Mademoiselle Victorine


Remember back on New Year’s Eve, when I showed you the photo above of these beautiful silks? Remember when I said they were my New Year’s Day start? Ah, good times.

Well, on January 1 I made an executive decision that instead of starting a new piece as planned, I wanted to continue on with Margaret Cottam. I finished her a week into the new year but it was a few more weeks until I started my new piece.

So, allow me to present, Victorine Delacroix by The Essamplaire.


I love her. I love stitching with those luscious silks. I love her drab little flowers offset by that bright “pistachio” vine. I can hardly wait to get some blue added to her. Isn’t she fun? Love that lacey little basket too.

And on top of her being a new start, she’s also been part of something else new. I mentioned in this post that I would be trying out my new Hardwicke Manor hoop on her. So far I am loving it. Of course, the real challenge is going to be having to put the hoop over my stitches. Quelle horreur! But, eventually I will run out of space in my little six inch hoop and then it will be like sailing off the edge of the world. Courage!

So, that’s what I’ve been up to – not stitching on anything I’m supposed to be stitching on, and instead spending time with a lovely little lady from Philadelphia with a sweet French name.
And in my last post, I neglected to mention something else that I am especially grateful for at Valentine’s Day…


My handsome Othello. I adopted him sixteen years ago in February, and last February you may remember we almost lost him. So, this Valentine’s Day I was particularly grateful to spend it with him. And you may notice, he has white whiskers on only one side – just like Owen.

I am grateful for moments of respite.

28 thoughts on “Mademoiselle Victorine”

  1. The colors on your new start are beautiful. Looks like quite a large project…have fun with her.

    Your kitty is very handsome…love the white whiskers.


  2. May I ask what linen you are using for Victorine? I recently purchased the kit which had a Vintage Exemplar linen that was the same color as most of the flowers (making them invisible)? Maybe I could start over with a lighter color. Thanks for your help, Adele

  3. May I ask what linen you are using for Victorine? I recently purchased the kit which had a Vintage Exemplar linen that was the same color as most of the flowers (making them invisible)? Maybe I could start over with a lighter color. Thanks for your help, Adele

  4. Miss Victorine is lovely! She is definitely one I’d like to stitch one of these days! Your Othello is a very handsome fellow indeed. My DH, Rob has a grey patch of hair only on one side. Maybe they’re related – LOL.

  5. Two beauties in one post. Othello is one handsome dude… we love black and white whiskers here at Corgi Cottage.
    I’m in love with sweet Victorine. The vine color is perfect!

  6. Victorine is going to be a beauty. I can’t wait to see more of your progress on this because it is such a beautiful sampler. Love the white whiskers on the one side of Othello.

  7. Victorine is so pretty–I had the pleasure of seeing her finished by one of the shop’s customers, and she’s incredible. Lovely Othello and his notched ear.

  8. Victorine is just wonderful!! Oh those colors! Oh those silks! Love what you’ve stitched so far!

    I’m so glad Othello has been doing well. Has it really been a year since he was sick? Thank goodness he’s a healthy, happy cat. Love his whiskers!

  9. Michelle, Victorine is off to a lovely start! It will be fun to watch her come to life.

    It makes me happy to ready you spent another Valentine’s Day with your sweet Othello. My puppy Molly has a single white whisker over her eye. You can see it on my blog!

  10. I am thrilled to see you working on Victorine– AND with the hoop!!! I am glad you like it, it is a fabulous tool. I was worried at first putting it onto the stitched areas, but it is fine, as long as it is not ‘sliding’ it wont mess up the stitches at all. And, remove your hoop whenever you are done stitching for the day to avoid ‘hoop’ marks.
    I too wonder if you are using the linen that came with the kit– I look forward to working on my someday soon- but will continue to root for you on yours!!!!!!!

  11. OMGosh – I am so jealous you are stitching Victorine ! Someone in my sampler guild bought this when it first came out and I was coveting hers – Every time someone mentions it AAACCKKK – I have to have it – have a birthday coming up – maybe she’ll be on my list. Glad you are enjoying it. what a lovely photo of your handsome boy.
    Have a good week ! melody

  12. Awww, sweet Othello…so cute! Great start on Victorine. The colors look fun! I had to click on the link to see the full photo and it looks like a huge stitch. I’ll look forward to following your progress.

  13. Beautiful silks!! I love that first photo of the colours. Great start too. That lacy basket is very pretty! Othello is so adorable! I love his white whiskers!!

  14. How handsome Othello is, Michelle! He looks very dignified. I’m so glad he is still with you after last year’s scare!

    Miss V is charming already! So glad you are enjoying stitching her.

  15. What a beautiful start on Victorine!
    Othello looks like a sweety! I think his white whiskers give him a very distinguished look. 🙂

  16. What a lovely start on Victorine, Michelle! I look forward to seeing your progress..your Othello is quite regal looking. 🙂

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