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I haven’t felt like doing a lot of stitching lately. But a couple of weeks ago, I spied a little gift bag in my craft closet and inside of it was this sweet little bunny box. Back when Sylvia and I went to Nashville Market together a couple of years ago, we bought these boxes and accompanying pattern from the Prairie Moon gals. So, when I saw that little pink bag with my bunny box inside, I decided I wanted to go ahead and stitch him up.
While the design itself, is more Halloween than Easter, he is just too too darling. I remember how Lisa gushed over him while she and I visited with the Blackbird ladies. So stitching on him also reminds me of her.
I enjoyed stitching on my little cape-wearing bunny. I finished him up on Tuesday and then yesterday I did the finishing on him so that he could be ready for Easter morning.


Rabbit Box
Prairie Moon
GAST on 32ct Vintage Luna
Finished 4/3/12

So, even though I haven’t been in much of a stitching mood lately, I am glad to once again have another little finish for the WIPocalypse (even though this one was a new start). And if that wasn’t enough – I also hit a major milestone on one of my WIPs.


I finished page 1 on And They Sinned!!!! Woohoo! I’ve gotten a little bit farther since then (the bottom of page 1 is where my border vines end) and I’m so excited to be finally on page 2. And pretty soon I’ll have to roll my fabric again. That’s exciting as well.

I’ve still be flitting from thing to thing a bit – but I’m hoping that my stitching lethargy is over and I can make some good progress on more of my WIPs.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and a lovely week. Thanks for stopping by!

I am grateful for a bouquet of roses.

26 thoughts on “Hop To It!”

  1. Oh wow, I really love your cute rabbit! Your finishing is so wonderful too! Congrats on ATS too! Yay! That is a big milestone! Happy Easter!

  2. Love your bunny with the cape and the box is wonderful too. Congrats on completing the first page of ATS… it looks fabulous.
    Happy Easter!

  3. You go on ATS – I admire anyone willing to tackle that Big Bad Boy – and have the determination to finish too! Your bunny is darling!

  4. oooo love that wee bunny on his flying carrot 🙂 and whooo hooo on your progress on and they sinned 🙂 keep up the flying needles ;0 love mouse xxxxx

  5. congratulations on all your progress – ATS is looking great and the bunny box and design is so cute. I think Spring must be a restless time for stitchers – I’ve also been jumping from project to project but it’s all good. Have a great week – Mel

  6. Michelle, your ATS is looking great! Once you finish the first page on it, you somehow feel like you’re really committed to the long haul. Keep it up!

  7. What a darling finish! I love the box and the stitching inside.
    I have ATS kitted up, and haven’t attempted it yet, but seeing yours makes me anxious to pull it out!
    So great Michelle. Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

  8. That is the most darling bunny I have ever seen! I don’t recall seeing that one released but will be scavenging the web to procure one for myself. It is to die for! Love that he is riding a carrot!

    I ahve 4 small and 2 big projects going now. I think it helps keep up the interest in the large ones that never seem to progress. Great job on getting to page 2!!!

  9. Oh Michelle, that Halloween bunny is a hoot. I really love him, he looks so cute on his flying carrot – and landed on my wish list right away, lol.

  10. The bunny is just too darn cute!!!! You did such a great job on the finishing. Whooohoooo on slaying page 1 on ATS – its all downhill from here….until we hit the grassy area. LOL

  11. Your rabbit is so cute!! I love it–and yeah, I can see why it reminds you of Lisa. 🙂 How special. YOU GO GIRL on finishing page one of ATS! You’ll be amazed at how much faster the rest of it goes now.

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