, or just do the color copy. I went ahead and used the copy in order to have this one step closer to finished, but after closer inspection notice it has “2007” on it as well as Jane’s initials. So, I think that I will (eventually) stitch up the sampler myself and then I can decide if I want to place it or a copy of it in the front.

Needlecase & Twisted Ort Jar (Open)

The last thing I did as part of my finishing bonanza was to make the twisted ort jar. I was kind of dreading attempting this, but it wasn’t too bad. The hardest part I found was getting my pieces to fit together. But, despite my minor snafus, I did get the thing together and miracle of miracles – it actually works!! So impressed with myself. (And thanks to Katrina again, I had the fabric to make it!!) You can see it closed in the top pic, and then open in the pic below that one (along with the open needlecase). So, yay!! This is all done minus the ribbon and dealing with that sampler for the front of the tin! And it’s only been a week since the class. Somebody take note.

I mentioned I visited the LNS to hunt down ribbon. Well, you know I can’t leave there empty-handed. Now my parliament of owls has been joined by one more.

Owl Scissors

And, I’ve found that this little VB bag is the perfect size for holding flossaway bags full of thread for a project – perhaps a project like Angel of Tulips.

Angel of Tulips

Angel of Tulips, which is also finished! (Please ignore cat hair in photo.) I finished stitching this on Saturday night. This is a Good Huswife design that was loaned to me, stitched with the recommended NPIs on 40ct Daily Grind by R&R (the recommended fabric).

And, as a reward for all my hard work I decided that I would start something new – something for Halloween. Can’t wait to show you!

I am grateful for a day at the fair taking (better late than never) anniversary photos.