Remember October?

October is always a super busy month for Eric and I and last October seemed to be even more jam-packed than normal.  In fact it was so full that I’m only just now getting around to editing and sharing some of the photos.  We always go to the State Fair in October, and one of my favorite things to do is visit the Creative Arts building to see all the quilts and rugs and stitching.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the things I saw.  
Don’t you just love that sheep?  I have the pattern for this rug that I bought several years ago.  It’s sitting with another hooked rug kit waiting for me to learn how to hook rugs.  Raise your hand if you have kits for things you don’t know how to do.  
And look at this Plum Street Samplers design.  Isn’t it fabulous in blue?
Itty bitty tiny postage stamp squares.  These looked like they were one inch squares.  Seriously.
CHS Spot the Horse.  I love the frame on this one.  Reminds me of an old weathered barn.
 Love this quilt – it reminds me a little bit of Deb’s Cotton Club quilt that I love so much. 
And another pretty hooked rug.  I love how much pattern there is in the background.  it’s not just “black” – it’s varying shades of color and hooked in a design that draws your eye around the piece. 
This little BBD ornament reminded me I still need to stitch one for myself.  I have it all kitted up since I stitched one for the guild’s ornament exchange a couple of years ago. 
This Catherine Theron piece (Morning Has Broken) was stitched by a fellow guild member.  It really is so stunning in person.  And the ribbons she won for this piece were very much deserved.  I’ve still got all my Catherine Theron class pieces stuffed in a closet and they haven’t seen the light of day since class.  But, at least they are keeping the rug hooking kits company.  
Extraordinary  beading on this piece.  All of the scarabs and then that fringe.  This must have been a ton of work!
This is such a fun piece.  Missy (Deep Inside Missy) started this one several years ago.  I love all the embroidery.  It’s a Crabapple Hill pattern.  
And oh, would you look at this gorgeous beaded mermaid shadowbox.  I love this so so much.  I think I need to make one. 
I love this little Halloween whirligig quilt.  I bought the pattern for making one of these last summer…it’s probably in the closet too.  Are you sensing a theme?
Cathedral windows quilt.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen one done in lime green before.  Usually you see them in white. 
I just adore miniatures.  One of these days I’ll have to show you the dollhouse my grandmother made for me. But these two little pieces were so fun to look at.  All the detail that went into them – just amazing. 
They remind me a little bit of the holiday windows in NYC, just on a much much smaller scale. 
And here’s the other one – a quilt shop.  So cute.  

Look at those bolts of fabric and the little Featherweight machine!

I love this hooked rug so much!  What a lovely addition to some summer decorating this would be. 


And here’s another cute finish.  I’m not really a ruffle kind of gal, but I thought this was appropriate.

And another one of Paulette’s designs.  I have this one ready to stitch.  It will look perfect with my other framed pieces in our bedroom

And finally this tiny little thing.  It’s got to be on silk gauze.  

So that’s it from me today.  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pieces from the State Fair, even though it’s eight months later.  It always inspires me to get to working on my own pieces, so I’m sure that in the very near future I’ll be going stash diving in that closet of mine to pull out some of the things I’ve been nudged to work on after looking at these photos again.  Oh, and if you’d like to take a look at the other photos I took at the Fair, including photos from the Chinese Lantern Festival – go on over to my cozystyle blog
Here’s wishing you a great week!

I am grateful for a weekend spent doing whatever I wanted to do. 

Neon Green Asteroids



Ahhhh, so nice to have a long holiday weekend to relax! As you can see, Eric and I went out to see the fireworks on the 4th. You can see more about our weekend here, if you’re interested. And other than going out to see the fireworks, we really had nothing else planned. We decided to stay in out of the heat and catch up on some movie watching.

Of course, I decided to catch up on some stitching too. Friday night while we finished watching Season 2 of True Blood, I stitched on Margaret Pence. Then I ripped out everything I’d just stitched and stitched it again in the right spot. So, not a whole lot of progress to show.


Margaret Pence 070510

The rest of the weekend, I decided to choose a focus project since I knew I was going to be investing a good amount of time in stitch ass. In honor of the 4th, I chose (with some help) to stitch on the outside of my Catherine Theron Americana Sewing Roll. The last time you saw it was after our class at Seminar… here. And after seeing the state of Sylvia’s, I decided I’d better get on it!


ASR 070510

Even after having to rip out two whole rows last night and restitch them, I think I made excellent progress (apparently I cannot watch Angelina Jolie shooting guns and concentrate on my stitching). After I finish the row I’m on, I only have four more to go. Then I can start the fill in.

Of course, Eric kept looking at what I was working on and could not figure out what in the world I was stitching. I showed him the photo of what it will look like and he was still not convinced that it would all come together. He said it looked like the game Asteroids. Neon green Asteroids specifically. I wonder if maybe he was thinking of Galaga? It does bear some resemblence…

So, fireworks, seven movies plus a Star Wars marathon, some excellent food and neon green asteroids…a wonderful weekend!

Oh, and I’ve recently finished reading my first book of the Summer, if you’d like to see my post on it you can see it here.

I am grateful for a fantastic weekend at home with my husband. And yummy food too!

Strawberries and Apples

Pyramid Dessert

Last weekend I went to the EGA South Central Region Seminar that was held here in Dallas with two of my stitching friends. It was hard to imagine that Seminar was finally here, since we’d signed up for this thing a year ago! We took both of Catherine Theron’s classes, and our three days with her were wonderful. As you can see above, the desserts weren’t bad either.

And when we arrived at the hotel, Sylvia presented the two of us with these gorgeous project bags she made, and since ours and hers were matching, she also added a beautiful little hornbook with our initial on the zipper pull to tell them apart. How sweet is that?! Inside the project bag was a roll of several different linens from her recent trip. I can’t wait to find something to stitch on them! What a great way to start off our time together.

Gifts from Sylvia

The first two days of the seminar we had Catherine’s My Peaceable Kingdom class. What a gorgeous piece. And it has so many specialty stitches there’s no way you can get bored with this piece. Plus the colors are luscious. I was quite proud of myself that I got a good bit of my border done in class. The vine is done in longarm cross and diagonal stitches. The strawberries are done in smyrnas. Aren’t they pretty?

Strawberry Border

On our third day, we took Catherine’s Americana Sewing Roll class. I spent the better part of the day working on the Florentine stitch for the outside of the piece.

Florentine Stitch

It was good to get away for a few days and not have to think about anything but stitching. When I got home, I finished up a little piece that Romeo had been helping me with by being my lap buddy.

Miniature Adam and Eve

This is a Miniature Adam & Eve done in Au Ver A Soie on 40ct linen. I think the finished size is about two inches square.

I am grateful for my friends.

My First Workshop

I have had a fabulous two days. My guild hosted Catherine Theron for two classes this weekend and they (and she) were wonderful. I cannot tell you what a joy it is to belong to a guild with such wonderful people. I told someone this afternoon that this guild has really expanded my horizons in so many ways in the few short months I’ve been a member. One of those ways was attending a workshop for the very first time. Yesterday Catherine taught her Williamsburg Remembered Sewing Case and today taughter her Quaker Sewing Case. I had so much fun and learned quite a bit in both classes. I learned two new stitches yesterday, the trellis stitch and the spiral trellis stitch, both of which are so cool when they’re finished! Above you can see the very exciting stitching that I accomplished in both days. The pieces on the left and right are from today’s Quaker class. The piece in the middle is from yesterday. Aren’t you amazed by my skills?! That is 158 (count them) stitches in stem stitch in silk. Woohoo!! (ignore my basting line.) But really, I learned a ton…even if I don’t have the stitching to show for it. Catherine is a lovely woman, and I so enjoyed meeting her, learning from her and also visiting with her. I would jump at the opportunity to take another class with her. So, it was a wonderful weekend of stitching, but mostly being with other stitchers. This is a weekend I won’t soon forget. And hopefully, I’ll get those pieces done and have something to show for it! Really, my only concern is the finishing. The stitching I think will be not easy, but do-able. These are pretty detailed pieces for being so small! Anyway, for those of you who asked me questions about Catherine’s workshops, pieces, etc. I will get back to you individually with the answers.
So, what else. Ah, yes. Mail. The mail came yesterday with a package from The Scarlett House. I purchased one of Tanya’s beautiful ruler and needlecase sets that are handpainted by her. This one, was so different from her other pieces and I just fell in love with it. There is something just so homey and “samplerish” about the saltglaze crocks and bittersweet. Thank you, Tanya, they are even more lovely in person!!
And also last week in the mail, I received the first three BBD stockings charts. These are going to be such fun to stitch up, once I get to them. Lol! I have heard rumor that the BBD gals had a tree full of all 36 of the stockings at Market, and I would so love to see a photo of that! What a site that must have been. Anyway, I’d like to see them all hanging together someday in MY house. I think these would be good take-a-long projects though too, huh? Easy to slip into your bag and have whenever you need a little something to take the edge off.
And, I have been promising Siobhan to share a photo of a kit I have for a Tree of Life Tombstone rug. I’ve been wanting to learn rug hooking for awhile now, and I have two kits sitting at the back depths of my craft closet. This is one of them. But, wouldn’t it look fabulous hanging with on my A&E wall (you know that imaginary wall I’m working on). I may have to just tape the charts to the wall, rather than actual stitching, but whatever. Wouldn’t this look fabulous there?
So, that’s all the news that’s fit to print today. I am hungry and waiting for my hubby to get home so we can have dinner. I’ve got another full week this week, but I hope to have some time this evening to sit down with some stitching and relax.
Hope you all have a great week – and I also have an award I need to mention, so I will do that next time. Don’t let me forget!
I am grateful for learning new things.