Random Thoughts

Twilight Floss Ring Tag
Freebies from Plum Street Samplers Edward and Jacob
Over one on 28ct with Crescent Colors Ruby Slippers and Snowball
Finished 1/30/09
A few random things today…

1. I’m sick and trying to get over it (I am so rarely sick that it really bites when I am).
2. I haven’t stitched in days (see number 1 above).
3. I am reading another Stephanie Plum book and loving it – she cracks me up.
4. The new Bunny Hill block is posted. Guess I’d better do last month’s. I LOVE this month’s though.
5. Cathy B. is a super sweetheart for sending me the Gold Santa I was so wanting. Thanks!!!
6. My monthly guild meeting was Tuesday and the program was about Adam & Eve samplers – I’ll have to tell you all about it when I have more coherent thought processes.
7. Oh yeah, Eric is sick too….it’s a lot of fun at our house.
8. I have stash to show you, but haven’t had a chance to photograph it for your viewing pleasure.
9. I made my first floss tag (see above) for my friend, Sherri. She loves Twilight too! I’ll be making one of these for myself whenever I get over this.
10. Have you ever seen two more fabulous Red Threads? Mine on top, Sherri’s below. Maybe this photo will be clickable…I can only hope.

Until next time…

I am grateful for hot tea and a cuddly quilt.

The Votes Are In

Well, the votes are in. Last night at my guild meeting I brought two of my WIPs in. The members voted on which one they would like to see me complete in 2009. It was a close vote, but in the end Dorothy’s Garden by A Stitcher’s Hands won out. Above you can see my last progress photo of it. I started this piece in 2004. It is stitched entirely over one and was the second over one piece I ever attempted. I am stitching in in DMC and Au Ver A Soie. This is also the second piece I’d ever used silk on. Looking back, I wish I’d chosen to stitch the whole thing in silk. Oh well. It is stitched on 32ct fabric, but I couldn’t tell you what it is. The LNS didn’t mark it, and it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten, if I ever knew. So, I’ll be stitching along on this piece and hope to see good progress on it. We will have a six-month check-in on our progress in June. (Secretly, I’d like to finish both pieces that I brought…but we’ll see what happens). This is what the whole thing will look like when finished…

I am really enjoying belonging to a guild. I paid my deposit for the Catherine Theron workshops last night, and I am so looking forward to my first workshops. And let me tell you…the stitching the members do just puts me to shame. The focus of the guild is on reproduction samplers, and the majority of the stitching that goes on here is on 40ct fabric and just exquisite. There is one member, Robert, who is just amazing. Last night he brought in three finished pieces for show and tell. All three of them gorgeous (and large) samplers. One of them was the sampler from the cover of the last SANQ. He said he chose this as an Advent piece, so he stitched on it everyday from the 1st to the 24th and it was finished by Christmas morning.

And he had also finished up his WIP that was chosen for him to finish last year. It was a huge Amy Mitten sampler. I really wish I knew which one it was, because it was so cool – with a hidden mystery in the stitching. It said “I am afraid” and then “I saw [a murder]”. Just amazing. Then for his two choices of WIPs he brought last night, one was Amy Mitten’s Not For Us Alone, and one was Dutch Beauty. Well, Dutch Beauty won out. So I expect to see him with it finished by March. LOL!
Anyway, I had hoped to have a progress pic of my Jane Austen piece for you today, but my computer was acting up this morning, so I didn’t get the photo loaded. Oh well, next time. But, speaking of photos… since the photo of my Red Thread piece is so tiny, you can go to my Webshots album to see a larger pic. Here’s the link. Also, if you’d like to take a look at my 2008 finishes, they are all in there too now!

Until next time!

I am grateful for making new friends and being inspired by other stitchers.

Happy New Year!

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.
-An Ancient Chinese Belief

The Red Thread

Bent Creek
DMC, GAST and Weeks on 32ct Light Mocha Linen
Embellished with snaps and JABC buttons
Finished 1/1/09

I did it. Not quite by the end of the year, but I finished it on New Year’s Day. This piece was a year long SAL with my friend, Sherri. We set a goal of stitching one block a month starting in January of 2008. After a few setbacks, this piece is finally done!! I love the way it turned out and I am so thankful that I finally ended up with the right fabric and all my buttons. The fabric cut for this piece is 10 inches by 39 inches – just to give you an idea of how long it is…over a yard! Sherri and I are contemplating making our own frames for these, after she finishes hers. I can’t wait to have it framed! I’m so pleased to have my first finish of 2009 be such a big finish too.

Here are some closer photos…

Last week I was at the LNS buying more Weeks Bark, and then the next day I went back to buy some more Weeks Cocoa. LOL! They must have thought I was a nut!

Oh, and while I was there, I did a little stash enhancement for the new year. (There is a rule that you can’t just buy thread at the LNS right?!)

I helped myself to a few Birds of a Feathers charts that they had…sure wish they’d had that Gold Santa though!

And speaking of thread, Anna sent me a beautiful handmade card and tucked inside was this most gorgeous of reds!! Thank you, Anna!!

For New Year’s Day, I wanted to have a new start after I finished my Red Thread. I decided to start on a piece I’ve been wanting to start ever since it appeared in The Gift of Stitching. This is At Home with Jane Austen by Tanya of The Sampler Girl. I’m stitching it with the recommended Crescent Colors on 28ct Light Mocha Linen. Love it so far! It is so colorful and I’m really enjoying the Crescent threads.

I’ve also given some thought to what I’d like to stitch on this year, what my goals might be. Of course, I’d love to finish those WIPs that have been hanging around like Mystery 9, Dorothy’s Garden, my Papillon Creations Mystery Sampler, just to name a few. I believe Anna and I are going to continue our mermaid SAL as well this year, and I hope to not be such a slacker as I have been with it.

I have my Me, Myself & I RR to get started on as well. I still need to figure out what size fabric I need to order so that I can make a start on it. I’ll do that this month.

I’ve also made a list of some things I’d like to start as well, mostly some larger samplers like And They Sinned, Salem Remembered, A Most Noble Pursuit and Shores of Hawk Run Hollow. I also want to do some Christmas stitching this year including ornaments and that Marbek Nativity that I bought fabric for a couple years ago. I can’t wait to get that one started! It would also be lovely to stitch on some of the kits I have ready to go and mark some of them off my list.

I think I’ve pretty much found that rotations don’t seem to work well for me right now, so I’m going to stick with one or two focus pieces and something smaller and portable (like ornaments).

I have also committed myself to a book challenge this year…50 in 2009. That’s twice as many books as I read last year, so it’s going to be a big stretch. I’ve made a list of some classics and some books I’ve been meaning to get around to for years for my 50.

As for my quilting, I’d like to continue with finishing up the quilts I have in progress as well as start some new things, like my Leanne’s House and my Jo Morton quilts.

That’s a whole lot I’d like to do, but I’m not going to put a ton of pressure on myself. At my guild meeting on Tuesday, we’ll be bringing two WIPs that we’d like to see finished, and the members will vote on which one we have to commit to finishing in 2009. I’m going to take my Mystery 9 piece and my Dorothy’s Garden piece as choices. I’ll let you know what they decide. That’s really going to be the only thing I hold myself to this year, other than stitching the mermaids with Anna.

Here’s Mystery 9 at my last update…

And here’s Dorothy’s Garden at last look…

For January though I plan to:
Stitch on At Home with Jane Austen
Find out what my guild piece will be and do some stitching on it
Mermaid SAL with Anna

What are your plans?

Happy 2009 everyone!!!

I am grateful for a fresh and bright new year.

Deck the Halls

Red Thread: Connected
Bent Creek
DMC, Weeks and GAST on 32ct Light Mocha and Embellished with Snaps
Finished 12/15/08

I had hoped to get a chance to blog before now, but well – the season is upon me, and I am a busy elf! I have a couple of finishes to show you and a couple of finished things to show you too! As you can see above, I’ve finished the last block for my Red Thread piece. All that is left now is the border, and I am hoping to have it done before the end of the year. I’m not going to show you a full view of the piece just yet, because I thought I’d save it for the final finished photo! Then you can see it all together.
Autumn Spell
Just Nan Limited Edition WhimZi
Third in a series of four
DMC on 28ct Zweigart Lt. Mocha Cashel Linen
Framed in an Acorn WhimZi frame
Finished 12/15/08
I also had another little finish recently (strangely enough, I finished both of these on the same day!). This has been my traveling piece that I’ve been working on a little here and a little there. Out of season, but since I’m stitching these in order, there you have it. I just have Winter Spell left to stitch. Then, back to my other WhimZis. I’ll probably finish up the stitching on my Mele Kalikimaka ornament before I start another WhimZi though. It’s high time I finished that one. It did get a couple of stitches put into it the other night though, so maybe I’ll be able to get it finished sooner rather than later.

And, wonder of wonders I have two finished pieces to share. I sent these off to my finisher, and she did a glorious job with them! You may recall I finished this Country Cottage Needleworks ornament earlier in the year…this is Peace from the JCS 2007 Ornament issue. She used the Kudzu Weeks wool for it and it turned out so cute! Here I have it in my little basket I use to hold Christmas cards.
And the other piece I sent her was my recently finished Snow Bunnies piece by Little House Needleworks. This one is also from the 2007 JCS Ornament issue. She finished it as a little bag with a cording hanger, and I’ve got it hanging on the coat closet door in the entry. I filled it with some red berries, and I love how festive and wintery it looks. Gorgeous!

I’ve also been decorating up a storm around the house, which has been a lot of fun. You can see photos here. Saturday, we went to see the Trains at Northpark, which we do every year. Once again, we had a lovely time! Saturday evening we had both of our families over for eggnog and desserts. I made peanut butter fudge and Swedish Melting Moments cookies. Both turned out to be yummy! Last night I made a start on Eric’s ornament for this year. I’m very late starting it, so I may not finish it in time for Christmas, but I’m going to try. It’s the 3rd Day from Teresa Wentzler’s 12 Days of Christmas. You may remember I am stitching him one a year for each of our married Christmases.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays, and I’ll be back soon!

I am grateful for a joyful season.


Red Thread: Thankful
Bent Creek
Weeks and GAST on 32ct Light Mocha and Embellished with Snaps
Finished 11/28/08

Just a quick post to show my latest finish. I didn’t quite get it done in time for Thanksgiving, but it is done in November – which is fantastic! It means I am on target to get the last block and the border stitched in December. Woohoo!

The piece is getting so long now that it is really difficult to get a good photo of it. But, you get the idea. I’m loving it so far!
Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, if you celebrate it. We had a lovely time!
Now, I’m off to get started on the ornament I am stitching for my Guild’s Holiday Ornament Exchange.

I am grateful for family.