The Last Hurrah

Since it’s been several weeks since my birthday, I figured I’d better wrap up the birthday posts for now.  I mean, once it rolls into the next month, you kind of have to stop celebrating, right?  Plus, with the weather this past weekend, it’s definitely feeling more like fall than summer to me.  And people are already asking me about Christmas!!!  Let’s not rush it!  Anyway, one of my sweet friends gifted me with this gorgeous bone dish, thimble, scissors, bird threadwinders and a skein of some stunning Gloriana silk!  I am so in love with this.  Please expect to see these goodies show up in many a blog photo from here on out!
And a couple of weeks ago was the EGA meeting.  For our program that night we did a beaded tube fob.  You can see my start below (accomplished with much help and some exclamations of “just give it to me and I’ll fix your mess”).
It will be pretty if I ever finish it.  And at the meeting I was gifted with these amazingly beautiful earrings handmade by the same lovely lady that gifted me with the candy corn earrings.  Look how pretty these are…red and teal, one of my favorite color combos.
On my actual birthday, I spent the morning up at the quilt shop cutting fabric for a new quilt.  It was exactly how I wanted to spend the big day.  And while I was there, I decided to pick up some fabric for another new quilt. This one.
Planted Seed Designs Tradewinds Quilt Pattern
So, I march over to a big display at the quilt shop with a sign that says “Lily Ashbury – Tradewinds”.  I pick out four bolts of fabric and have them cut.  I congratulate myself on the beautiful score.
After I get home, I realize that the bottom two fabrics in this photo are not actually part of the Tradewinds line.  I think I can make them work, but boy that was an expensive mistake to make! Of course I assumed that the fabrics in the spot marked “Tradewinds” would actually be, oh I don’t know, Tradewinds.
And speaking of…the friend I discovered that quilt/fabric line with in July…she made me this spectacular pin cushion out of the Tradewinds fabric!  I am IN LOVE!  Plus, as a bonus, she brought me another fun pin cushion back from a quilt shop in Maui.  Look at that pineapple!!
And from that photo that is all summer… to the photo below that is all fall…
Another friend knit this great scarf for me.  The color of the yarn?  Zombie BBQ.  How awesome is that?!  And she gifted me with some nail polish from my new favorite brand (the color is Dosh).  Don’t you love how it matches my scarf?
Thut had to check it out…he approves.  (Notice his big boy collar!)
And finally…there’s no better way to say goodbye to summer than to finish it off with, well…a finish!
Chessie & Me’s Glory House with Belle Soie on 36ct Meadow Rue.
I am grateful for wonderful friends who inspire me.


18 thoughts on “The Last Hurrah”

  1. Well it seems like a fabulous bday all told. I love the fabric even if it’s not all from the same line–it works! A little fun fact, dosh means money which makes sense for a British company’s green polish. You probably knew that and now I seem like a twat.

  2. I think those fabrics go really well together even if they aren’t from the same manufacturer. They’re going to work well for that quilt.

    Glad that you were able to spend your birthday the way you wanted to. And the gifts you received are wonderful!

  3. First off, love your finish! Second, what great birthday gifts! I love that green polish and how it matches the scarf too! Bummer about the two fabrics not being in the Tradewinds line, but they seem to go nicely anyway. I bet you can make it work. Don’t you love buying fabric? 😀 Great birthday celebration for sure!

  4. Your finish looks fabulous. Wow… you got awesome birthday gifts. Enjoy them all. Love the fabric you chose for your new quilt even though two of them aren’t Tradewinds. They all look good together.

  5. Awesome, awesome birthday gifts. Well loved you are!. Love those new fabrics. Beatrice would be “over the moon” for your new color lol.
    Sending lots of hugs

  6. Zombie BBQ? Seriously, that is too cool!! Love all the gifts! Also, I think your Tradewinds fabric goes well with the non-Tradewinds–it’ll be a gorgeous quilt! Love the finish, congratulations!

  7. There’s nothing better than an extended birthday celebration! So happy to hear you were able to spend the actual day doing something you love.

    The scarf is awesome!

  8. Lovely Chessie and Me finish.
    I think your birthday celebration sounds fabulous. What lovely gifts.
    Thut is so big, I love his red collar.

  9. Well aren’t you the coordinated one! That polish looks great with the scarf and did you notice your Glory House finish is also in the samd shades?? Perfect! I think all the fabrics you bought will work together fine. I’ve been avoiding the quilt shops for awhile as I have way too much I will never use up LOL.

  10. what a great post – OMG – I can’t believe you got a wonderful scarf out of Zombie BBQ – Every time my LYS gets some in – it sells out before I can get over there to buy some – I should just order online and get myself a few skeins – LOVE IT! and your finish is so cute. Love the fabrics you picked out and as far as the birthday celebration goes – I say “milk it honey” ride on with it as long as you can. Enjoy it all ! Melody

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