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Stitching is non-existent right now, unfortunately. In fact, reading (other than my trusty CAPM/PMP Exam Guide) is non-existent right now too. But, occasionally there is a little mini vacation in the middle of this long boat ride through the river Styx. A while back, I signed up to take a needleturn applique class with a very good friend of mine, anticipating that it would be a great way to celebrate being done with school. (Ok the fact that I am still not done with school makes that entire sentence right there suck.) But, nonetheless we spent Saturday at our applique class as scheduled.

Back in 2002 when I took my beginning quilting class, I was taught to applique via the freezer paper method, not needleturn. So, needleturn has been one of those things I’ve been promising myself I would learn. So, when the class was suggested, I jumped at the opportunity to spend a day with my friend learning a new technique. Our class was good, and I think I got the hang of it after a little while. Our class piece was learning to applique a heart onto some background fabric. I didn’t get a whole lot done in class.

But, I came home Saturday night and went right back to work on it. I was able to finish it up that night and viola, I have a slightly asymetrical appliqued heart. Not bad for a first try, I think.

Applique Class Piece 050210

Our class piece is basically just the heart appliqued on our background fabric and then borders out of that black sunflower fabric will be sewn on later. I should have enough of the fabric for backing too.

I was feeling so confident of my newly acquired skillz that I decided to pull out a long-lost applique project. You may remember?


I had begun collecting fabrics a while back to do the Bunny Hill “A Tisket A Tasket” blocks.

I had cut out freezer paper templates for my applique pieces even in preparation. But, after attempting to teach myself needleturn applique and attempting to sew down that basket base three times, I gave up.

But on Sunday night, I thought I’d give it another shot.

ATAT 050210

I managed to get my basket completely appliqued (sorry no photo), but I appliqued it perfectly crooked on my background fabric. So, I’m thinking I may detach it one last time and try again with a little tip from my quilting angels.

But, I’m happy with what I learned in class and I can’t wait to work on my basket some more. Of course, it may be awhile before that happens, but it will give me something to look forward to.

Do you think it’s too soon to start planning on making this basket quilt?

I am grateful for a lovely spring day sewing with a wonderful friend for company. (And the Mexican food was good too!)

17 thoughts on “Turning”

  1. Your heart looks so sweet. Congrats on conquering needleturn applique. I’ll let you know how my back basting/needleturn applique works out.

  2. Great heart – love the fabric. Congratulations on learning needleturn applique.

    Have a great week!

  3. Nope never too early. Begin as you mean to go on I say. Remember I’m the gal who had the bright idea to do Baltimore Halloween as her first needle turn quilt.

    Your heart looks good, rub off those chalk marks and the wonky will rub off with it. A smooth curve is one of the tougher things IMHO. I’ve found it helpful to stop every inch or so and hold it out at arms length to judge. That way if I’m not happy I never have to rip much.

    Has your teacher shown you how to go back and re-do small bits of an already completed piece? It’s dead simple.

    At this point I should probably just email you, but whatever…

    Also, how big is your background for that Bunny Hill block? My teacher recommended cutting backgrounds at least an inch bigger than the finished size so you can square up (& center up too if need be) easily after the applique is finished and if it’s a bit off kilter trimming the block will hide/correct it.

  4. I love trying new techniques and learning new things. And I’m with you on the River Styx thing–I’m so sick of just about everything but BF, the pets and my stitching, that I could just scream. LOL–probably a little extra sleep would be a good idea. I think the heart turned out great, and I’ve never tried any kind of applique, so I’m totally impressed too!

  5. Beautiful! I love those fabrics for the Tisket quilt too! And the baskets from the BBD book — go for it! I bet you could do it!

  6. Nice work friend – I have applique on my list to learn as well.

    Of course you should go for the Blackbird quilt – nothing like jumping in with both feet!

  7. Good for you. I have looked at needle turning but am very hesitant to try it. I like the freezer paper way – simple! But, needle turn looks much better. See, I’m still wavering.
    I have Tisket Tasket too – someday!!1

  8. I think that your heart looks wonderful for a first attempt. I think you’re going to have this mastered in no time. There is always a learning curve to everything. I really look forward to seeing you start on the Bunny Hill quilt. That is such a sweet piece.

  9. You totally rocked that heart, gf!! I love it. I am psyched for you. I want to try doing the starch method, too. I just got the first issue of Fig Tree’s Fresh Vintage quarterly booklet and Joanna mentions the starch method with freezer paper on top. I always did the freezer paper on top of the applique piece and then turning under to match the shape of the freezer paper. I love your Tisket fabrics, too!! Great start on it. Oh, and thanks for the BBD photo… ack!! Yet another thing to obsess over. πŸ˜‰

    Have a great weekend!

  10. You were doing a great job on that appliqued heart.I have never tried applique and when I do I’ll have to take a class to learn it.
    If you feel like strating the basket quilt, just do it. I’m sure you are ready for it.

  11. oooooooh this definitely makes me want to learn applique! Agh, I have so much to learn about the basics of sewing, first! ha ha ha!

  12. Yay you on the applique!! I think your heart turned out beautifully! I’d love to learn applique some day… maybe after I learn how to quilt the regular way?? πŸ˜‰

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