Have You Any Wool?

Wee Woolly WIP

I mentioned in my last podcast episode that I recently stitched a little gift for Dianne for her birthday.  I spotted this chart in my stash and immediately knew it would be perfect to stitch for her.  And since I was going to be seeing her at DFW Fiber Fest on her birthday, what better time to present her with it?  Unfortunately, it took me a little longer to get it stitched and finished so I ended up having to package it up and mail to her.

Wee Woolly Finished

Project details: Wee Wooly by Heart in Hand stitched on 32ct Vintage Pearled Barley from Lakeside Linens with my own conversion to the color palette I wanted using GAST, Weeks, Crescent Colors, and Gentle Arts Simply Wool for the sheep himself.  I filled him with crushed walnut shells and used one of my favorite Anna Maria Horner Field Study fabrics for the back.

Wee Woolly AMH Backing

This was an absolute joy to stitch and I think I’m going to have to stitch one for myself at some point too!  Dianne shared this little gift on Episode 94 of her podcast which brought a little smile to my face.  If you haven’t watched her podcast, I highly recommend it.  She is such a lovely person and an amazing knitter, stitcher, and quilter.

Wee Woolly Finished

I’m so glad Dianne liked this little sheep and the colors are so her.  And really, how can you resist that little sheep?!

Wee Woolly Closeup


I am grateful for fuzzy sheep and lovely friends.

Episode 2: Herding Cats

Show Notes:


  1. Hazel Hedgehog Tote – Hazel Hedgehog quilt pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman.  Fabrics used are Tula Pink Acacia, Carolyn Friedlander Architextures, Michael Miller Grand Bazaar.  I modified Jeni Baker’s Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial for the tote.
  2. Hazel Hedgehog mini quilt: same fabrics and pattern as used in the tote.  Also used Tula Pink Moonshine for the one spine as well as the binding.
  3. Infinity Scarf – actually finished some time ago, but haven’t shared before on the blog.  Made with Anna Maria Horner Innocent Crush velveteen and Field Study voile.  Using Anna Maria’s tutorial for the infinity scarf by modified with Kelbysews’ measurements.
  4. Faith pincushion – ornament in the Just Cross-stitch Ornament 2014 issue by Nikyscreations.  Stitched with GAST threads (my own conversion and color changes) on 32 count Vintage Pearled Barley by Lakeside Linens.


  1. Garter stitch scarf – still in progress
  2. His Eye is on the Sparrow – by Heartstring Samplery.  Stitching on 48ct hand-dyed Gander linen with called for Weeks and GAST threads.


  1. Tula Pink Anchors Aweigh quilt in Tula Pink Salt Water fabric
  2. Five Yard quilt in Tula Pink Birds & the Bees and Denyse Schmidt Chicopee fabrics


  1. Bible study using She Reads Truth app.

I am grateful for time to sew.

Adventures in Color


Look!  She lives!  Not only does she live but she has stuff to share!!!  So, yes…I have been sorely neglecting the old blog for the quick and ease of Instagram (ie I’m lazy).  Well, not entirely lazy, but it is certainly easier to shoot a photo on my phone, upload it to IG and then boom, done.  As Max said on Two Broke Girls, “Twitter is stupid and Instagram is Twitter for people who can’t read.”  (FYI you can follow me on both Twitter and Instagram – ha).  Anywho…back to the pretty pictures.  So, I have tons of stuff to share – some of it is stuff you may have seen on IG and some of it I actually got out my camera and edited in Lightroom and all that fancy stuff.  For today, well…the square format is a dead giveaway, no?
So, back in October or so I decided that I wanted to jump on the Marcelle Medallion bandwagon.  Alexia Abegg’s book Liberty Love includes the pattern for the quilt.  I spent a ton of time surfing around the internet looking at other people’s Marcelle’s and trying to decide what fabrics I wanted to use on mine.  In the end, what it came down to was that I wanted it to be a collection of some of my favorite fabrics and designers, and I was going to basically wing it and hope it all comes together in the end.  I knew right from the start I wanted to include some of that Kaffe Fassett Jupiter fabric.  I played around with a number of things to pair it with, but in the end another Kaffe print won out – the red Aboriginal Dot.  
You can probably tell from my photo too that I decided to do the center block by English Paper Piecing it.  I was scared stiff of trying to match up those sharp points and y-seams.  So, I made my own EPP templates and got started. 
At Thanksgiving I had finished up the next round on the center block using Tula Pink Parisville French Lace and Lizzie House Pearl Bracelet.  Yellow is probably my absolute favorite color, and I really wanted to use this lemony shade in my Marcelle. 


At this point, I ran into issues.  I don’t know if my templates were off just enough and compounded they were making my measurements way off, but by the time I went to add on the next round of pieces I could not get my pieces to fit together correctly and match up.  After getting most of them sewn together by hand, I knew that it was going to have to come out.  So, I ripped out everything back to the yellow and ended up sewing it on my machine.  I still had some issues, as you can see (although the poor quality of this photo may hide some of that).  But, I was ok with leaving it as is.  The important thing to me was that the center points were matched, so I could live with the rest.  


And for finishing out the center block, my center was so bright and bold I wanted to tone it down a little bit with some cooler colors.  I went with Lush Uptown with the fabulous paint by number print that picked up my yellow and red a bit.  Then I complimented that with one of the low volume prints from the Architextures line.  Finally, for the outer corners I needed something to ground my block – so I went with a navy print from Anna Maria Horner’s Hand Drawn Garden line.  It also picked up my reds and yellows, adding in some bright greens and turquoises too.  I am pretty much just auditioning fabrics as I go and choosing things I really like, which is kind of fun.  May be a hot mess later, but so far I’m loving it.  
After struggling to get that center block sewn, I was faced with my first border.  After trying several different things I knew that I had so many prints going on that I really wanted some kind of tone on tone print for the main fabric in the border.  I saw someone’s Marcelle that used one of the Tula Pink Acacia prints in a bright chartreuse that looked fabulous, so I ordered some of that, thinking that it would tie in that bright green in the AMH corner fabrics.  I also ordered the same print in the purple color.  Once my fabrics came in I got to work auditioning.  I actually ended up bringing my sewing machine into the living room and sewing on the coffee table while I watched the movie Juno (which I really enjoyed). 

 After much deliberation, I ended up not using the chartreuse Acacia print.  It worked, but the purple actually was better.  So, purple it was.  And after trying a TON of different things for the cornerstones, I ended up with this bright turquoise Lily Ashbury fabric from Gypsy Wife. 

It is crazy bright and super colorful, but I really love it.  The purple just worked.  It picked up the centers of those flowers in the AMH fabric, and played off the purple in the Jupiter print in the star.  The cornerstones also worked with the AMH fabric, so it seemed a match made in heaven.  
Now…what the heck to use for my next border.  It’s a border of 60 degree triangles and I’m completely stumped.  I’m going to have to spend some time auditioning things to see what works.  I’ve been collecting some fabrics here and there that I love, so I have some good options.  Where I find I’m seriously lacking is in the low volume fabrics.  I picked some more up a month ago though, so I have a few more choices now.  
I’m enjoying the journey of just kind of seeing where this takes me and what works and what doesn’t. 

I’m grateful for summertime projects. 


There’s been a lot of top secret gift making going on at Chez Cozyegg the past few weeks.  But, I’m pleased I can finally show you one of the two projects I’ve been working on!  I’d been contemplating what to do for a friend for her birthday, and after attending the Dallas Quilt Show with her a few months ago, somehow everything started clicking into place.
I decided on a Kaffe Fassett focal fabric (Frilly) and added in some Kona Bay Leaf Candy in pink and a great subtly patterned background fabric from Ebony & Ivory.  Combine some luscious fabrics with Thimbleblossoms’s Swoon pattern, and you have a winner!  The blocks for this quilt are a fantastically large size (24″) so they lend themselves really well to larger patterned fabrics.  I thought making a mini quilt out of one block would be the way to go.
When the time came to choose backing fabric for this baby, I knew I could do no wrong going with another Kaffe Fassett, so I chose Paperweight in citron.  Oh this millefiori pattern makes my heart go pitter patter.
And you know I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t match my nails to my projects.  So, OPI’s Jade is the New Black for all you polish-lovers.
I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out.  If I could have figured out a way to keep this I certainly would have.  The fabrics were a great choice, and were most definitely “her” colors.  It made me happy to do a little something special for her birthday and I am always pleased when I can gift something I’ve made myself.
That citron fabric really gives it a fun little punch on the back, no?  And luckily I have a little left over to fondle make something with.
I was thrilled to present this to her last weekend, and I’m so glad she loves it. So, now the next question is when do I make a Swoon for myself?  I loved doing the Mini Swoon in Kaffe Fassett, but I’m thinking that for my full size Swoon – I’m going with Anna Maria Horner Field Study fabrics.  I really don’t think I can go wrong there.  We even stumbled across some while we were out celebrating her birthday visiting quilt shops on Saturday!
And as if all that wasn’t enough to get my quilting juices flowing, look what arrived in the mail!!  Rachel at P.S. I Quilt was hosting a giveaway on her blog for A Joyful Soul Fabrics and I won!!!!  Joyful Soul sent me this fabulous Fat Quarter bundle of Bonnie & Camille’s Happy Go Lucky fabrics as well as the pattern for the Fireworks quilt.  Nothing says summer more than Fireworks combined with the gorgeous bright colors in this line.  I’m excited to get started on this one.
And you may notice there’s also some Tula Pink Nest fabric there too.  I may have possibly jumped on some for sale on Instagram.  I’m dreaming of a Single Girl Quilt in Nest – like this one that I’m absolutely obsessed with!

Thanks as always for visiting!

I am grateful for pretty fabrics.