Summer Stitches

Hi, everyone!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.  I’ve been working on a couple of projects that just seemed like the perfect thing for summertime.  You may remember a while back I started the Tula Pink Hex on the Beach quilt.  It was an English Paper Piecing (EPP) kit that was offered at the time her Saltwater line was released in very limited quantities.  I pre-ordered the kit when I went to meet Tula a couple of years ago.  The kit comes with the pattern, the paper templates and all the fabrics precut.  Add needle and thread and you are ready to go.  So, last summer I started mine. 
I’m thread basting my pieces, although I know some folks swear by glue basting.  Basting actually goes pretty darn quick and you kind of get into a rhythm with it.  Once you start sewing the hexies together in rows, you do have to keep track of your pattern, but it goes pretty fast too.  Where I got kind of stuck was in sewing the rows together.  It’s a little fiddly and you definitely don’t get that instant gratification of seeing a row come together.  So, that’s kind of where I left off with mine – sewing rows 1 and 2 together.  
Well, summer rolled around again and I decided to pull this back out to work on.  It’s been really nice, and is very portable, so that is a huge perk. 
And my new obsession – binge watching Suburban Stitcher podcasts.  Y’all, I can’t even tell you how much fun I’ve been having watching Dianne’s podcasts, and I don’t even knit.  I own yarn, I’ve attempted knitting twice, it didn’t work out.  But now I’m obsessed.  Again. 
I now have rows three and four assembled and sewn on.  It’s fun because now you can see the beginnings of the pattern.
There’s 40 rows total, so I’m 1/10 of the way there!  It will be exciting when I move out of the corals and into the seaweed colorway. 
And my other summer project, something else that was resurrected from the closet of lost WIPs…my Shores of Hawk Run Hollow.  Sylvia is stitching this over one.  Let’s take a moment for that to sink in.  OVER ONE.  So, seeing hers made me want to get mine out and work on it.  Here’s a couple of photos of how it looked when last we saw it.  Block 1 in progress.
Shores 020710
And block 1 completed.
So here’s why this was banished to the closet.  It’s on 36ct.  I have since learned that I hate, like hate with a passion, 36ct.  I love 40ct.  I like 32ct.  36ct is that weird limbo halfway count that the coverage with one thread isn’t enough, but two threads is too much.  So, when I started this I was having such an issue with the coverage using one thread over two that I couldn’t stand it.  So, I started block two (you can see the little bit of it above) with two over two.  Coverage was better, but it was really too thick.  So.  Into the closet in disgust.  
When I pulled this back out, the thought of starting over wasn’t really an option for me.  The piece of fabric I have (which these photos are not anywhere close to showing the actual color) is so so gorgeous that I couldn’t bear to ditch it.  And after looking at my stitching again I decided that moving forward with one over two was what I wanted to do.  But first….block 2 had to be ripped out.  So, it took several nights to get the black border and the inner blue border ripped back out.  Sigh.  painful.  But, I got that all ripped out and then stitched it back in and look!  Now there’s coral, and a crab, and fish, and seaweed!  So fun! 
Here’s both blocks together.  I am really happy on the decision I made and that I’m now moving forward again.  And it really is the perfect summer stitch.   
Summer is such a great time to hibernate in the A/C and work on some fun projects.  I hope you all are enjoying your summer stitches too!
I am grateful for watermelon, lemonade, and outdoor jazz concerts. 

12 thoughts on “Summer Stitches”

  1. I’d like to know if Sylvia has a blog? I’d love to see Shores over 1. I’m working on this too but haven’t touched it much this year. On block 6.

    Love your quilt! I rather like the Suburban Stitcher podcasts too but I’m several behind. Check out In a Sknit video podcast too- they’re a lot of fun too!

  2. Love your quilt! Totally gorgeous! I have only just started Shores myself after it has been hibernating in my bag for a few years! I was too afraid of it as I have the rec 40count but I bought a clip on magnifier and it works brilliantly. Yours looks fab. X

  3. Both your hexi quilt and Shores is looking great! Wonderful projects to be working on since they exude Summer! Have fun!

  4. I’m really happy to read your explanation of how the EPP/Tula project actually is done. I have been tempted so many times by these and if I ever ran across something like this which was pre-cut with the paper pieces -I know I’d be sunk. It’s gorgeous!!!! Glad you resurrected Shores – my dad just finished mine which I threw down in the pile several years ago. He ranted about having to fix my mistakes but now it’s all done. I used the 36ct but with NPI and I thought the 1 strand coverage was fine. Cheers and enjoy the dog days of summer. Melody

  5. Shores is looking great Michelle. I will have to bring mine the next time we get together to compare. I am a little bit further ahead but it might inspire you. Are you going to be at the guild meeting on Tuesday? I spoke with Sylvia yesterday but did not realize she was stitching hers over one. I bet that does look awesome. Safe travels this weekend. I know you will have a great time.

  6. Oh and your ATS is looking good. I stitched mine a few years ago but changed the words so they were all even and centered and also used my own conversion with HDF (I’m kinda anal about stuff like that). I loved every stitch, the whole thing went so fast. I’m new to quilting so haven’t tried anything as complicated as your hexi patches but you’re making me want to.

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