Flosstube Episode 33: Black Swan

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share my starts on two new SALs and progress on a couple WIPs.


  • Join Emily (eclecticpossessions) and I on Instagram for #dark13stitching where we stitch on something dark and creepy on the 13th of every month
  • Melanie’s Soulful Stitching Facebook group also has monthly Darktober stitching SALs on the 13th of every month
  • Join the Hawk Run Hollow SAL hosted by Abi Bellastitch and I – on Instagram you can use the #hrhvillagesal if you’re stitching on Village and/or use the tag #letsallmovetohawkrunhollow for any Hawk Run pieces.  Abi set up a Facebook group called Let’s All Move to Hawk Run Hollow if you’d like to join!
  • Year of WIPs Challenge in Melanie’s Soulful Stitching Facebook group
  • Salem Notforgotten SAL – in honor and remembrance of the 325th anniversary of the Salem witch trials.  We are using the Instagram tags #salemnotforgotten and #salem325 For more information on the Salem witch trials, here is a brief article.
  • Dutch Beauty SAL on instagram #dutchbeautysal with Emily (eclecticposessions) and I

Show notes:

My memorial sampler for my dad is John Reed 1844 by Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches.  Stitched with silks on 40ct Confederate Grey by Weeks


  1. None


  1. Coffee Quaker by Heartstring Samplery – Weeks, GAST, and CC on 40ct Stars Hollow by R&R
  2. Salem Remembered by The Primitive Needle – silks on 40ct Lakeside linen
  3. Dutch Beauty – converting mine to be much darker colors with a black swan
  4. Merry Wind Farm Hornbook freebie – SNC Elephant & Castle on 40ct Weeks Tin Roof


  1. None

Shout Outs:

  1. None


  1. Reading Sour Grapes by Rachel Goodman

Thanks so much for watching!

Grateful for my ancestry.

2 thoughts on “Flosstube Episode 33: Black Swan”

  1. Thanks for updating the blog! I have been catching up with your older videos and watched #34 this afternoon.
    I really love your Haunted Doll’s House, that was what brought me over to the channel but I’m staying for the stitching!
    I can’t comment on videos because it wants me to get Google Plus and that really messes with my Blogger profile.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I got very behind on getting the blog updated, but should be up to date this weekend. I’m so glad that you are enjoying the videos and yes, please feel free to comment here instead of on YouTube!!

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