Quite Dashing


Dash Away All
The Sampler Girl
DMC on 32ct Dirty Linen
Finished 4/16/11

I’ve been working on stitching ornaments here and there this year. I had intended to do one a month, but you know how that goes. This is my third ornament for the year. It wasn’t even on my to-stitch list, but after I saw a finished one at a guild meeting I remembered I had this pattern in my stash! I immediately went home and found my chart, and then pulled fabric and fibers from my stash. It’s such a cute, simple piece and I’m glad I was reminded I had it. After I finished it, I needed to get a little star button to add to it and I just finally made it over to my LNS last week. Not sure how I’m going to finish him yet, but I’m so glad I stitched him. Thanks, Katherine, for being my inspiration!!

I’ve also been stitching along on my Stacy Nash piece I showed you in my last post. It’s coming along slowly. I love the pale palette.


I went to book club on Friday night and we had a lovely discussion about The Hare with Amber Eyes. I’ve posted my latest book reviews over on the other blog, if you’re interested. I had intended to spend the rest of the weekend stitching, but it didn’t happen. Too many other things going on! Maybe tonight I can get my needle out.

I am grateful for Eric for being immensely patient with me while teaching me Lightroom and for all of his help last night, and most of all for refusing to allow me to post really crappy photos even though I was willing to settle for what I had. Thanks, sweetie!

That’s How I Roll


A momentous occasion last week…I was far enough along on ATS that I was able to roll the fabric. It’s coming along (slower than I’d like, but still coming along). It’s amazing how long it takes to stitch all those scattered little motifs, but at least each one feels like a small victory. And they are fun. I love that blue butterfly and the red tulip. And wow – all the birds! I am very very close to being ready to start on the tree, Adam & Eve and the angel (aka “the good parts”). I love how colorful this piece is and it makes me happy to discover each new motif and pull out new threads. I’d been asked in the comments what fabric I’m stitching this on…it’s 40ct Elegant Bean (from Elegant Stitch). It’s a great neutral fabric and the colors really pop on it. I am stitching with the charted GAST threads. But, I’m moving along toward the bottom of page 1 and loving every minute of it.

My current travel project is Emily’s Sewing Roll from the Stacy Nash workshop I took in March. This one is a good piece to take to guild because I can talk and stitch at the same time. Plus, it’s not very big, so that makes it an ideal travel project too. Although, what does not make it an ideal travel project is that inevitably someone says “you’re not done with that yet?”. Ha ha…no I’m not. Would you buy the excuse that I’m savoring it? You’ve seen me eat chocolate, so youknow I don’t savor anything, huh? Yeah, ok…so I’m not done with it yet. But, it’s a sweet little piece, no?


I have also been stitching on Dorothy’s Garden. And may I remind you that it’s all over one? On 32 count? Yeah…so what if I can’t finish a Stacy Nash piece. Look at this…


I’ve been building that dreaded house. And it’s looking pretty good, I might add. Once I get all that grey outlining done, I’ll still have to fill it in with white. I figure I’ll work along on the house until I get bored and then I can stitch on the border a bit to break up all the grey and white.

And I’ve spent the past couple of weekends learning Lightroom, and I think it’s going to be great for photo editing, exporting, cataloging, etc. Eric’s been very patient teaching me and I’m really looking forward to learning more of the functionality. So far, I like it a lot better than Photoshop. So now not only am I learning how to shoot in manual modes, but I’m also learning how to do my editing in completely different software – my brain is full!

I’ve also been reading quite a bit. I read Jennifer Donnelly’s A Northern Light, Pioneer Woman’s Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and Edmund de Waal’s The Hare with the Amber Eyes. I’ll be posting up reviews of all of these on the other blog soon, if you’re interested.

Ok, that’s it for me today. I’m hoping to get back to working on my AOTH soon – I’ve been so inspired by both Katrina’s and Siobhan’s finishes on theirs. I can’t wait to work on mine again! Until next time!

I am grateful for a husband who understands.

Falling Behind When I Should Be Springing Forward

Threads for Stacy Nash

So much has happened in the past couple of weeks that it all sort of seems like a blur. I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say it’s been an uphill battle to get things done – thus, blog posting fell by the wayside. One of the things I scrambled to get done was the pre-stitching for the Stacy Nash workshop I attended this past weekend. We only had a couple of weeks, so even with everything going on I did what I could to be ready for class. I was very happy when my kit showed up and Mr. Rabbit was a reminder to not be late (for my very important date).

Stacy Nash Threads

Don’t you love the thread colors?

I came very close to getting the prestitching done on one of the two pieces for class, although the night before I stayed up very late stitching and then woke up very early to get more stitching in. I was able to finally finish my stitching during the first 45 minutes of class, but I was exhausted. Since this was a finishing class, I really wanted to be able to work on the finishing of my actual piece.

Drum Assembly

Stacy designed a pin drum and sewing roll for our guild. I really love the pieces and Stacy taught us a lot of great techniques for finishing. And as much as I love my sewing machine, I really enjoy just doing handwork – stitching, hand sewing, etc. Stacy said that what she liked about these projects is that you can start one in your sewing chair and not have to get up to iron or sit at the sewing machine or anything. You can basically go start to finish sitting in your chair.

I did get my drum and strawberry completely assembled on Saturday.

Strawberry Assembly

And I came into class on Sunday ready to learn how to age my piece. The strawberry was a lot of fun, it’s made from velvet and the top is silk matka (I think). The top and bottom fabrics on the drum are homespun.

Drum before Aging

The aging process is really interesting and the piece looks so different once it’s aged! I’m still putting the final touches on my drum, but as soon as it’s finished, I’ll be sure to share.

After I aged my drum, I decided to use the remaining class time to get started on the stitching for my sewing roll. I’d really wished I’d had this ready to assemble and age too, but it just wasn’t in the cards.

Sewing Roll Start

I’m looking forward to sharing my finished and aged drum as well as my sewing roll. I’m very glad I took the workshop and I’ll have to dig out the other pattern for a drum that I have in my stash, now that I know how to make one!

I am grateful for the time I had with Lisa and so blessed she was my friend.

2000 Years Ago

2000 Years Ago Top

2000 years ago I started this project, um, I mean back in December of 2005. It just seems like 2000 years ago. Shepherd’s Bush designed a series of eight ornaments that were released in the annual JCS Ornament issues. Knowing that they were going to be doing eight, I ordered eight ornament cuts of the recommended fabric, 32ct Dark Espresso by R&R (back in the days when a lot of shops offered ornament cuts of fabric). Of course, each ornament also featured a sterling silver charm from Shepherd’s Bush, so each year I made sure to order the new one.

Of course, stitching this was a two year long project, since I started them after the first few had been released. The last ornament was released in 2007, I believe. Shepherd’s Bush has since released all eight of these designs in two leaflets (four ornaments in each).

In Spring of 2008, I decided I wanted to finish these into a wallhanging, so that the entire series could be showcased together. I’ve since seen my friend Ava’s finish of these and her’s are framed and so gorgeous – I almost regret not framing them. But, anyway, I think this post was the last time I posted (or worked on) this piece. Back at Christmas, I decided to pull this out and work on it a bit more, with the hopes of having it hanging for the season. No such luck, but this weekend I decided I really needed to get this done. And in less than two hours, it was finished.

You can see the top four ornaments in the photo above, and below and the last four.

2000 Years Ago Bottom

I decided to teach myself how to make Prairie Points, and I am so thrilled with how they finish off the bottom of the piece. I may have even squealed when I saw how they looked.

2000 Years Ago Prairie Points

And here’s the whole thing.

2000 Years Ago 022611

I am so happy with how it turned out and it will be beautiful hanging during the holiday season this year! So, that’s one more thing off of my to do list. I can now turn my sewing machine over to working on my Batiks BOM from 2007 that needs another six blocks.

As for stitching this week, there wasn’t a lot of it. I had a migraine for three days, so only minimal progress was made on Valentine Rose. I’ve started filling in the mortar between the bricks though.

AOTH 022611

I’m taking a break from Valentine Rose in order to work on the pre-stitching for a Stacy Nash workshop I’ll be taking in March. I managed a good little start on it yesterday, after finishing my wallhanging, and I’ll be continuing to work on it this evening.

I am grateful for Eric proposing six years ago.