Episode 56: Limbo


Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share my Stitch Maynia week 3 progress and the first foray into “the archives”.


  1. Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler by With Thy Needle and Thread stitched with the called for overdyed threads on 40ct Weeks Confederate Grey.  SAL with Farm Girl and Felicity Stitches.  The hashtag on instagram is #WTNTBirdsofaFeatherSAL
  2. The King’s Vegetable Garden (aka Mystery 9 aka Le Potager du Roi) by Chatelaine Designs – silks, metallics, delicas & swarovski crystals on 32ct Lavender Mist by Zweigart

From the Archives:

  • The Ann Nelson Sampler 1828 by Threads Through Time
  • Sampler from 1808, North German by Permin of Copenhagen
  • Ann Wheatley 1829 by Needlework Press
  • The Sun & Moon Miniature Sampler Circa 1815 by The Scarlet Letter
  • Temptation by Praiseworthy Stitches
  • Elizabeth Buck Sampler by In the Company of Friends
  • A & E Long and Lean by The Traveling Stitcher
  • Adam and Eve Sampler (Gift of Stitching May 2009) by Elizabeth Talledo
  • Jane Philpott 1837: An Adam & Eve Sampler by Shakespeare’s Peddler
  • 1836 Mary Hannah Gipson Sampler (SANQ) by C Street Samplerworks
  • Adam & Eve Sampler by The City Stitcher
  • And All Was For An Appil by The Scarlet Letter
  • Temptation by Sheepish Designs
  • Adam and Eve Reproduction Sampler (CS&N May 2009) by Robin Laukhuf – link to Tanya’s finished sampler here.  I couldn’t find her conversion on her blog, but here it is:
    • Olde Willow Silk to NPI
      12~922 or 324
      Olde Willow Silk to DMC
      9~407 or 3778
      12~3768 or 169
  • Adam & Eve Sampler from JCS June 2016 by Vickie LoPiccolo Jennett & Christy Schmitz
  • Ann Sandles 1846 by With Thy Needle & Thread
  • Parrots Sampler by The Sampler Company
  • “Sachsentuch”, Merseburg 1763 by Kulturhistorisches Museum
  • Scottish Sampler by Needleprint
  • Margaret Hugh by Reflets du Soie (from the book Marquoirs d’Angleterre)

I am grateful for sunshine peeking through the windows.

Episode 52: 100 Days


I am behind on posting show notes!!

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share share two finishes and the beginning of #100daychatelainechallenge.
Show notes:
  1. Yule: Winter Solstice freebie by The Primitive Hare – stitched on 28ct Cashel Linen FOTM Exclusive Silkweaver with my own conversion to overdyed threads.
  2. Spring Celebration: Ostara freebie by The Primitive Hare – stitched on 32ct Silkweaver Golden Harvest with my own conversion to overdyed threads.
  1. Colonial Garden by Plum Street Samplers
  2. The King’s Vegetable Garden (Le Potager du Roi) by Chatelaine Designs
Kitted Up:
  1. From the Deep by Plum Street Samplers
  2. A is for Apple by With Thy Needle (Ellen Chester)
  3. Thread by Carriage House Samplings
  4. Jinx by Raise the Roof Designs
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 Currently reading: High Voltage by Karen Marie Moning (sooo good!!)

Hop To It!


I haven’t felt like doing a lot of stitching lately. But a couple of weeks ago, I spied a little gift bag in my craft closet and inside of it was this sweet little bunny box. Back when Sylvia and I went to Nashville Market together a couple of years ago, we bought these boxes and accompanying pattern from the Prairie Moon gals. So, when I saw that little pink bag with my bunny box inside, I decided I wanted to go ahead and stitch him up.
While the design itself, is more Halloween than Easter, he is just too too darling. I remember how Lisa gushed over him while she and I visited with the Blackbird ladies. So stitching on him also reminds me of her.
I enjoyed stitching on my little cape-wearing bunny. I finished him up on Tuesday and then yesterday I did the finishing on him so that he could be ready for Easter morning.


Rabbit Box
Prairie Moon
GAST on 32ct Vintage Luna
Finished 4/3/12

So, even though I haven’t been in much of a stitching mood lately, I am glad to once again have another little finish for the WIPocalypse (even though this one was a new start). And if that wasn’t enough – I also hit a major milestone on one of my WIPs.


I finished page 1 on And They Sinned!!!! Woohoo! I’ve gotten a little bit farther since then (the bottom of page 1 is where my border vines end) and I’m so excited to be finally on page 2. And pretty soon I’ll have to roll my fabric again. That’s exciting as well.

I’ve still be flitting from thing to thing a bit – but I’m hoping that my stitching lethargy is over and I can make some good progress on more of my WIPs.

I hope you all have a fantastic Easter and a lovely week. Thanks for stopping by!

I am grateful for a bouquet of roses.

Miss Cottam, I Presume?

She ended up with a 2012 instead of a 2011, but she’s done! I finished her last night (a week later than I’d intended). She really was a complete joy to stitch. I started her on Thanksgiving Day and finished her on January 7th. I used the called for threads (Weeks) in the called for colors on the called for fabric (Weeks Cocoa), although I stitched her on 40ct rather than 30.
I love how she turned out, and it was fun stitching her while she was still a mystery. And you wouldn’t believe the number of people who have seen her in person and been surprised at how pretty she is.
She even took a little trip with me to Chicago for a few days after Thanksgiving for work-related meetings. I stitched all that grass in my hotel room!
So, here she is…Margaret Cottam by La-D-Da. My last start of 2011 and my first finish for 2012!
So, I know you’re thinking…”now that MC is done, what’s next?” Well, I’m glad you asked. I’ve signed up for the 2012 WIPocalypse over at Measi’s Musings. And although we all know that I have about 6 kazillion WIPs, I’m going to just focus on a few at a time. So, you can take a look over in my sidebar at my WIPocalypse List to see what’s currently in my stitching bag. As I finish something, a new piece will be brought in – some new starts, some old WIPs.

And speaking of new starts, I had intended to have a new start on Jan 1. However, I decided to keep going with Margaret until she was finished. So, I’ll be starting that new start soon. But, in the meantime, I picked up my Anniversaries of the Heart.

I’ve only barely gotten a start on the Bonus block. I’ve been stuck on this one for months because I knew what I wanted to do to change the block, just couldn’t figure out how to do it. But, I think I finally have it worked out. So, it may require a little trial and error on the fly as I stitch this block, but I think it will be great when it’s done. So…working on that.
Also, in my bag is And They Sinned. Sylvia and I are stitching along together on Sundays. Here’s a photo of how mine looks before I got started on it tonight. Yes, that is a lone bare leg. Yes, I contemplated stitching a lampshade on the top of it. Yes, I intend to stitch the body it belongs to tonight. (It’s almost as bad as the pair of empty boots that lived on my Margaret Cottam until I stitched the rest of the guy.)

I’ll be sharing the other WIPs in my stitching bag as I work on them. But for now, I think I’m going to concentrate on that bonus block and see if I can get past my creative impasse and get back to ATS on Sundays – starting tonight.

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year!

I am grateful for Good Samaritans.