Under the Apple Tree

Margaret Pence 072710 Closeup

Take note, at 11:15pm last night I finished something. And not just any something…I finished Margaret Pence. Hard to believe, I know. I really loved stitching on this piece. And I sure do love that big fat snake. He is supermassive!

I do wish my photos were better, but I was too excited to show her off to wait for better light.

Margaret Pence 072710

Margaret Pence 1781
Goode Huswife
DMC on 36ct Meadow Rue
Started 6/17/10 Finished 7/26/10

I love this piece, and I’m so happy to have another A&E in my finished pile (that makes two!). Now, on to the next. You’ll have to stay in suspense just a little while longer.

I am grateful for the early birthday gift that inspired me to start this piece.


Margaret Pence Eve 071510

So there I was stitching along on Margaret Pence. I stitched up Eve and then stitched the apple in her hand. Of course, without the tree that she’s plucking it from, she just looks like she’s holding this apple up saying “Ta Da!”. It made me giggle a bit so I had to snap a photo.

It made so much more sense when I got that tree stitched in there.

Margaret Pence 071910

I’m working on the serpent now and should have him filled in before too long. Then I’ll move on to Adam.

I’m already planning what I’m going to stitch next. I think I’ve settled on a new project – one that I haven’t seen very many people stitching on.

No movie watching this weekend, but we did finish up Season 1 of Rome. It’s quite good and I’m looking forward to Season 2.

I am grateful for a visit with my mom and purple polish on my toes.

In the Pink

Package from Terri

I recently won a giveaway on Terri’s blog and it arrived in all its pink glory. Look at the envelope it arrived in that the wrapped goodies are sitting on even!

The giveaway was for this sweet Hello Kitty pendant that Terri made. Of course I love it and was ecstatic to find out that she was coming to live with me!!! Terri even made a little extension so that I can use her as a fob if I want. She is so sparkly and fun!

Hello Kitty from Terri

And if that wasn’t enough, Terri included these fun Hello Kitty extras too! I can’t wait to whip these out at my next staff meeting. (just kidding) (maybe) How could Terri know that I have a thing for colored pencils? Well, I actually have a thing for office supplies in general…but art supplies specifically. Love these!

Hello Kitty Gifts

But before I could be Hello Kitty’ed out, Terri sent something for the stitcher in me too. Look at the gorgeous pin cushion tin she sent. And inside it has these sweet little spools of thread. It’s like a little self-contained sewing kit. I love love love this!

Pincushion Open

Terri, I can’t thank you enough my sweet friend! Now, I’m off to make a list on my new notepad…

I am grateful for Terri’s generosity and for pink Hello Kitty necklaces!

(Apparently, I should also be grateful for exclamation points, huh? – Post count:10

Crash and Burn

Margaret Pence 071010

Ever have one of those weeks where you think it’s all going just dandy and then it all hits the fan from out of nowhere? Yeah, that’s where we’re at. Downhill descent started last Thursday at work and made impact today (again at work) with a whole lot of nonsense in between. I’d thought yesterday was the point of impact, but I was wrong. Awesome.

So, let’s talk stitching, shall we? As you can see from my progress above on Margaret Pence, I was able to sit down and put more than five stitches in at a time. In fact, I made so much progress on this Friday night and Saturday that I hated to put it down. You can see my last progress photo in the post below. A lot a lot, huh? I need to finish my birds and put some little doodads on the fruit, but then that tree is done and I will move over to the other tree.

Like I said, I was on such a roll with Margaret Pence, that I hated to set her aside, but I decided to get out And They Sinned on Sunday. I think I mentioned that the last time I worked on this I finished up the left hand side of the cloud. So, yesterday I started in on the right side. I’ve got a little mistake that I’m trying to allow for in my cloud, and hopefully it will all come out right. But, that’s why I started tent stitching my outline, so that I could make sure everything was lining up correctly. I think I made good progress on this yesterday too and hated to put it away last night.

ATS 071110

So, anyway… I made good progress on two pieces this weekend and enjoyed them both. I finally felt like I was able to stitch, which was a good thing. Regardless of the fact that all manner of shenanigans were going on, I had a pretty good weekend. And please just use your imagination on making these photos the correct color – I cannot take or edit photos early in the morning to save my life.

Ok, that’s it for me today. I may work on Margaret P a little more this evening if I don’t decide to hole up with the 700 page book I need to have read by Friday. Did I mention I’m on like page 50?

I am grateful for some great advice.

Neon Green Asteroids



Ahhhh, so nice to have a long holiday weekend to relax! As you can see, Eric and I went out to see the fireworks on the 4th. You can see more about our weekend here, if you’re interested. And other than going out to see the fireworks, we really had nothing else planned. We decided to stay in out of the heat and catch up on some movie watching.

Of course, I decided to catch up on some stitching too. Friday night while we finished watching Season 2 of True Blood, I stitched on Margaret Pence. Then I ripped out everything I’d just stitched and stitched it again in the right spot. So, not a whole lot of progress to show.


Margaret Pence 070510

The rest of the weekend, I decided to choose a focus project since I knew I was going to be investing a good amount of time in stitch ass. In honor of the 4th, I chose (with some help) to stitch on the outside of my Catherine Theron Americana Sewing Roll. The last time you saw it was after our class at Seminar… here. And after seeing the state of Sylvia’s, I decided I’d better get on it!


ASR 070510

Even after having to rip out two whole rows last night and restitch them, I think I made excellent progress (apparently I cannot watch Angelina Jolie shooting guns and concentrate on my stitching). After I finish the row I’m on, I only have four more to go. Then I can start the fill in.

Of course, Eric kept looking at what I was working on and could not figure out what in the world I was stitching. I showed him the photo of what it will look like and he was still not convinced that it would all come together. He said it looked like the game Asteroids. Neon green Asteroids specifically. I wonder if maybe he was thinking of Galaga? It does bear some resemblence…

So, fireworks, seven movies plus a Star Wars marathon, some excellent food and neon green asteroids…a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and I’ve recently finished reading my first book of the Summer, if you’d like to see my post on it you can see it here.

I am grateful for a fantastic weekend at home with my husband. And yummy food too!