Zebra Beagle Don’t Care


Ever have one of those pieces where you’re stitching along and you start to wonder about what you’re stitching, not in a “why am I torturing myself by stitching this entire reproduction sampler on 45ct over one?” kind of way, but a “what the heck is that thing?” kind of wondering? I mean, is it a cat, a wolf, a dog, an armadillo? Well, there’s still no official word from Paulette on what exactly is this thing hanging out with Poe’s Raven on its back. So, in the meantime, I went to the ultimate resource on all things, my Wikipedia (Eric). And according to the Mr., this is in fact, the little known zebra beagle.

…blank stare…

Um…ok. I guess I can see it. I can imagine the narrated nature video now. “The zebra beagle is one of the fiercest creatures in the Garden of Eerie. It’s so badass that it walks around with a raven on its back.”

Bride of Frank isn’t even worried about that snake sticking its tongue out at her, she’s offering up an apple to the zebra beagle. Do you think zebra beagles eat apples? Mmm…tasty!


“Hey, watch out!”, says that bird. “That is some crazy lightning coming right at my head.” But, zebra beagle don’t care. He is all about that apple.


And, as for me? I’m ecstatic to finally finish my Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Samplers. Started in September of last year on 36ct. Meadow Rue with DMC. I stitched on it last year until Halloween was over and then put it away. So, this year I pulled it back out on October 1st and thought it would be the perfect thing to work on for Halloween this year. I love it. I’m so happy to finally have it done. It is going to look perfect framed and hanging with my Jenny Bean Halloween, don’t you think?


I had to do some creative charting on my name and the year in order to make it fit. But I’m happy with Wikipedia’s Eric’s suggestion to put the year sideways over one. This was such a fun piece to stitch, especially with my little zebra beagle to keep me company…because zebra beagles are awesome.

I am grateful for a great stitching day with friends (and zebra beagle).

Pumpkin Spice


Fall seems to have finally arrived here and with it brought some restlessness. I’ve been floundering around trying to stitch, trying to read, trying to get some things done around the house and I can’t seem to do any of it. I need to be working on stitching my Hare Pyns smalls, but I just can’t seem to concentrate long enough to get any further on them. So, on October 1st I headed over to a friend’s house for a stitching day. I thought it was a perfect day to pull out my Garden of Eerie WIP from last year to work on. I had an absolutely fabulous day and actually got a bit farther on GoE. I had a lot of fun stitching on this seasonal piece, so I hope to get some more done on it.
And this weekend we actually had some rain! I was so inspired by the cooler, rainy weather that I decided to do a little decorating.


I’m wishing I had some of those Halloween Blackbird stockings stitched and finished. They’d look awfully cute in my house!


At guild last week, the program was making a little wool pumpkin. I have to say, I’m pretty proud of mine. Thank goodness I had lots of helpers sitting with me, otherwise my pumpkin would have been more of something you see in the “after” portion of that show Punkin’ Chunkin’ (if you haven’t seen this, you’re missing out). But, I love my little pumpkin, so I had to set him out with my wool acorns I purchased from another guild member a few years ago.



And I’m kicking myself for not having Jenny Bean framed yet. Drat. She would look so good hanging in here!

Jenny Bean Cartouche Closeup

Anyway, I think I’m ready for fall, I think I’m on the way to getting my groove back, and I’m hoping there’s a Pumpkin Spice Latte in my future.

I am grateful for stitching days with friends.

Little by Little

Knitting with Kim

For months now, my friend Kim has been working on getting me back into knitting. I knew it had been long enough that I was going to have to relearn from scratch. On Saturday, Kim and I got together for Knitting Lesson #1. She brought me all the goodies I would need, minus a tape measure. Luckily, look what I had lurking in my basket at home…

Lantern Moon Black Sheep

Lantern Moon Black Sheep tape measure. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Kim and I spent a bit of time on casting on, knitting and purling. Strangely, my fingers seem to remember this even if my brain doesn’t. So, I think I’m doing pretty good. Kim told me to practice a little every day, so I am determined to do that. Someday I will knit socks! I am so appreciative of Kim taking the time to teach me.

And not much stitching has been going on here. My doctor prescribed this crazy nosespray for my allergies and it knocks me out. I have literally only put in about 10 stitches in the past week. But, over Halloween weekend, pre-nosespray, I did work on Garden of Eerie. Eric and I broke with tradition and instead of watching Bram Stoker’s Dracula, we watched Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. How appropos…

Eerie 110110

I’ve got some holiday stitching that needs to be attended to, so it may be a little while before I get back to Eerie.

And, the big news for today? My other blog has moved to my own domain. I’ll probably be moving this blog in the future, but for now, just the one. Head on over if you’d like and take a look around. I still have some work to do on it, mostly just some tweaking, but I’m pretty happy with it.

I am grateful for my new home on the web.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Wicked 102310

The Primitive Needle
Belle Soie over one on 30ct Antique Cotton by R&R
Finished in a Twisted Threads Rectangle Tin Necklace

My friend, Kim, had a birthday on Friday and I wanted to make something special for her. She’s a Halloween girl, like me, so I decided that a little “Wicked”-ness was in order. I really enjoyed stitching this and the colors were so fun. I had to special order the little tin necklace frame from my LNS, and luckily (even though it was on backorder for awhile), it came in the nick of time. I’ve got enough of the supplies left over to treat myself to this trick, so I think I’ll be wearing a matching pendant sometime soon. I do hope that she likes it.

And since we’re keeping in the Halloween spirit, I thought I’d share my silks for Black’d Skie. You can see how lovely they will be on the fabric. I’m really excited to try out these Pure Palette silks. They were a birthday gift and I’m absolutely thrilled to have them.

Blackd Skie Silks

And finally, since finishing Kim’s gift I have returned to the Garden of Eerie for a bit. The center tree is coming along. In fact, I’m getting down almost to the snake. Can’t wait for that!

Eerie 102310jpg

I’m starting to think about my goals for the end of the year and what I’d like to finish. I’m also starting to think toward 2011 too. Mostly, I’d just like to cut down on the amount of WIPs I have going. I think a focus on finishing is in order. But in the meantime, I’m just enjoying spending time with my wicked things.

I am grateful for a smile on Eric’s face.

Autumn Calling

October Meeting

Last week I went to my monthly guild meeting and look at the beautiful display that two of our members set up. One of them stitched all of those fabulous Prairie Schooler acorns. Aren’t they cute?! I think these are from a leaflet called, if you can believe it, Acorns (No. 65) – go figure. Such a sweet little addition along with the basket of gourds to the snack table.

I’ve made very little progress on Garden of Eerie, just getting started on the tree.

Eerie 101010

Most of my time has been spent on And They Sinned. I’ve spent so much time back and forth ripping out and restitching the clouds and I was determined to get it fixed. I brought this piece with me to guild night as my show and tell of what I’m currently working on.

I finally got the clouds lined up and in the right spots, and then went to work filling in the right hand side. It took all weekend, but I’ve got it filled in now. I stitched through a Teen Mom marathon on MTV and then all of Season 2 of Laguna Beach. That’s a lot of cloud filling in!

ATS 101010

And you can see that I worked on the vines on both sides in order to help with cloud placement. I also filled in the little motifs inside the clouds. Next step is to start on the center portion of the cloud. I’ll be so glad to use a color other than Pebble, that’s for sure. My photo is a little crooked, but when I take pics on Monday morning, I’m still a little bleary-eyed.

It looks like it’s going to rain this morning, and I’m wishing the weather would cool off just a tad more. If I could get my allergies under control and get over feeling like crap I would be very very happy. I’ve signed up for a 10k on Saturday, so I’d better get to feeling better asap!

I am grateful for some stitching time.