One Last Time and Number 57

I finally managed to get Baby Garden matted and framed. It was a chore though – for some reason I just kept running into problems with it. But it is finished now, and I love the way it turned out. Of course, you’re still seeing it with the name and birthdate blocked out, but you get the general idea. It’s going in the mail tomorrow!

I thought I’d show you some close up shots, just so that you can see some of the detail.

Don’t you love the little bunny bead under the bassinet?

And of course, my favorite – the goldfish pond.

In that bottom band I think I love the turtle and the bird’s nest with eggs the most. I am so pleased with how this turned out, and although it took me months to stitch, I think it was worth it. So, tomorrow it is off to my best friend’s house, and I hope it reminds her of her own garden.

I was able to stitch a little bit more on my mystery sampler last night, and I just love stitching on it. With everything going on right now, I don’t have the patience to work on that Teresa Wentzler ornament, so that will have to wait until we get back from our trip. We leave on Saturday for New York!

I was lucky enough to get some stash in the mail too. My Blackbird Designs automatic came – again, I didn’t even know there was a new Loose Feathers out. I LOVE this one – it is definitely high on my to-stitch list!

And I’ve signed up for a Prairie Schooler automatic, so that I get the new releases when they come out (keeps me from forgetting them!). These are not “new”, but they are the newest designs – well all but that one in the left corner. That one is an older out of print chart that she had on hand. If you can believe it, I’ve never stitched a Prairie Schooler chart. I really must do something about that! I love Button Up – that may be the first on my list (are you getting the feeling I have a lot of stuff on my want to stitch list?!).

Hope you are all having a great week. I am busy applying for jobs and tweaking my resume. I’m excited to start a new job! If I don’t post again before I leave – I’ll have two more giveaways after I get back for you to look forward to, and I’m still working on catching up on my blog reading! Take care!

I almost forgot – now I can cross off #57 from my 101 Things List “Stitch and Frame Birth Sampler”. Woohoo!!

Walk to Rivendell: Reach eastern edge of the Marshes. Can see Weather Hills ahead. Land starts to rise. Land drier and very barren. A few birds. (Total Miles Walked: 201.75)

I am grateful for all the love and support from my husband.

Two Finishes!

Baby Garden
Just Nan
DMC on 28ct Raw Cashel Zweigart
Embellished with Garden Bunny Bead
Stitched 2/5/07 to 11/24/07
I cannot tell you how happy I am to have finished Baby Garden! I am really pleased with the way it turned out, and I think it will be stunning framed. I’ll go searching for a frame soon so that I can mail it off for Christmas. I had a few issues with it near the end, mostly because I was anxious to finish I think. Half of the fence had to be ripped out and restitched because I had one stitch that went over three instead of over two, and it threw everything else off. That bottom row of green rice stitches had to be stitched twice because the first time I stitched it in the wrong color green. Although tempted to leave it, I felt like if it was worth stitching, it was worth doing right. So, I pulled that out and restitched. All finished on Saturday, but the majority of that last band was stitched during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Here’s a closeup of the last band. I love the bird’s nest.
I plan to focus now on finishing the rest of my Christmas stitching, which is my Shepherd’s Bush ornaments and the 2nd Day ornament for Eric. So, in the interest of doing that – on Saturday, I also finished up the seventh of eight ornaments.
Mary and Joseph
Shepherd’s Bush
Seventh of Eight Ornaments from the JCS Ornament Issue
GAST and Weeks on 32ct Dark Espresso Linen (R&R)
Embellished with Sterling Rose Bud
Finished 11/24/07
Just one more to go, and then I’ll be finishing this up into a wallhanging.
Although I have a lot more WIPs to finish, I’ve decided to start a new piece in January. I think I’ve chosen the piece, but I’ll keep it a surprise for now! Last year I really missed having a new start for January 1st. There seems like so much to do between now and the time we leave for NY. I’m really looking forward to it, but nervous at the same time. Hopefully when we get back, I’ll be able to relax, enjoy my holidays and stitch on something for me. So, now I just have to get everything finished before the 8th!!
Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, and a wonderful weekend.

Walk to Rivendell: Ground becomes damp. Entering western edge of Midgewater Marshes. (Total Miles Walked 178.75)

I am grateful for a big finish and Thanksgiving parades!

Don’t Fence Me In

Last night, even though I didn’t get home from the gym until 7:45, I was able to get some more stitching in on Baby Garden. I finished the white picket fence, and now I can go back and start filling in the flowers, ladybugs, lizards, bunny, etc. We’re going to the gym again tonight, in order to not have to go tomorrow. So, although it will be another late night, I should be able to get some good stitching in on this while we’re watching The Sopranos. Speaking of Sopranos…did I mention I went to get my eyes checked last week? I haven’t had my eyes checked in years and years, so I went to a new doctor. His entire staff was decked out in scrubs and Crocs. So, imagine my surprise, when in walked my young eye doctor wearing a pinstripe suit, white dress shirt (unbuttoned enough that there was chest hair), and very nice shoes. Anyway, my eyes are great – he told me to come back in three or four years. No glasses. I was also told that I have very unusual pigmentation in my eyes – very nice looking – and he sees a lot of eyes.

I received my next installment of the Just Nan “spell” WhimZis – Winter Spell. I still haven’t stitched up Fall Spell (so my Halloween WhimZi is still on display). After I get this Christmas stuff stitched, I may get back to these. I haven’t been entirely thrilled with the “spells”. I’ll be glad when Nan gets back to her usual fare for the WhimZis. I am so glad that I am on the autoship for these Limited Editions though – at the Silver Needle, there is apparently a waiting list to get on the autoship. I got in at the second Limited Edition, I think. Unfortunately, I can’t find the first one anywhere. Those that have it are not giving it up!! It’s Christmas Eve. Here’s a photo from the Just Nan site.

Since I’ve been so good at enabling recently, I simply have to mention that One Star’s Light Needlework Supplies is having a Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving – that’s this Friday) sale. Here’s the details:

“In honor of our first Black Friday ever, we are offering 25% off of your entire order, if placed between the hours of 12:00 AM and 11:59 PM on Friday, November 23rd.This is a rare opportunity, so get your clicky fingers ready and tune into this spot for the coupon code!”

She’s got all kinds of goodies – like those Prairie Schooler Santas and Mill Hill ornament kits, not to mention LHN and CCN (two of my favorites!!).

Tomorrow we’ll be watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade on TV and then going over to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. My sister, BIL and niece will be there too. I may take something to stitch or knit on, since I can’t fathom watching hours of football. Plus, I’ll have something sharp and pointy in my hands should anyone get on my nerves!

Since it is relatively quiet at work this week, I took a walk to visit the Chihuly downstairs.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving (if you’re here celebrating it), and a great rest of the week. I’ll leave you with a photo of Hamlet in his new favorite spot. (You know I folded that quilt and put it on the arm of the couch to keep the cat hair off it, right?)

I am grateful for my friend Sherri’s good news.

Last Row

It was a busy weekend! I hope you all had a great one. My boss is on vacation this week, and since I only have to work through Wednesday (Thursday is Thanksgiving and Friday we have off too), I am hoping for a quiet week at work. Friday night I was able to finish up the next to last row on Baby Garden, which was cause for a small celebration. I have made good progress so far on the last row. I am stitching all of the picket fence first, and then will go back and add in the flowers and critters. Underneath the fence are some specialty stitches – and then it will be done, finito! I have set myself the deadline of finishing this by the end of the month, but truth be told – I would really like to have it done this week. I am SOOOO ready to stitch on something else! I have two other Christmas stitching things that I need to finish also – my 2nd day ornament for Eric (which has a small start), and my last two Shepherd’s Bush ornaments (the first of which has a small start). So, everyone send me that good stitching mojo so that I can finish this thing up this week.
Saturday, I got the call that my last thread I needed for my SB ornaments had come in, so I went by Aidaworks to pick it up. And of course, one cannot leave with thread alone, so…I made a small chart purchase as well. I did not buy the chart plus accessory pack, but just the chart. Frankly, I am a little shocked that an “accessory pack” would cause the chart to be $50 more. But, whatever. Maybe when all is said and done, I may wish I had dropped the extra cash. Cute chart though, so I had to have it.
I then went over to Quilt Country to pick up one of my quilts which was already finished! I couldn’t believe how quickly she got to it. I am so so happy that this is quilted! Here’s a little sneak peek, but it still needs binding and a label. She has one more quilt of mine to do, so I’ll be happy to see that one finished as well.
From there, I went over to the place where I purchased my sewing machine to take a class on how to use the embroidery functions on my machine. I have a feeling I am really going to have fun playing with the embroidery. This is a little practice piece I did in class. I didn’t snip the jump threads, since we were just playing. I’ll now be able to embroider my own quilt labels, which is fabulous. I used to take them to have the embroidered, since I love the look of an embroidered label. But, now I can make my own! I am also thinking of doing a block in our wedding quilt embroidered with our names and wedding date possibly. Now, I can do that too! I feel so high-tech.
Sunday was Eric’s sister’s birthday, so we did some celebrating with her and his family. Sunday is also my cleaning and laundry day, so I had my fill of that. Plus, we went out and Eric bought me some new clothes for our NY trip (sweater, a new pair of pants, that sort of thing). We also did a little Christmas shopping. So, all in all, it was a productive weekend.
Now, for some enabling…
Have you seen these new Mirabilia’s? Dasher and Donner. Love them!
I bet they are all sparkly in person. You’d think I was a bird – as attracted to the sparkly as I am!

Walk to Rivendell: Camp in eastern Chetwood. Come out of the Chetwood. (Total miles walked: 172.75)

I am grateful for having my quilt quilted! It’s beautiful!!

Back to Baby Garden

As I mentioned on Monday, I was able to get back to stitching on Baby Garden. I am close to finishing this row, and then I have one row left. Woohoo!! I will be so glad to finish this one. The little squirrels, their heart balloons and the birds are over one. I had hoped to get some more stitching in on this last night, but I didn’t get home until 8:30, and it was almost 9 before we had dinner because of that. So, I was pretty worn out. This afternoon I am going to have my eyes checked (just routine), and they’ll probably dilate my eyes, so I may not be able to stitch tonight – we’ll see how long it takes to wear off.
Last night was a lesson in not having an attachment to an outcome in a situation. I had my two-month fitness evaluation at the gym. Well, the person that I had the appointment with, the one who did my last two evals, was busy and so someone else did the eval. The problem I saw with this was that he probably wouldn’t measure me in exactly the same place as the other guy. Well, then we discovered that the measuring tape they had been using was stretched out, so the readings were wrong. So, my measurements last night showed me having added like 1-2 inches from all of my last measurements. I was so frustrated and disappointed by the time I got home. Buy Eric reminded me that the best gauge of the progress I’m making is how I feel and how my clothes are fitting. He said that those two things are more important than what the scale says or what the tape measure reads. So, I am trying to let go of my attachment to the numbers and my frustration because of it. Good lesson to learn. Funny, that this sort of thing is what we discussed in my class on Monday – not being attached to the outcome. Timely.
Anyway, I am glad to be back on track with Baby Garden, back on track with working out again after being sick, and back on track with blogging. I haven’t mailed out Kathy’s RR yet, because I want to make sure I know who I’m supposed to mail to. We had a person drop out and then another join, so I want to make sure I know what I’m doing. I’m also in the midst of getting caught up on reading blogs. So, continue to bear with me…I’ll get there!
Quiltorstitch tagged me on her blog for the following crafty meme:
1. When did you start to create and make craft? I think I have probably always created and crafted – at least as long as I can remember. My grandmother (also a Leo) was very crafty and creative. I remember making jewelry and thumbprint animal drawings with her when I was very little. I believe she taught me to cross-stitch and my first projects were pre-stamped tea towels. No idea where those are now. I also learned how to iron on those tea towels (which would explain my issue with ironing anything other than a flat piece of fabric).
2. Why did you start creating? I think it just has always been a part of me – that drive to create. I feel it in crafting, writing, dancing, etc.
3. Why do you create? It’s what I do.
4. What do you create? Cross-stitching, knitting, quilting, beading, painting, drawing, sewing (home decor, not clothing), bath products, poetry, short stories, dancing, scrapbooking, punch needle – did I forget anything?
5. Has this changed since you began crafting? I tend to get excited about new crafts all the time – so I am constantly increasing my reportoire. I really want to learn rug hooking, and get better at my knitting so that I can make socks. I want to learn how to sew clothing. I’d love to do some crazy quilting. I’d like to write a book. I’d love to make jewelry and combine it with my painting. I’d like to try my hand at quilling too and making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). So much I want to do!
I am supposed to tag five other people for this – I’ll let you tag yourself if you would like to answer this. Also, thank you so much to all the people that have given me the You Make Me Smile Award. I really appreciate it, and I’ve tried to thank each of you when I stumble across it on my “great blog catchupathon”. Thank you!!
And finally, here are some photos at Valley Forge from our Philadelphia trip.
I am grateful for a lesson learned.