Spring’s Song


I had one final finish in 2012 that I’m finally able to share.  I stitched this little piece up for a dear friend’s birthday (which I am notoriously and repeatedly late for).  She spent the majority of her year last year stitching for other people, and I wanted to do something special that was just for her.

This is Spring’s Song by Blackbird Designs from the Spring 2012 Loose Feathers booklet, Mary Ann Blackburn.  I stitched it with the called for threads and linen (Crescent Colours and GAST on 30ct Sheep’s Straw).
Part of what I loved about this piece was the jewelry box it is mounted in.  I found the called for box at Hobby Lobby and painted and Briwaxed my little heart out. 

And I really thought this might be a perfect little sewing box, a place to keep her scissors and threads.  It has a mirror inside the lid, and little removable trays to hold little odds and ends.   

I love the way it turned out and the finishing instructions were very easy to follow for mounting the piece in the lid.  Another sweet friend lent me her Briwax so that I could get the box finished, when my hunt for a local source to obtain the stuff turned up empty.  But thanks to online resources, I’m now the proud owner of more Briwax than you can shake a stick at.  I suppose there will be a lot more box painting in my future!

I’m always nervous about mailing things off, and I hold my breath until I know they’ve arrived safely.  But I wrapped this baby up in about a thousand layers of bubble wrap and sent it on its way.  I’m so pleased that even a very late birthday gift still brightened her day and let her know how much I treasure her friendship.  
Happy Thanksgiving Christmas New Year’s Valentine’s Day Birthday, my sweet friend.  
I am grateful for hints of Spring.

34 thoughts on “Spring’s Song”

  1. I LOVE it!!! Beautiful! And I’m with ya on the abundance of Briwax in house! LOL Love that stuff. Beautiful stitching, Michelle!

  2. I cannot even tell you how much I love my box!! I am still totally speechless! I do have my scissors and glasses and needles in there – it’s right next to my chair in the LR. It is so very special to me. Thank you, dearest Michelle! It does not matter that it was late – it was so worth the wait!

  3. What an amazing finish! Love how you finished it on a jewelry box and the briwax is well done! I am sure Sylvia is totally and completely in love with it!

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