Finished Part 4

I stayed up late last night finishing Part 4 of Mystery 9. This part (and the next three parts) are filling in two triangles for each part. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but Martina’s designs always take me way longer than I anticipate they will. But, I am happy to have this done. Here is a closeup of the triangles.
I have the day off today, so I am planning to spend some time quilting. Well, piecing actually. And, as an early birthday present – I ordered the kit for Midi Mystery 2! I am so excited!

I am grateful for turnips and beets and all things that make Martina’s garden designs so delicate and lovely.

Secret Garden

I got the new Loose Feathers by Blackbird Designs in the mail today. It is so pretty with that Turkey Red thread! As I have lately been slightly beset by Loose Feathers woes, this was a happy thing! I am still waiting on ONS #1 to send my Strawberry Garden, since they sent me Quaker Garden by mistake. I am a member of the Loose Feathers Club now, so I should be all set to go in the future. Please excuse the photo taken on the floor today, my craft table has been overtaken and there is not an empty square inch to take a photo on.

Since Martina posted new parts and passwords for several groups yesterday, including Mystery 9, I figured I better get in gear and get to working on Part 4 (she just released part 7!! ack!) So, I stitched some on M9 this morning, but then was pulled away for this…

I apologize for the flash. We went to see Les Mis this afternoon, and it was wonderful. I have seen it once before, my best friend in high school and I went the day after graduation. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So, no stitching this afternoon. But, I am off to stich away the rest of the night! Oh, and Martina released part 1 of Midi Mystery 2 today. I am so excited about this design. I stitched the first Midi Mystery – which was a Medieval Garden. The new one is Baroque, and Martina says that they will be different, but you will be able to tell they are from the same series. Below is my Midi 1. My favorite part was the VERY medieval arches and quatrefoil windows. Part 1 has those same basic arches, but is quite Baroque (as one would expect). I am off to European Cross-stitch to see how much the kit is…must have…must have!

I am grateful for dates with my husband.

Mid-Year Review

Since I took the night off last night (actually, I had to work from home – so no blogging), I thought I would take Nicki‘s idea and post my 2006 stitching goals and see where I’m at.

2006 Stitching Goals
Dorothy’s Garden haven’t worked on in a while
Mermaid Treasure Box haven’t worked on in a while
Egypt Garden Not started
Mystery 9 caught up through part 3 (4 parts behind)
Midi 2 Not started
Winter Snapperland Finished Chalet, Ze Rink and Sleigh Ride – Villa and border to do
2000 Years Ago Finished Angels Sang – four more currently released to do
Wedding Sampler started
Harry’s Stocking Not started
A Most Noble Pursuit Not started
Mouline Rouge Not started
Bay Sampler started

So, basically I haven’t made a whole lot of progress on my goals. Guess I better get to it. Here’s what I’ve completed so far this year:

First Snow
Chalet, Ze Rink and Sleigh Ride
Angels Sang
In the Pink
March Hare
Flower Girls
Also finished stitching but not finished – July, Quaker Hedgehog and Flower of Courage

I also beaded a handbag for my wedding.

All my finishes can be see in my Webshots album. It doesn’t look like a whole lot. I guess with getting married and moving I have an excuse? I took Monday as a vacation day, and I have Tuesday off for Independence Day. I hope to get a lot of stitching done this weekend. Monday is set aside as “Quilting Day”, so hopefully I can make some progress there too. Have a great weekend!

I am grateful for my wonderful friends and the kindness of fellow bloggers.

Sweet Treats!

Today I got something fun in the mail – a package from Vicki of Turkey Feathers. I saw on her blog that she was selling these in her Etsy shop. (If you haven’t been to, it is pretty cool and filled with hand-made items for sale). These were just too cute to pass up. When I was little, my grandmother built me a dollhouse and all the furniture to go into it. It has long been packed away, but I often think that one of these days, I will have the room to display it. So, when I saw these I thought – they would be perfect for the dollhouse! But, until the time when the dollhouse comes out of storage, these will bring a smile to my face. These were actually made by Vicki’s daughter, Grace. I love the sprinkles on the donuts!

I did a little bit of stitching on Bay Sampler last night, but not enough to warrant a photo. I probably won’t get to stitch tonight, because I am exhausted.

I am grateful for early mornings.

No Stitching Tonight

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are my late nights. I get home late and thus, very rarely stitch on these nights. So, I will show you the progress I made over the weekend on Bay Sampler. I love the colors in this. I am using Thread Gatherer Silk n Colors.


On another note, my chart that I ordered a month ago and then this weekend found out it was not available…I ordered it from another company that had it on their website. I got an email this afternoon telling me it was unavailable. So, basically I am pretty disappointed. The chart is Moon Garden by Blackbird Designs. I can only find one other ONS that has the chart listed on their website, so I am going to try them tomorrow. Here’s hoping they have it. Why, oh why did I fall in love with this design on Anna‘s blog after seeing her stitch it???

And…just in case you haven’t seen it yet, part 6 of Quaker a 6 Mains has been released. I can’t wait to stitch this one. Those stitching it have been doing such a lovely job. I think I want to stitch this with Vikki Clayton’s Ink Spot thread.

I am grateful for my friend Joan sharing her experience tonight, which helped me see my own experiences from another perspective.


Yes, that’s right – thank goodness it’s Monday! Because, Monday means the mailman comes again! This time the stash was very satisfying.

Today I received the new issue of SANQ, Just Nan’s Mermaid Heart and Carriage House Samplings Elephant and Farm (as well as the Angel and Needle freebies). I recently subscribed to SANQ, but I think my subscription probably started after this issue came out. I really wanted to get a good look at the Old Aviary Sampler that I have heard so much about. It really is beautiful and such soft colors! And Carol must be right, she said in her blog over the weekend that bloggers “almost all have an affinity for Carriage House Samplings”. I think she’s right! She also mentioned we have an affinity for Little House Needleworks as well, but somehow, I don’t have a single LHN chart in my stash!! The horror! I love the Dear Diary series as well as many others. I may have to add in at least one LHN chart in my next stash expedition. I’ve also been watching with delight Patti‘s progress on the CHS Alphabet, so I am now starting to collect the charts. I am up to F! So, thanks again to everyone checking in and commenting on my new little corner of the world. I hope to get links into my sidebar soon (as soon as I can figure out how), then you will all know how MANY of your blogs I read every day!

I am grateful for the color red. (That sounds a little like Sesame Street – today is brought to you by the letter E)


I sat down and finished stitching July today, even though I didn’t have much time to stitch. I loved doing the french knot sunflower centers. I still have to do the finishing on this, but I will have to make a run by Michael’s or Joann’s for some felt. I now have three little pieces that need finishing, so I may try to get those all done one weekend soon. I spent the rest of my free time today reading. I finished reading “The Historian”. What an amazing book! It was so good. Next up on the reading list is “On Beauty” for my book club. I am a member of a book club called “Artful Readings” at a museum in the area. The books always have an art slant, even if they are not solely about art. It introduces me to books I would never have read otherwise and it allows us to discuss art in the current exhibition that may be relevant.

Thanks to Karen and Carol for checking out my blog and commenting! I appreciate it!

I am grateful for silence.

Stash disappointment

The mailman was kind enough to deliver an envelope of stash to my mailbox today. I was delighted because it was two skeins of thread and two charts that I had been anxiously awaiting. I ripped open the package to find only one of my two charts, and the one that was in there was the wrong one! (And a note saying that my second chart was no longer available). So, alas, I have to tide myself over with just my two skeins of thread. One skein is for the July chart of the Wooly Tyme club from Homespun Elegance. I have basically the whole thing stitched, but I was waiting on my skein of Grape Leaf to finish it. I should be able to get it done – just in time for July. The other skein of thread is for A Most Noble Pursuit. I should have something on the way from another ONS, so maybe that envelope will be more exciting. I got a lot stitched on Bay Sampler today, which was so fun and relaxing. Those brightly colored silks are wonderful! I’ll wait a few days to post an update pic though.

But here, is my in progress July chart and my stash from today. (Please excuse the edges of my fabric.)

Thanks for checking in! I am excited to have a blog!

I am grateful for my wonderful husband who suggested I spend all day stitching and then made Mojitos to go with dinner! mmm…mojitos

Here we go…and #62

First blog, first post. I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for a while, but two things finally motivated me: joining Karen V.‘s Quaker Garden SAL and the 101 Things in 1001 Days project. While I don’t have any plans of publishing my entire list here, suffice it to say that #62 is “research starting a blog”. So, one thing down and 99 more to go. I intend to add updates to my progress on that list, as well as to post updates of my stitching and craft projects here. And, just to make this monumental post more interesting, here’s a look at my current WIPs…

Chatelaine’s Mystery 9

I am several months behind on this one. I got married in April, and haven’t managed to catch back up on this.

Workbasket’s Bay Sampler

I just started this one. As you can probably see, I started on the top sail, but quickly realized that my thread exactly matches my fabric. So, I’ve moved on to the bottom sail, which is a different color and I’ll have to go back and figure out what to do on the top one.

Bent Creek’s Walking in a Winter Snapperland

I started this one on January 2 of this year and have finished the first three charts. I need to stitch the last chart and then the border. I started this one as a (basically now defunct) SAL.

Thanks for reading and as part of #59 “express gratitude daily”…

I am grateful for all those wonderful stitching bloggers who have inspired me to do this!