Be My Valentine


Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a little overcast and dreary looking out today, but I thought I’d share a few special things that are brightening me up. Above you can see this pretty heart-shaped Whitman’s box. This was a gift from a sweet friend of mine. She bought these, not only so that we could indulge in the chocolate inside, but most importantly because they’ll be put to good use.

And on Saturday, I decided I needed a little break from all the “have to’s”, so I stitched up a little Valentine for myself.


This one has been in my stash forever. It’s a Limited Edition WhimZi from Just Nan called Cherub Garden. I’m in love with the little cherub and bluebird on the frame. Plus this one has beads and a crystal in the middle, and it just sparkles. It’s stitched on 28ct Ice Blue linen with DMC. Such a sweet little thing. And it makes me happy.
And this morning, I was greeted by this when I came downstairs.


Pretty roses in my favorite vase. And a Cadbury Cream Egg – my favorite! That sweet man made me cry with the card, particularly what he wrote inside.

Unfortunately, my Valentine’s Day gift for him ran into a snag at the framer’s. The frame was defective and the finish was chipping off of it when it came in. So, we’re on to plan B. It will just be late.

And yesterday in the mail, I found a card from another sweet friend. She must have known I needed a good laugh.


I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate the friends I have and all the support they’ve offered me. And I don’t know what I would do without that husband of mine. He has been right there by my side and going above and beyond for my family. He is a treasure. I am so very blessed. So, I’m off to try to bring a little Valentine’s Day happiness to my parents. And rumor has it that my Valentine has a special homemade dinner in store for me tonight.

I am grateful for waterproof mascara.

Deck the Halls

Red Thread: Connected
Bent Creek
DMC, Weeks and GAST on 32ct Light Mocha and Embellished with Snaps
Finished 12/15/08

I had hoped to get a chance to blog before now, but well – the season is upon me, and I am a busy elf! I have a couple of finishes to show you and a couple of finished things to show you too! As you can see above, I’ve finished the last block for my Red Thread piece. All that is left now is the border, and I am hoping to have it done before the end of the year. I’m not going to show you a full view of the piece just yet, because I thought I’d save it for the final finished photo! Then you can see it all together.
Autumn Spell
Just Nan Limited Edition WhimZi
Third in a series of four
DMC on 28ct Zweigart Lt. Mocha Cashel Linen
Framed in an Acorn WhimZi frame
Finished 12/15/08
I also had another little finish recently (strangely enough, I finished both of these on the same day!). This has been my traveling piece that I’ve been working on a little here and a little there. Out of season, but since I’m stitching these in order, there you have it. I just have Winter Spell left to stitch. Then, back to my other WhimZis. I’ll probably finish up the stitching on my Mele Kalikimaka ornament before I start another WhimZi though. It’s high time I finished that one. It did get a couple of stitches put into it the other night though, so maybe I’ll be able to get it finished sooner rather than later.

And, wonder of wonders I have two finished pieces to share. I sent these off to my finisher, and she did a glorious job with them! You may recall I finished this Country Cottage Needleworks ornament earlier in the year…this is Peace from the JCS 2007 Ornament issue. She used the Kudzu Weeks wool for it and it turned out so cute! Here I have it in my little basket I use to hold Christmas cards.
And the other piece I sent her was my recently finished Snow Bunnies piece by Little House Needleworks. This one is also from the 2007 JCS Ornament issue. She finished it as a little bag with a cording hanger, and I’ve got it hanging on the coat closet door in the entry. I filled it with some red berries, and I love how festive and wintery it looks. Gorgeous!

I’ve also been decorating up a storm around the house, which has been a lot of fun. You can see photos here. Saturday, we went to see the Trains at Northpark, which we do every year. Once again, we had a lovely time! Saturday evening we had both of our families over for eggnog and desserts. I made peanut butter fudge and Swedish Melting Moments cookies. Both turned out to be yummy! Last night I made a start on Eric’s ornament for this year. I’m very late starting it, so I may not finish it in time for Christmas, but I’m going to try. It’s the 3rd Day from Teresa Wentzler’s 12 Days of Christmas. You may remember I am stitching him one a year for each of our married Christmases.

I hope you all have wonderful holidays, and I’ll be back soon!

I am grateful for a joyful season.

Horrifed! and Number 28

Horrified! Limited Edition WhimZi

Just Nan

DMC on 32ct Zweigart Cobblestone Belfast Linen

Framed with Black and Gold Jack-o-Lantern Frame

Finished 10/26/07
Still under the weather, so this will be a short post. I finished the stitching on my Just Nan Whimzi earlier this week, and finally got it finished and put into the frame last night. I think it turned out pretty cute. All four of the jack-o-lanterns’ faces are different, which I didn’t realize until I was stitching them. Love the spider in the middle.
Eric got the dowel rod cut for me this morning so that I could hang the wedding quilt my best friend made for us. I think it looks really nice in our bedroom, and I am so pleased to finally have it hanging where we can see it. And this also fulfills number 28 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list, “Hang Julia’s wedding gift”. Now, if I can get Mystery 9 finished, it will look beautiful in the bedroom too!!
In my Hoffman email yesterday, I saw that LHN and CCN both have new releases. I LOVE the new CCN, Gingerbread Cottage.

That’s about all I have today. Eric has been playing with his new ipod that I gave him for his birthday, so he’s been sitting at the computer sifting through mp3s to put on it. That should give me a chance to lay on the couch and blow my nose some more. Maybe I can do some stitching too.

Eric thanks you for all the birthday wishes.

I am grateful for finishing things.


I know that over the past several months my blogging has not been as often as I would have liked. My commenting also has suffered. It seems that there might be a lot of this going on right now int he blogging world. Is it because it’s summer over here, or because everyone is just busy? I’ve noticed that several of my regular commenters have been absent from my blog. Perhaps what I’m posting is not up to the usual par? Anyway, to make up for my lack of posts, I thought I’d share a finish, a WIP, and something drool-worthy. I hope to be able to post some of our Philadelphia pictures soon, but at the moment Eric is holding them hostage on his pc. I also need to show you my birthday present from him – as soon as I have a few minutes to get it out of the box! So, on with the show… and I want to take a second to thank everyone that does stop by and comment. I really appreciate it, and know that it is precious time you are taking out of your busy life to come and take a look at what I’m doing in mine. So, thank you!

Frost Flower
Limited Edition WhimZi
Just Nan
DMC on 32ct Zweigart White Opalescent Linen
Embellished with Antiqued Silver Ice Flake
Framed with Antique White Embossed WhimZi Frame with Beads
Finished 9/8/07
I think I have three more of these Limited Edition WhimZis in my stash to stitch, then I will be caught up. One of my goals is to be caught up on these by the end of the year. I also intend to be caught up on my Shepherd’s Bush ornaments by then as well. So, my next small to stitch with be Bethlehem Slept.
Here’s my current progress on Baby Garden. I’m close to being done with the row I’m on, and that will put me past the halfway mark. It’s moving along a little faster, and I hope to have this one done in order to give it as a Christmas gift. The sooner I finish it though, the sooner I can get back to stitching on Barnabee. I can’t believe I’m still not done with that one!
And have you seen the new Just Nan piece at Silver Needle?
I couldn’t resist this one either, and have reserved my piece. Too cute, huh? A lot of people are comparing it to CA Wells’ Pyramid Etui, but I think this one has a completely different feel to it.
That’s all I have for you today. I’m going to a friend’s birthday gathering at a tea shop this afternoon, which should be fun. Hope to hear from you all, including those that are “missing”.

I am grateful for beginning a new poem.

Summer Spell

Summer Spell
Just Nan Limited Edition WhimZi
Second in a series of four
DMC on 28ct Graziano Lt. Rose Milan Linen
Framed in a Rose WhimZi frame
Finished 7/18/07
I finished up the latest Just Nan Limited Edition WhimZi yesterday, and put it into its frame last night. This one is so hard to get a picture of for some reason. I guess it’s the shiny gold on the frame? I must have taken 20 pictures, and this was the best of the bunch. Anyway, I started this one right after Fourth of July, but had totally put the bottom M in the wrong place, so I had to rip out the whole letter and restitch. But, I got back to it yesterday and finished it. I’m a little curious to see if Nan will use “Autumn” or “Fall” for the next one. The next WhimZi I have planned to stitch is Frost Flower. I am still working on getting caught back up with all these Limited Edition pieces I have sitting around. I think I have Frost Flower, Cherub Garden, Tie One On, Horrified and Snow Faces (which actually wasn’t a Limited Edition). I’m shooting for one a month along with one of my Shepherds Bush ornaments.

Yesterday the mail brought me my chart from the Sampler Girl that I won for stitching Hedwig’s Four Patch. I love mermaids, as you well know, so this was a perfect chart to receive. The quote is by Tennyson. Thank you Tanya!!

I am grateful for finishes!