Earth Sampler

Earth Sampler 2 072709

Guess what I did this weekend…

Earth Sampler 072709

Earth Sampler
The Primitive Needle
GAST and Weeks on 40ct Ale from Picture This Plus
Finished 7/27/09

I am so in love with this piece. Of course, you know I substituted GAST Cinnamon for GAST Sable. And you may notice also from my photo that I restitched the stripes on the snake. I wanted them to all be that bright green. And I dealt with the crazy eyes on the sheep. I actually did stitch those in Sable. And I think they’re fine. And the yeti fabric is still absolutely impossible to photograph. Just imagine it warmer and less gray. It’s gorgeous. I will most certainly be ordering more PTP fabric in the future. I will also be stitching more of Miss Lisa’s designs – she totally rocks. I definitely took Glenna’s advice and spent most of my weekend planted firmly on the couch stitching. I decided that since I haven’t made it to see the new Harry Potter movie yet, I would amuse myself with the DVDs.

I watched the first three movies this weekend and am looking forward to time with numbers four and five soon. And although I came very very close to finishing Earth Sampler on Sunday, I had to put the final stitches in last night before class. It was a much-needed restful and wonderful weekend. And I lost 3.6 pounds at WW this week, which allowed me to hit some really good goals! Yay!! And I got a little charm for having signed up for my 5k, which was totally cool. Now all I need is to test out my feet this coming Saturday. I should have healed heels by then! Then the 5k is August 8th.

So, after much debate on what to stitch next I think I’m going to pick up BBD’s The Simple Things again. I didn’t get very far on my start on this and I think it will be another relatively quick stitch. Here’s where I left off, in case you were thinking I was kidding when I said I didn’t get very far.

The Simple Things 062709

So, that’s what’s going on in my little world. I finished the book I was reading for my book club and don’t really know what I want to pick back up to read. I will probably go back to reading Drums of Autumn, because I’d really like to finish that series. I’ve also started re-reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, because why not? So, you can see I’m kind of jumping around on my reading as well as jumping around on my stitching. And I’m feeling the need to do some other crafting too – like quilting or knitting sometime soon. I am all over the place!! But, I am trying to contain myself.

I am grateful for being able to breathe today. And finally seeing the doctor about my shoulder. Yes, Eric, you can say I told you so.

Stripey Snake

Stripey Snake 072409

On Wednesday, I took my Microsoft certification exam for Access 2007 and passed with flying colors! Soooo glad that is over. I am now moving into my Project Management classes, starting with Microsoft Project. I am really wanting to be finished with school before the holidays this year. I’m ready to be done! As a reward to myself for my certification, I was able to skip school and go to Barnes & Noble for stitching with a buddy. I had so much fun and we got to sit in the comfy chairs. I think once again I spent more time chatting than I did stitching. Oh well! My stitching buddy brought the new Loose Feathers to stitch on, and she is doing it over one. Sooooo pretty. I wanted to go right home and get mine out…but I am being good (for now). I decided to take Earth Sampler with me this time, since I’m making good progress on it. See the little snake?

Earth Sampler 072409

Two more fingers and I would have finished the hand. That row of numbers is the bottom of the sampler. After I finish the hand, I’ll move back up to stitch the top three rows. I am loving this fabric, this pattern, stitching on 40ct, the colors, all of it. I am just having so much fun. And since the past couple of weeks have been a little rough studying for my certification exam and then of course, this…


My poor blistered heels. I really needed a night of stitching to relax, and a fun piece to stitch on! Oh, and just to give you a further idea how bad my poor blisters were, when I came home Tuesday night from school, I found this on the counter.

Blister Bounty

Eric’s been a sweetie and has been reading up on blister care and what to do to keep them from getting infected, etc. He takes good care of me. The vaseline is supposed to keep you from developing blisters too, so once mine heal I’ll be trying that the next time I go walking. I’m taking tomorrow off from my 5k training, since I still can’t put shoes on, but I hope to be healed and back at it next week. And thanks to all of you for your suggestions on helping my blisters!

And in non-blister-related news, I thought I show you my latest stitching purchase. I have fallen in love with the VB Night Owl fabric, and so of course I had to have a little wristlet to go with my ginormous bag, right? And since it was half price, I couldn’t resist.

Vera Bradley Wristlet

It’s the perfect size to hold my packs of needles, scissors and a pencil. I love it!!! And it’s nice to have a little bag that I can transfer around to other bags and know I’ve got needles and scissors.

VB Wristlet Inside

Oooh, somebody needs a manicure. Yikes! Anyway, that’s all for me today. I am hopeful I’ll be getting a whole lot of stitching done on Earth Sampler this weekend. I have book club tonight, but other than that a weekend of some couch time I hope. Have a great weekend!!!

I am grateful for my blisters getting better and even with weird workouts this week, still seeing a loss on the scale! Yay!

Whale of a Time

Earth Sampler 072009

The past week has not been conducive to stitching. As usual, there’s lots going on in my little world. So, no stitching at all during the week. And I think it was only over the weekend that I was able to pick up a needle. On Saturday, I got up early for my 5K training. We actually ended up walking 3.2 miles in under an hour. I was so excited about that!! I felt really good, and finally felt like “ok, I can really do this!”. Then I went and weighed in for the week and had a pretty good loss. Then Eric and I went to Lone Star Park for our annual day at the races. I’ll have photos soon. And the horse I picked for the last race came in second, so we won some good money on that last race! Thank you Diamante de Oro!! Unfortunately, by the end of our afternoon, I began to feel that all was not right with the world. During the latter part of my walk that morning I knew my shoes were rubbing and that I was probably getting blisters. My heels didn’t look too bad when I got home, and it wasn’t until later that afternoon that the blisters actually started to show up. And I have never had blisters this bad before. I can barely walk today and I look like a complete idiot hobbling around work. So, not sure how this bodes for my walk on Saturday (luckily the 5k is a couple of weeks away still). But relaxing stitching time was definitely necessary yesterday!

So, as you can see I made pretty good progress on Earth Sampler. We finished watching Season 1 of True Blood and I stitched. I finished up the row with the whale, ripped out the h, i, j that I’d stitched in Sable and restitched it in Cinnamon, and then I stitched p through v on the next row, and finally started the row below it too. So excited I got to finally use the Peacock thread! Love that blue!! Now that I’ve switched out to the Cinnamon from the Sable that wasn’t working I am absolutely in love with this piece. I love stitching on it and it is turning out so pretty (in my opinion). Of course, the yeti fabric is still difficult to photograph, but I’m getting closer I think. Such a super fun stitch! And I sure needed that after dealing with my blistered self all weekend.

And, although my mail carrier is a complete ass who loves to bend and fold any piece of mail he or she is delivering, I got some good mail this weekend! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that I signed up at the Country Sampler for their Stacy Nash club? Back at the beginning of the year, I received the first installment. The back of the heart will have a wool pocket to hold scissors.

Country Sampler Stacy Nash Kit #1

Then, a few months later I received the second installment. This is a sweet little piece that has a velvet pocket on the inside, and then a little wool heart-shaped pocket to hold scissors and of course a place to put your needles.

Country Sampler Stacy Nash Kit #2

And then this weekend, I received package #3. Isn’t this the cutest thing?

Country Sampler Stacy Nash Kit #3

One of these days I’ll make some time to stitch these up. Until then, I’ll just keep stitching along on my Earth Sampler.

Jetting Around

Earth Sampler 071309

Eric and I are back from Miami! I may have alluded in my previous posts that we were heading out for an adventure. Well, Eric surprised me with a trip to Miami over the 4th of July weekend. We left on Thursday night (flying First Class – woohoo!) and came back on Monday. We had so much fun, and I will have photos to share soon. As you may imagine, though, there wasn’t any stitching while I was gone. In the past week though, there’s been a tiny bit of stitching. As you can see above, I pulled out Earth Sampler and stitched on it a bit last night. I took Andrea’s lead and replaced the GAST Sable with GAST Cinnamon. I am so much happier with it. So, I’ll definitely be pulling out the h,i,j in the middle to replace it with Cinnamon. My little bit of stitching last night while watching True Blood was the only stitching I did all weekend. Friday night I went with a friend to see The Hangover – so funny! Saturday we had a dinner guest and then Sunday was of course cleaning and laundry during the day. But, I think I am happy with the piece again after the color switch.

On Monday night after we returned, I did settle down and do a little bit of stitching on my new start, Sweet Treats. I finished block 1, minus the buttons, and I’ve started the border.

Sweet Treats Block 1 071109

I think the buttons will look really cute once I stitch them on. Any suggestions on what to stitch them on with? Matching thread?

Sweet Treats Block 1 with Buttons 071109

Wednesday night I took my final for Access, and happily did very well on it. I just need to schedule my vendor certification exam now. But, having my final behind me allowed me to spend Thursday night with some stitching friends. I took Mystery 9 and did a little more stitching on the swirl. I was doing more talking than stitching though, so not much progress to show.

M9 071109

And I would like to provide a little update on my vent from a few posts ago. After calling the needlework shop with my credit card information for the one chart that was sent, I did also cancel my order for the second chart. I politely explained to the person on the phone that I’d been waiting for four months for the order, and at this point I just wanted to cancel the order. So, imagine my surprise when on Saturday a package arrived from the needlework shop. In it was the chart I’d been waiting on, for no charge, a letter of apology from the owner, and some extras. I sent the owner an email this morning thanking them. So, I wanted to update everyone on what happened, so that I didn’t also leave you with a bad taste in your mouth about the situation (even though I haven’t mentioned which shop this is, as I’m sure we all from time to time have a bad experience). Anyway, while never expecting to see this chart, much less the way in which the owner handled rectifying the situation, I was pleasantly surprised. So, anyway, the situation is resolved.

So, I will have photos from Miami to show you all soon. And if you want to take a look at more of my Dallas After Dark photos, you can see them here. I hope to get some more stitching in this week. I’m itching to get back to Earth Sampler now!

I am grateful for a fun vacation to Hot Miami.


M9 Closeup 061309

Thanks to all of you for the compliments on my new look. I am so in love. And it’s weird to look at my blog and not see Botticelli’s Venus looking back out at me. But, that’s ok. I love the red. So, in my last post I mentioned that two of the three pieces that were WIPs in that first post of mine in 2006 are still WIPs. The two are Mystery IX and Bay Sampler. Well, after writing that post, plus seeing that blank spot on my bedroom wall staring at me, I decided to pull out Mystery IX and work on it a bit. I am currently working on Part 8 (of 12). I have two of the four artichoke beds still left to finish. So, I’ve been working on it the past couple of nights and I’m making a bit of progress.

Mystery IX 061309

The blank spots you see in those right hand beds are for the specialty stitches and beads. I’ll do that once I have all the cross-stitching done on the left two. I’m also missing the bugle beads around those yellow beds. Bugle beads can cut the thread you’ve sewn them down with because of their sharp edges, so I’ll wait until the end to add them, along with the larger crystals. If you want to see my last progress photo of this, you can see it here. I’m stitching this on the 32ct Lavender Mist linen that was called for with the recommended silks. It is so hard to tell in the photos, but the fabric is really the palest of lavenders. You wouldn’t know it unless you held it up against something white. But, it is not the bluish/greyish color it appears here. That’s just 7am light through the window. I love this piece so much, but I just can’t seem to stick with it for very long. And I have the incentive. I’ve promised myself it will go to Jill Rensel for framing and I have the space picked out in our bedroom to hang it. I’m anxious to finish up part 8 and move onto part 9.

Gift from Anna

And remember that crappola of a week I was having? Well, on the very worst day of that week, look what arrived in my mailbox! Sweet and thoughtful Anna sent this sampler chart to me as a new addition for my A&E wall. So fun! Thank you, Anna!! And, of course she sent along one of her beautiful handmade cards as well. She is talented in so many areas! [Although I wish she’d send her framed Anna’s Bird to me…I covet it.] Anyway…thanks again, Anna! You made my week!

Earth Sampler 061309

And here we are again with the yeti fabric. I haven’t made much progress on it since I last showed it to you, but I am liking the progress I made. I saw Andrea’s finish of this on her blog and she also subbed out the Sable thread. I think I am going to do the same, because I hate mine. So, the h, i, j may be coming out to be replaced with a better brown. I want my bunny to be a pretty brown, when I get to him, not this weird-o brownish blackish greyish color. I don’t have the GAST Cinnamon she used, but I’m sure I can find something that works.

And I’ve also got some progress to show you on Dorothy’s Garden. As I mentioned, I finished the alphabet and started on the border.

Dorothy's Garden Closeup 061309

This piece is just so dainty. It’s a lot of fun to work on, but I am really dreading that house. I’m gonna have to just suck it up and do a little at a time. Here’s the whole thing…

Dorothy's Garden 061309

I also bought a new stitching bag, which I was in desperate need of. I’d been using this fabulous woven bag, but it’s just gotten so much use that the material it’s made from is starting to wear down. Which is a shame. So, I saw that Silver Needle was having a sale on Vera Bradley bags, and I ordered one. I decided on the Miller bag, in the retiring fabric “Night Owl”. I just fell in love with the little owls! The bag is freakin’ huge, but it is wide enough I can fit my 17 x 17 q-snap in it with no problem, which I suppose is a good thing. And it has a ton of pockets around the perimeter of the inside, which is nice. I’ve never even really looked at a Vera Bradley bag before, so this was a new adventure for me.

I have also signed up for a 5k in August, and have been training for two Saturdays now. I’m excited about it, and looking forward to it. My plan is to walk it, but last night I made my first venture into running, so I may end up doing a walk/run. This morning I probably walked close to 3 miles, so I don’t think the 5k is going to be any problem. I’m tired though, so I think some serious stitching/couch time is on the horizon for me this afternoon.

So, that’s all the news from around here. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

I am grateful for losing two pounds this week and pushing myself to run last night. Yay me!