Tales of a Hexagon Addict

A couple of months ago, I started another hexagon pincushion for a dear friend’s birthday.  She’d admired the ones I’d made previously, so I just knew that she needed one too.  And not only are hexies downright addictive, they are also a great take-along project.  I’ve found they are a perfect way to keep my mind from drifting during endless conference calls.  If you haven’t yet tried making hexagons, there are numerous tutorials and tips to be found on Pinterest, and you can download free hexagon templates, so there’s very little initial investment – just some awesome fabric.  And since you all know how dear my Tula Pink fabric is – you are not a bit surprised that the pincushion was made out of Tula Pink’s Prince Charming fabric (and yes, I do tote my hexies around in my little Tula Pink Parisville stitching wallet, as you can see above. 
Once my hexies were basted and sewn together, I cut out the pieces for the top and bottom of my pincushion.  I loved that fun hexagon fabric (also Prince Charming) for the bottom.  And then I pulled out my sewing machine and got to assembling…with help.
I filled the pincushion with crushed walnut shells, to give it a good bit of weight, and put the finishing touches on it.  Digging through my button stash to find the perfect button is always the fun part.  Et voila – finished pincushion!
So much fun to make, and I’m glad it brought a smile to her face on her birthday.  I loved using this fabric for her because she spends so much time in her garden, and the little butterflies, dandelions, and snails seemed the perfect choice. 
See how cute that backing fabric is?
Happy birthday, my sweet friend and I hope this pincushion reminds you of our times sewing together!
And since I’ve now made several of these fun pincushions, I decided that it was about time that I make one for myself.  I’ve got my hexies basted and ready to sew together.  And you know I just had to add my little Frog Prince’s face in the center!
Once I get my pincushion finished up, I’m ready to get started on my Hex on the Beach quilt.  It’s calling to me!!  And in case you’re wondering, while I’m very much enjoying myself getting back into quilting, I am still diligently working on my stitching.  I’m focusing still on my John Reed sampler and on And They Sinned.  I’ll be sure to post some progress photos soon!
I am grateful for hand-made gifts to give.

13 thoughts on “Tales of a Hexagon Addict”

  1. that pincushion is “sweeeet” – very pretty and I’m sure your DF will love it. I’m venturing into hand piecing but so far just using candy squares – have not done any hexies or paper piecing yet. hope you have a great week Melody

  2. Michelled, those are wonderful pincushions! I can certainly see why you love TP fabrics! A very nice gift for a friend.

  3. I am the lucky friend! I LOVE my pincushion. I will think of you each time I see it. It is sitting in my library at my new work table (door turned into a desk). I love the colors of the fabric, and the size is perfect. I will use it all.the.time! Thank you, my dear friend! Love you. ~J

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