Thank you all for your continued support and positivity! I am working away on my resume and am confident that doors are opening all over the place for me! This weekend, though, I focused on getting some things done around the house before our trip. I was able to frame Their Song and get it hung up. I am so pleased to have that marked off my list. I am working on getting Baby Garden framed, but it is giving me a little trouble. I’ll be sure to post a photo though before it goes in the mail. I did some decorating around the house and really enjoyed putting out the Christmas decorations. Eric was able to get the lights done outside, between the rain showers. You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the big shrubs have blue lights on them.

With everything going on at the end of last week, I completely forgot to take a look at my goals and what I accomplished in November. As you may remember, I set three-month goals, to take me through the end of the year, rather than month at a time goals.
1. Finishing on all of my finished but unfinished pieces. Framed one, I have two pieces left to frame
2. Finish stitching on Baby Garden and frame to send for Christmas Finished, and frame/mat are ready to go – should be able to mail this week
3. Finish Shepherd’s Bush ornaments and make into wall hanging for Christmas one ornament left to stitch
4. Stitch and finish 2nd Day of Christmas ornament for Eric Started
5. Get to the halfway mark on Tesori haven’t touched it since October
6. Keep up with Neighborhood RR finished Kathy’s and mailed, have Annemarie’s
7. Sew on quilt squares, get ready to start wedding quilt in January nope
8. Blog more consistently – let’s shoot for every other day I think I’m doing ok with this, but could do better
9. Take stock of my 101 Things List and cross some more things off Haven’t finished any in November, but there are several that should be done soon
10. Organize our travel photos – print and make books nope
11. Continue with Home Project, finish three rooms (1 per month) two bathrooms finished, entry finished
12. Read two books per month yes! Read Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair as well as So Many Books, So Little Time
13. Finish writing my two poems didn’t look at this month
14. Focus on my fitness, continue my weight loss – meet my end of year goal weight still doing well with workouts, not on track to meet year end target
15. Decorate for the holidays, enjoy and relax! Yes – just a few little things left
So, with it being the last month in the year, I am going to reassess my goals and make them a little more manageable. So, for December:
1. Begin new job
2. Finish Shepherd’s Bush ornaments and make into wall hanging for Christmas
3. Stitch and finish 2nd Day of Christmas ornament for Eric
4. Get in some good stitching time on Tesori
5. Gather supplies for New Year’s start
6. Take stock of my 101 Things List and cross some more things off (should be able to cross off #4 – set up will, power of attny & associated documents; #57 Stitch and Frame Birth Sampler; #61 Read Bram Stoker’s Dracula)
7. Read two books
8. Focus on my fitness
I think that’s plenty! I didn’t do a lot of stitching over the weekend, but here’s the bit I did get done. Those little diamonds around the F got stitched and unstitched about four times, and the G was stitched twice!
And I received another block for my Leanne’s House quilt. I think I am only needing one more month, and then I will have the whole thing.
That’s all for me today. Have a great week! Oh, and if you are waiting on an email response from me, I am woefully behind, so I will answer as soon as I can!
Walk to Rivendell: Camp in eastern part of the Marshes. See flashes of light in the east during the night (Gandalf on Weathertop). (Total Miles Walked: 194.75)
I am grateful for Lori’s engagement and celebrating with her at lunch today!

Their Song

Their Song (Loose Feathers #24)
Blackbird Designs
Weeks on 28ct Apple Brown Bindy
Begun 5/30/07 Finished 8/7/07
I finished it last night. I only needed to finish up the top set of blackbirds and the cherry stems on that top branch. That sounds easy enough, but on Sunday I ran out of Charcoal thread with a bird and a half to go. This was all I lacked.
I zipped over to my LNS on Monday at lunch, and guess what? They were all out of Charcoal thread. The sweet woman working looked in the back for me to see if they had any but didn’t find any. So she went into her own stitching bag and handed me her Charcoal. It was more than enough to finish my birds, so I’ll be taking what’s left back to her tomorrow. Disaster narrowly averted! I was determined to finish this before we left.
I plan to start Katrina’s RR when I get back and then I’ll be getting back to stitching on Baby Garden (I still have that over one goldfish pond to look forward to).
I am grateful for a finish!!


Heartfelt Flower
Shepherd’s Bush
Esmerelda’s Friends Kit January 2006
DMC, GAST & Weeks on 32ct Awareness Pink by R&R
Embellished with Bee Button; Finished in Twisted Threads Tin Pin
Finished 8/4/07

The time is ticking away before we leave for Philadelphia on Thursday. We are getting very excited about our trip and have a lot of stuff planned to see and do. But before we go, I thought I’d finish up a few things. These are two more of the Essie’s Friends pieces from Elegant Stitch. I stitched both of them up last week and did the finishing on Saturday. Pretty quick and easy. These are the first two that actually got finished without months (or a year) going by. Maybe I’m getting better at tackling new things. They are both finished as tin pins (with the Twisted Threads tin pins), and it was my first time doing this type of finishing. I learned a couple of things for next time, but all in all they were pretty easy and straightforward.

Halle’s Heart
Sampler Cove
Esmerelda’s Friends Kit February 2006
SNC The Lavenders on 32ct Awareness Pink by R&R
Embellished with JABC Small Mauve Swirly Bud; Finished in Twisted Threads Tin Pin
Finished 8/4/07

I’m hoping to participate in the Focus on Finishing FAL this month. They’ll be doing a pinkeep class, and I’ve been wanting to learn how to make a pinkeep. I have my Eek! piece all ready for pinkeep status. I think all I may need is some ribbon.

I have several finishing techniques I’d like to try out this year: a scissor fob, a pinkeep, a flat fold, a tin box top, a bellpull, a needle roll and a scissor keeper. I have a couple of pieces that are all ready to be finished, so I’ll probably put some of these finishing techniques to use sooner rather than later.

I am very close to finishing Their Song, and hope to have it finished up tonight. It will be so good to finally finish a larger piece. And speaking of Blackbird Designs, my replacement fabric for the newest Loose Feathers arrived last night. The first piece was, in my opinion, terrible. I am also moving right along on the Liguria block of Tesori. I have two motifs left to stitch, then the backstitching. Hopefully next week this will be done.

Ok, enough rambling. I’ll be sure to post my Their Song finish before I go, and you can look forward to some photos from our trip when I get back. Then I’ll be diving into Katrina’s RR block. I think I have my charts all picked out. Until then…take care of yourselves!

I am grateful for practice, practice practice.


Silk Reflections Necklace
Austrian Crystal Cosmic Ring 30mm
Swarovski Square 20mm Pendant
Swarovski Square 14mm Pendant
Sterlink Silver Link Hooks
Black Silk Ribbon
Finished 7/31/07
A couple of days ago I assembled this necklace. It was a Project of the Week from Auntie’s Beads. It ties around your neck with a silk ribbon, and just sparkles! Another project finished!

I’ve also finished up the border for Liguria and have moved on to filling in the block. I’m well pleased that I was able to finish up the border in a week. That gives me hope for making quicker progress on this. I’ve had to go in early to work everyday this week, so I haven’t had my usual morning time to put in a few stitches, but I’ll get back to it soon.
And since we are now in August (my birthday month!!), I’d better recap my July goals and fess up to how I did…
Knit on Homespun Wrap Yes
Finish Their Song No, but I’m getting close
Finish Row 1 of Tesori No, finished Veneto, finished border on Liguria
Stitch one WhimZi Yes, Summer Spell
Stitch one SB ornament Yes, In a Stable
Stitch on Barnabee’s Quest Yes, didn’t finish one row, but did stitch on

Four out of six isn’t too bad!
So for August, here’s the plan…
Knit on Homespun Wrap
Finish Their Song
Finish Liguria and Lazio
Stitch one WhimZi
Stitch one SB Ornament
Stitch on Baby Garden
Katrina’s RR Finished
And for a bonus: Do some finishing for the August Finish-a-Long.
Wish me luck!
Here’s a little more progress on Their Song. I’ve got two more words to finish up, and then the motifs at the top. I can feel a finish coming on. I’d really like to have it done before we leave for our trip next week.
Walk to Rivendell: Edges of fields worked by Farmer Maggot. (Total Miles Walked: 61.25)
I am grateful for knowing I am worth it!

A Gift

Sarah Moon motif Needleminder
GAST Limited Edition Aquamarine over one on 28ct Sugar Cookie
Mill Hill Beads #03007 for beaded ruffle
Finished 7/24/07

I’ve received word that Carol received the birthday gifts I sent her. I stitched this needleminder for her, using the same finishing technique I used for my Flower of Courage. I chose to stitch a motif from the Sarah Moon sampler, because Carol loves Ackworth School samplers. I am so pleased she likes it. Happy Birthday, Carol!

It was a good, but busy weekend. I was able to get to the halfway point on Their Song, which is where I wanted to be by the end of last week. I was even able to get a bit farther yesterday. We finished watching Season 2 of Dark Angel, and now we’ve starting watching Season 1 of JAG, which is one of Eric’s favorite shows. Anyway, one of my goals for this month was to finish Their Song. I don’t know that I’m going to make it, since I won’t be stitching tonight. Oh well, I’ve made good progress on it, which I am really glad for. I would really like to finish a larger project. The only piece over a small-size that I’ve finished this year is my Lemon Meringue Sampler. So, it’s about time to get something off my WIP list. Once I finish up Their Song, I plan to get back to Baby Garden so that I can finish it up. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I’ve also had to send back the fabric that I got for the newest Loose Feathers – it was terrible. So, I’ll be exchanging it for a piece that looks a little better, I hope!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I am grateful for the realization of which choice to make.