Inspiration Overload

Last weekend I had the great fortune of going to the Dallas Quilt Show with a friend of mine.  It’s been years since I went to the quilt show, so when she invited me I jumped at the chance.  As usual, there was so much to look at and seeing the quilts themselves always inspires me.  
Here are a few of my favorites.  
This one was a fun use of The Ghastlies collection from Alexander Henry.  
And I’m always a sucker for a red and white quilt.  Love that radiating star center and the border is so pretty too.
I don’t normally go in for “scene”quilts.  I appreciate their technical achievement, but they don’t usually do anything for me.  This one was absolutely the exception.  There was something about it – the texture, the colors.  I really loved this one.  
And this one, made by a friend of mine, blew my socks off.  Such a fantastic use of color.  And I loved the little doors and windows in the houses.  A great take on a rather traditional house block.  
Here’s another one.  Irish Chain, but done in some very happy colors.  I love the itty bitty four-patches. 
Log cabin blocks.  Love the striped border.  
Look how bright and springy this one is.  Still using a more modern palette, but toned down a tad.  So fun!  I think this one was also done by the friend that did the houses.
Cathedral windows.  I just love the look of these, but I think they’d make me tear my hair out.  I like the fussy cutting in some of them, but it’s not so overwhelming to be distracting.
Oh the bling on this one.  I just kept staring at it.  The quilting and embellishment of the Swarovski crystals is what makes this quilt.  Absolutely dazzling. 
And if you thought the front was good – look at the back.  My photo’s a bit washed out, but wow.  Stunning!

And I can’t forget this one. It was made from Liberty of London fabrics. I wanted to bring this one home so bad!!! Any lopsidedness at the bottom was due to my photography and not the quilt. Isn’t it luscious?

And of course, in addition to all the quilts entered into competition, there are the vendors.  So many vendors, it’s hard to not spend all your money at the first two!  And of course, the models they have in their booths are fabulous.  

I fell in love with this very modern quilt.


The same booth had this one too.  A beautiful kit of this one was available.  I love the scalloped border at the top and bottom.  Very simple construction – but the fabrics are the star!

This one, I had to take a photo of because the last time I was at the quilt show (like 7-8 years ago), I bought this pattern and I still haven’t made this quilt!  I need to get with it.  I still love it.  It’s called Hot for Chocolate.


I did try to restrain myself in the shopping.  I only came home with a few choice selections.  Some Lily Ashbury Gypsy Girl fabric.  Some old old Tula Pink Plume fat quarters.  And a Hex n More ruler from Jaybird Quilts.  I’ve been wanting to try one out for a while now.  I can’t wait to see what fun things I make with it!


One of these days I’ll make it to the Houston Quilt Show, but for now I’m quite content.  I had a great time and am so glad that I got to go!  Hope you’ve enjoyed this little recap and found yourself inspired too!

I am grateful for good friends that share my love of quilting!

14 thoughts on “Inspiration Overload”

  1. Thanks for sharing all those gorgeous quilt photos with us. I love the red and white quilt too. Just like with stitching… I’m drawn to red and white too.
    Nice fabric stash enhancement too.

  2. Oh, wonderful fabrics that you picked up and a lot of eye candy with all those quilts. I love, love that red one so much that I’m going to have to scarf that picture for my inspiration board!!

  3. Thank you for sharing all these pictures of the beautiful quilts. I’ve always thought that quilters have an awesome amount of God given talent.
    They all are SO beautiful!

  4. I got, by complete serendipity, to Houston a few years ago and it was wonderful but you seem to have had a great time in Dallas! Even more enjoyable to see quilts displayed that were made by friends!

  5. Wow! That must have been quite the exhibit to go and see all of those amazing quilts up close. I love the cathedral one and the bling quilt. So much work has gone into each quilt I’m in awe!!

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