Not One But Two

I have many things to show you today! This weekend I was able to spend some time at home for a change, and I think I got a lot accomplished. Friday night I finished up my first pinkeep. I did actually change out the ribbon, but I had been trying to avoid having to go back to the store and spend more money. I think it turned out well. I like the yellow pearl pins. The purple fabric is what I backed it with. Really, in the end, the only part I am not very happy with is the bow. What’s the trick for getting a nice looking bow? This is my Hedwig’s Four Patch freebie from The Sampler Girl in honor of the last Harry Potter book.

I also made a second pinkeep. This one almost had an even bigger snafu. I cut my piece wrong while Eric was talking to me. Luckily, you can’t tell (hopefully) that I cut one side way too small. I think because of that, my design is not completely centered as I would have liked, but oh well. Not a lot I can do about it now. Again, the bow was an issue though. I did it slightly differently than the first one, but it’s still not great. This is Eek! by Lizzie Kate.

***Edited to add: this completes Number 39 on my 101 Things list “learn to make a pinkeep”!
Not too bad for my first attempts at pinkeeps, I think. I got a few other things done too, that I’ll be showing you soon. And, my sweet husband brought these beautiful roses home on Saturday, “just because”.

I spent part of the day yesterday getting out some Halloween decorations, sitting at my sewing machine, and other stuff around the house. I had some mending to do on clothes, that I sat down with last night to do. So, I haven’t done a whole lot on Baby Garden this weekend. I’ve basically got just the over one parts of that next to last row to do. I always tend to stall out on the over one stuff. Hopefully, I will zip through these though.

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the new Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers piece. It’s a box, not unlike the box they released last year (which I still haven’t stitched). Pretty colors in this one.

I feel so good about getting so many things done this weekend. I really need to work on practicing my finishing skills though. I’d like to be happier with the results. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and here are some photos from the Longwood Gardens from our Philadelphia trip.

The Italian Water Garden.

The Topiary Garden.

That was it for our first day there. We attended the rehearsal dinner that evening at Iron Hill Bewery, which had fantastic food!

Walk to Rivendell: Midday. Stop in a hollow atop a hill. Eat and fall asleep. Wake in fog, sun sinking. Try to head north, but lose their way and become separated. Captured by Wights. Frodo sings, Tom rescues and recalls ponies. Leave about 10 a.m. Tom leads. (Total Miles Walked: 115.75)

I am grateful for a weekend at home, and lunch with a fabulous friend.

Hedwig’s Four Patch

Hedwig’s Four Patch
Freebie from The Sampler Girl
Weeks and GAST on 28ct Boo! from Silkweaver
Finished 7/7/07

Hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend. It actually didn’t rain today, and the sun was out, which was glorious. Yesterday I saw that Tanya, The Sampler Girl, had posted a new freebie on her site called Hedwig’s Four Patch. I decided to take a break from my RR block and stitch this up. Tanya’s chart tells you which colors to put where, but you choose the threads. I used GAST Maple Syrup, Fragrant Cloves, Hyacinth and Summer Meadow as well as Weeks Onyx, Deep Sea and Whitewash. Tanya had charted Hedwig as brown, but I changed her to be white. Tanya was also rewarding the first seven stitchers to stitch this and send her a photo, with one of her charts. Amazingly, I turned out to be the sixth stitcher! How fun! I started stitching it last night while I introduced Eric to the Harry Potter movies, we watched the first movie and he enjoyed it. If you’d like the freebie, or a look at the some of the other’s stitchers’ pieces, here’s the link.

Eric and I have had a busy day today sorting and going through files, cleaning out cabinets, all that good stuff. We even took a bunch of old DVDs to sell and made $87! Tonight we’ll be sitting down to watch another movie, maybe the second Harry Potter, and I’ll go back to working on my RR.

I am grateful for organization!