Dia de los Muertos


Day of the Dead Zombie

Meet Frida.

Frida is a Day of the Dead Zombie that my sister in weirdness and good friend, Kim, made for me for my birthday. I received some other beautiful handmade things for my birthday that I can’t wait to show you, but Frida demanded to be first. I thought Frida was not only a fun gift, but she also was rather timely. Isn’t it funny how sometimes in your life, you keep having the same theme pop up? Well, about a week before Frida entered my life, I received my copy of the JCS Halloween Issue.


Notice the cool sugar skull design from Monsterbubbles. Love it. I think I’ll definitely be stitching that one. And why did it catch my attention, you might ask? Well, I’ve been reading this book.


Ok, pay no attention to the fact that my sidebar still says I’m reading The Museum of Innocence. I abandoned that in favor of this book, given to me by a fellow book clubber, who said it was fantastic. It is. And within the first few pages was a beautiful description of Dia de los Muertos and sugar skulls and leaving offerings for one’s loved ones. Such a gorgeously written book. So, here I am reading this book, thinking about Mexico and sugar skulls and then I come across the Monsterbubbles ornament…coincidence? I think not.

But wait, just when it couldn’t get any more interesting…the next book for my bookclub?

Yeah. It ties in with the museum’s nest exhibit called “Fiery Pool: The Maya and the Mythic Sea”. It’s all working together in some kind of wild swirl of strangeness. Now, I know that there’s a thin line between some of the connections I’m making…but my head is making them nonetheless.

Which is why, dear friends, I just had to introduce you to Frida. That’s where my head’s at these days. Plus, it’s been a rough couple of weeks so zombies seemed relevant.

But, just in case you’re here for the stitching…I’m doing some non-zombie related stitching on Where My Heart Blooms. It’s coming along.


WMHB 082910

So, until next time…Frida will be keeping an eye on things.


Day of the Dead Zombie in Coffin Box

I am grateful for zombie felties that bring a smile to my face.


WMHB 081710

I’ve been so busy I am exhausted by the end of the day, so not a lot of stitching has been going on. Have I mentioned I have a new job? Same company, just moved into a new position. And it’s been crazy busy for the last couple of weeks. But, you can see my itty bitty progress on Where My Heart Blooms. I’m working my way around the border. Here’s hoping it meets on the other side! The more I work on this piece, the more I love it. And I think this photo is actually pretty darn close to being accurate color-wise. Eric taught me a new trick in Photoshop and I think it’s helping me with my processing to get better color.

I was going to work on my Scottish Sampler some more this weekend, but a bad migraine had me totally out of commission all day Saturday. And after seeing the new AotH release from BBD, I was inspired to get this out and work on it a bit. I’ve now put back in all the stitching I had to rip out during my last session. I made the eyes on the peacock’s tail the wrong color, but by the time I realized it, I decided to just leave it. At least he’s in the right place now.

AOTH 081710

But, I’m moving along on this border too now, and think I’ll probably finish that up before continuing on the motifs. I’m really loving this on 40ct. And I can’t wait to get some more color in this block.

I’m really enjoying my stitching lately, and it is so nice to be able to come home in the evenings and relax with one of my many WIPs.

I am grateful for the best photography teacher.

Green and Gold

Be Mine 080810

Last week we had our monthly guild meeting, and since I’d just finished a little BBD stocking, I thought I’d start the remaining February stocking at the meeting. This one is called Be Mine. It was so nice to be able to get to sit and stitch and visit for a bit at guild. Lately, that hasn’t been happening at all and it made me so happy to be able to do it. It was nice also to get to visit with some friends that I don’t get to see very often too. So, here’s my tiny little start on Be Mine.

The rest of the evenings last week I decided to pick up my Where My Heart Blooms piece and work on it a bit. I’ve been stitching on that border and it’s really coming along. Lots of progress since I last showed an update. I love love love stitching with the Belle Soie, and if only the dyelots weren’t such a problem, I would stitch a lot more with it.

WMHB 080810

And finally, on Saturday after my 5k, I decided that I was in need of a good amount of couch time. So I started my new sampler (the one I’ve been teasing about). This is the Scottish Sampler by Needleprint that was in the Goodhart book. I fell in love with it when I first bought the book and decided to finally gather up the fabric and threads to stitch it.

Scottish Sampler 080910

Isn’t it lovely? It’s very delicate looking with those little curlicues. I’m stitching this with DMC on 36ct Lambswool. It’s my first time stitching on Lambswool, and so far I’m loving it. The whole top portion of the sampler is all done in green and gold, so it’s going to be awhile before the colors get interesting. I think this piece gets more interesting the further down you get on it. You can see a photo of the original here. I’m so happy to finally be stitching on another reproduction sampler (and an A&E to boot!). I think I’ll probably continue on with this piece a bit more this week. It’s too pretty to put down.

Well, I’m off to see what I can get into on this Monday morning. Have a great week!

I am grateful for my husband bringing me icepacks for my back all weekend. He takes good care of me!


Sweetheart Sampler Stocking

Sweetheart Sampler Stocking
30ct St. Valentine’s Blend by R&R
GAST Cherry Bark
Finished 7/30/10

Look, another finish! After finishing Margaret Pence, I decided to pick this little stocking back up that I had started right after Romeo died. It made me feel really good to have a quick little finish on this. And since Romeo was my little sweetheart, this stocking will for sure remind me of him. I only have one more of the February stockings to stitch. You may remember I stitched February’s Violets in remembrance of my grandmother’s birthday last year. So, I may decide to just go ahead and start that other stocking here soon. They are such fun little stitches, and so colorful. I love this St. Valentine’s fabric, it has the slightest pink hue to it that really looks so pretty with the Cherry Bark thread.

After finishing up the stocking on Friday night, I decided to pick my Anniversaries of the Heart piece back up. This piece is giving me such fits. I had issues starting and then set it aside, then I decided to pick it back up, stitched on it all weekend (got farther than this photo shows) and then spent all night last night ripping out everything I’d stitched since Friday. Bummer. There was no way to fudge it since my mistake was in the bottom border, which has to line up since I’m stitching these all together on one piece of fabric. I really wish I could get a better photo of this, but like I said, this piece is giving me trouble.

AotH 080110

And I had thought I would start my new piece this weekend, I pulled together my fabric and threads. I’m missing a few threads, which I didn’t think was a big deal, but when I sat down to stitch, they were the two threads I really needed to start. Nice. So, no new start this weekend. But, here’s a little sneak peek. I’m missing a blue, a couple of greens and another gold.

Scottish Sampler 080110

So, other than my finish, stitching was kind of a bust this weekend. Oh well, maybe I can find a new groove this week.

Until next time, happy stitching!

I am grateful for my sweetheart.