Flosstube Episode 46.5: Holiday Home Tour


Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast! In this episode I share a quick tour of my home decorated for the holidays.
I hope you enjoy a little peek into our home.
The stitched pieces shown are:
  • Walking in a Winter Snapperland by Bent Creek
  • Peace by Country Cottage Needleworks (from JCS 2007 ornament issue)
  • Christmas Treat Bag by Shepherd’s Bush
  • Mary’s Sampler by Plum Street Samplers (freebie here)
  • Midi Mystery I by Chatelaine Designs framed by Jill Rensel
  • 2000 Years Ago by Shepherd’s Bush (from JCS Ornament issue starting with year 2000 through 2008)
  • Snow Bunnies by Little House Needleworks (from JCS 2007 ornament issue)
  • Good Tidings with Jane Austen by the Sampler Girl
  • Isabella Johnstone by Needlework Press
  • Barnabee’s Quest by Just Nan
  • Miniature Adam & Eve by Beyond Just Cross-Stitch
  • First Snow by The Drawn Thread (freebie)
  • Jenny Bean’s Halloween Sampler by Shakespeare’s Peddler
  • Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Samplers
  • Their Song by Blackbird Designs
  • Primitive Tree by Ewe & Eye & Friends
  • Friendship piece by Needlework Press
  • Rampant Cats Sampler by Barbara Ana
  • A Little Bitty Ark by Homespun Elegance
  • Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs
  • Margaret Pence by The Goode Huswife
  • Just Nan Round Robin

Thanks so much for watching!

I am grateful for my cozy home.

Flosstube Episode 17: Return of the Zebra Beagle

Thank you so much for tuning in to the Cozyegg flosstube/podcast!  In this episode I share some framed pieces, the start of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow SAL, and some birthday gifts.

Show notes:

Framing (No Finishes):

  1. Sugar Skull Version 5 by Kristy Kizzee (Bombastitch) on etsy stitched on 40ct Weeks Cocoa with DMC.  Finished in October 2012.  Blog post here.
  2. Garden of Eerie by Plum Street Samplers stitched on 36ct Meadow Rue (not Light Examplar like I said in the video) with DMC.  Finished in October 2011.  Blog post here.
  3. 1854 Isabella Johnstone Sampler by Needlework Press (originally in SANQ Summer 2010) stitched on 40ct Vintage Lentil with Belle Soie silks.  Finished in August 2012.  Blog post here.


  1. Anniversaries of the Heart by Blackbird Designs – I’m currently on the July block called Swan Lake; stitched on 40ct Vintage Examplar by Lakeside Linens with the called for GAST and Crescent Colors threads
  2. Black’d Skie by Primitive Needle – 40ct Vintage Pear by Lakeside Linen and the called for Pure Palette baroque silks and SNC silks
  3. Village of Hawk Run Hollow by Carriage House Samplings – 36ct Vintage Light Examplar with DMC.  SAL with Abi Bellastitch and others on Instagram #hrhvillagesal and in the Cross Stitch Finish Line group on Facebook.  Started September 1 and aiming for a block a month.

Stash Enhancement:

  1. Sewing kit out of Tula Pink Saltwater made by my friend, Mary from the pattern My Hexie Friend by @sewknotcrochet on Craftsy
  2. Peaceful Paradise by Midsummer Night Designs chart

Flosstube Shoutouts:

  1. Tracy P


  1. Finished Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
  2. Currently reading The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

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I’m grateful for all the sweet comments and notes from those that reached out to me after my last video.


2012 Finishes
Happy New Year!  I can hardly believe it’s already the 10th of January!  I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and spent some quality time with friends and family.  Before the new year gets away from me, I thought I’d do a little 2012 recap of some of the things I accomplished last year.  
2012 was not a banner year with regard to finishes.  But, I enjoyed what I did find time to stitch on, and a lot of it was little things that caught my fancy, rather than working on existing WIPs.  You may remember that after starting Margaret Cottam in November of 2011, I was enjoying her so much and was so close to a finish that I decided to stick with her rather than having a New Year’s Day start like I normally do.  And sure enough, I finished Margaret only a few days into 2012.  
Isabella Johnstone was the big star of my finishes this year.  I started her for my birthday in August of 2011, and when I picked her back up in April I continued to work on her steadily until she was finished at the beginning of August.  I really enjoyed stitching her and she’s a beauty!
I did work a little bit on quilting in 2012, I pulled my Kate Spain quilt back out at the end of the year and made some progress on it.  I also started my Kiss Kiss quilt for my birthday.  I also spent the first part of the year working on the Prince Charming hexie pincushions that were gifts for friends.  I made six of them, and still haven’t made one for myself.  I need to rectify that situation!  And in the fall I made some stitching wallets that I shared with you a couple of posts back.  
I also made one other little piece that I haven’t shared yet.  I made a knitting needle case for a friend’s birthday.  I love the way it turned out. 

Here’s the inside.  I bought the fabric back at the beginning of the year knowing I wanted to use it for her gift. 
I think she was happy with it, and I am head over heels about that fabric.  So fun!
So, while I didn’t get a lot done this year, I did enjoy what I was working on.  
And my 2012 finishes were:
  • Margaret Cottam
  • Hexie Pincushions (6)
  • Bonus Block #1 (AOTH)
  • Happy Birthday (AOTH)
  • Rabbit Box
  • Isabella Johnstone 1854
  • Quaker Pincushion
  • Glory House
  • Stitching wallets (5)
  • Sugar Skull 5
  • Five Star Pinkeep
  • Knitting Needle Roll
  • Candy Cane Stocking

For 2013, I have three main stitching pieces I was to focus on – John Reed, Anniversaries of the Heart and And They Sinned.  All three of those are pretty big undertakings, but certainly not an unreasonable feat to finish them all this year.  I did also have a new start on New Year’s Day, but I chose a piece that’s a bit smaller.  In fact, I’m already half way finished with it.

Also this year I want to focus on my quilting.  I did so little sewing last year that I want to rectify that situation.  I bought a lot of fabric, but now I need to do something with it!  I definitely want to work on finishing some of the quilt WIPs I have in progress.  So these will be my focus this year:

Kate Spain
Kiss Kiss
Blue & White
Log Cabin
Pansy Park

Plus I intend to get back on track with my niece and helping her with her first quilt.

I definitely think these are all reachable goals, and it will be nice to focus on some of the pieces I’d really like to finish.

What’s your plan for 2013?

I am grateful for refocusing.

The Thin Red Line

She’s finished!  Isabella is finished and she is beautiful!  I put the last stitches in on Thursday night.  What a thrill to finally have another sampler finish.  She is stitched in the called for Belle Soies, but on 40ct Vintage Lentil – none of which would have been possible if it weren’t for Sylvia!  I wanted to start Miss Johnstone for my birthday last year and my sweet friend made sure I was able to.  I started her on my birthday last year in August, but then set her aside in order to try to get my Hare Pyns stitching done.  I picked Isabella back up in April this year, because I needed something pretty to focus on during everything I was dealing with at the time.  And I’ve pretty much worked on her steadily since April (as steadily as I get).  And here she is finished in my birthday month.  
There were so many things that drew me to this sampler, the beautiful ivy border, the M. Roden (which is a family name), and of course the red cow.


 And as much as I enjoyed stitching that red cow, I really loved stitching the bottom half of this sampler.  I loved the little flower clusters.  I loved the little blue berries.  And I loved getting to stitch a name that’s dear to me too.  And if all that wasn’t enough, when I got down to the bottom of the sampler, I noticed something in the directions I hadn’t seen before.  There was an instruction about what color to use for the backstitched line.  What backstitched line?  Well, sure enough, there is a red line just above the M. Roden.  It is nearly impossible to see on the chart (truly impossible unless you’re looking for it).  Which may explain why I hadn’t seen the red line on other finishes of this piece.  So then the question, do I stitch it or not?  I finally decided that what I love about this piece is that Isabella just kind of did her own thing.  Her leaves don’t match,  her sampler is delightful in its asymmetry.  So, why not a red backstitched line?  And sure enough, I love it.  I’m so glad I decided to include it. 
Isabella was a really fun sampler to stitch and I’m so glad she and I had the pleasure of each others’ company.  And I think that her finish is well-timed, since it’s time for another WIPocalypse post too!
Here’s Isabella’s full-length portrait.
And since my Isabella was finished during the London Olympics, and since she is herself an English girl, I thought I’d share something fun I brought home with me the other day. 

Don’t you love my new book?  I fell in love with the old well-worn look of it, and of course the crowns!  It makes me think of Paulette every time I look at it.  But the best part? 

It’s a box!  I can keep my stitching supplies in there so that they don’t get absconded by a couple of little four-legged fiends.  How fun is that?!
Thanks for always stopping by, and thanks for watching my progress on Miss Bella.  I hope to see more of her being stitched on other blogs soon!
I am grateful for working together to make our home lovely.

Red Five Standing By

I’ve spent some time lately focusing on a couple of pieces that I’d really like to make some good progress on. I went to the stitch in my local EGA chapter held on Saturday and brought Isabella with me. She got a good amount of attention, and I can almost see a finish in my future. I truly love working on this piece and I’m so glad that I’m finally seeing some good progress on her. It’s been almost a year since I started her, but then she sat for a good amount of time with not a single stitch added. I picked her back up in April and have worked pretty steadily on her since then. And on Saturday, she finally got her little pop of blue. It really changes the whole look of the piece, with those little blue berries. So, stay tuned for a finish on her soon! 
And the other piece that I’ve been trying to get caught up on is ATS. The last time I shared a progress photo, it looked like this. 
That’s when I’d just reached the bottom of page 1. So, I’ve been not so steadily working along on the top of page 2. And I finally finally finished that peacock band the other night. (All that grass under their feet and at the bottom of the hill took a bit of time to fill in!!!)
Next I’ll work on the strawberry vine that is at the top of the alphabet. I’m really excited to get to the alphabet and I think it will go relatively faster than all the individual motifs. But, I love that peacock band, with all the crowns and that colorful fruit basket. I had to include my new scissor fob from Annette because it matches those pretty yellow flowers. And thank goodness they are yellow! They were almost red, because I could not for the life of me read the stupid symbols. Lucky for me, I could take a peek at Margaret’s progress and see what color they were supposed to be!
I am grateful for a fun stitch in topped off by a movie night with friends.



Can you believe it’s July?  How did this happen?  (I know I say this every year, but wow – it sneaks up on me!)  And it’s also time for another WIPocalypse check in.  Anyway, I have been stitching…as you can see Isabella’s made some progress.  I’m just loving her and she is really such a joy to stitch.

I did take a little break from Isabella though for a new start.  I mentioned in my last post that I was planning something new, and shared the silks with you.  Well, I took this with me a couple of weeks ago, when I had to go to Wichita for work.  I absolutely love how the AVAS silks look on the Confederate Grey (40ct) fabric.  I’m so happy with the color.  And once I get some more stitched, I think it’s going to look amazing.  Anyway, this is the John Reed 1844 sampler by Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches.  It’s going to be my memorial sampler for my dad, and I started it on his birthday. 


Oh, and the new scissors?  I got them last weekend along with some other goodies I’ll have to share.  So what, pray tell, was I up to over the weekend?  I was invited to attend the second annual Epic Stitching Get Together, which was hosted this year by a local blogger, Susan at Afford Your Passions.   Susan did a great recap of the weekend on her blog, but I thought I’d share a few photos too.  While we were missing a few folks in this photo, you can see that Susan’s living room kind of looked like a bomb exploded with all the stash, WIPs, stitching bags, etc. everywhere. 


There was even more behind the couch…


And a bunch of us brought items to give away to good homes – a whole table full in fact!


And what are those buckets lining the hallway?  Why those were our in-house shop!  One of the ladies brought leftover inventory from her shop and we all had free reign throughout the weekend to peruse and shop at our leisure (often going back again and again!).


I made sure to bring a selection of things to work on…


I even got the opportunity to do some Tula Pink enabling over the weekend, thanks to our visit to the local quilt shop and my lovely project bags.

I did attempt to work on Isabella, but due to where I was sitting (no light behind me), the 40ct stitching just wasn’t happening.  So after a couple of hours attempting it, I finally gave up and stitched on something a little easier to see.  I pulled out Mystery 9 that has languished for a long long long long time.  In fact the last time I worked on it was last June.  I’m not sure what prompted me to dig out this piece and bring it, but I’m glad I did.  I managed to get that left bottom corner restitched (after the last sad ripping out session).  And even managed to get the other corner stitched too!  I’m halfway there on part 9!


And my Chatelaine was in good company – the weekend yielded a total of seven in progress Chatelaines that I got to see up close and personal.  And wow – I need to get my Egypt Garden started asap, especially after seeing this.


I’m just so thrilled to have made some good progress on this piece.  And I’m even more thrilled to have had such a fantastic weekend and been so graciously welcomed into this group of stitchers.  There was so much inspiration, I’m sure I’m going to be busy stitching for a long time!

I am grateful for new friendships.

Of Angels and Acorns

On Tuesday night before guild, I met a couple of friends for dinner. After we ate, they presented me with a secret project they’d been working on since my dad died. They started with Ghoul by Plum Street Samplers, which I love, and charted out a part of the poem that was read at my dad’s funeral. They put his name and birth and death years on the piece along with each of their initials. 
And if that wasn’t enough, they also sent it to Jill Rensel to be framed. 
I just can’t get over it. What a huge surprise and such a thoughtful thing to do. I took it to my mom’s yesterday to show her and she got just as choked up as I did. Thank you my sweet friends, it really means the world to me to have a memorial sampler for him. 
I did decide a few months ago that I wanted to start something new on my dad’s birthday, that is coming up on Tuesday. I used a little bit of my bonus check to purchase the AVAS silks and the Weeks Confederate Grey linen. I’ll be sharing my start with you soon as well as which sampler it is. But, I am so grateful to some friends of mine who helped me out by bringing lots of fabric for me to do floss tosses on until I settled on the one I liked. The chart called for ivory or cream linen, but I really wanted something a little more interesting. 
It’s time for another WIPocalypse post. They time sure flies. And I haven’t gotten a whole lot of stitching done lately, but I’ve put a little bit more in my Quaker Pincushion. And for those who asked that thread is Caron Wildflowers in Tanzanite. Gorgeous, yes? 
And Isabella’s gotten a bit farther as well. Although I think it’s taken me over a week to get what I have done on that wreath. 
And you might be wondering why I haven’t done any stitching? Well, let me introduce Thutmose 
and Ramses. 
They are 14 weeks old and are brothers. Eric and I adopted them last weekend. Since my first boys had all Shakespeare names, I thought these guys needed Egyptian pharoah names. Although lately Eric has been calling them “Monkey See” and “Monkey Do”. They are treasures and have really brightened up our home and our hearts. 
I am grateful for a new beginning to our lives.

How Now Red Cow

As you can see I’ve been working on Isabella some more. I finally got the cow all filled in and went back to do some more leaves. She’s really coming along. 
I really am absolutely in love with this sampler. I’m not sure what it is that’s keeping my attention with her right now, but she truly is so much fun. And especially that I’m on to the fun stuff at the bottom, I’m looking forward to adding in some other colors – like that blue! 
The other day, I got a text from a friend. She says to me “what are your two favorite colors that are complimentary?” Well, I’m sure she thought this was a simple question and would require only a second for me to respond. But I was stumped. I thought and thought and thought and then had to respond and say “I’m sorry, I take color very seriously. My answer would depend on what you’re talking about. Are you talking about colors to wear, colors to decorate with, colors to stitch with? I need more info.” I’m sure about this point she wanted to throw her phone across the room. So, she finally came out with it and said she wanted to send me some thread to stitch one of the Jeannette Douglas Quaker Pincushions with. You would think at that point I could have named two colors and we’d be off to the races. But no…the poor woman finally had to send me a photo of some thread and say “PICK TWO!” So I picked two. Actually, I picked three, but she finagled two out of me. 
I ended up with Tanzanite and Dark Shadows. OMG so in love with the Tanzanite. Can it get any lovelier than that? So, thank you my sweet friend, and I apologize for being an enormous pain in the ass. (I just hope she doesn’t send me a text that says “what’s your favorite movie?”)
Anyway, aside from annoying the living daylights out of my friends, I have also been stitching on And They Sinned.  I’m almost done with the fruit basket and then will move on to the two peacocks on either side of it.  Can’t wait.  
Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  I am planning on visiting the National Cemetery on Monday to go and see my dad.  His headstone should be there now, so I’ll get to see it for the first time.  
I am grateful for time with friends.

Cow Tipping


Thanks so much for all of your kind words about Othello.  We’ve sure been missing him.  I’ve spent the week trying to get sort of readjusted to having an “empty nest” so to speak.  And I’ve tried to get back to my stitching as well.  One thing that has been brightening my days is my new project bag out of Tula Pink fabric, thanks to Sylvia.  I’m absolutely in love with the button she found for this and although Sylvia said she made this one big enough to carry around Dutch Beauty in, Isabella’s been enjoying being in there for now!
And speaking of Isabella…I am way overdue for my May WIPocalypse update.

 I’ve finished off all the letters and numbers at the top and you can see the very tippy top of the cow that I’ve started.  I’m so excited to get to the cow!  

I’ve been working along on my leaves too, a length of thread at a time.  That seems to be working well for keeping me from getting overwhelmed at all the leaves.  She’s been such a fun stitch so far, and I have really needed something to take my mind off everything.

Hope you’re all having a Happy Mother’s Day, whether you’re spending it with your mother, your children or your furry ones.

I am grateful for good memories.



Since finishing my Rabbit Box at Easter, I decided that I would work on something else that’s been calling my name. You may remember Isabella Johnstone?  I’m stitching her with the called for Belle Soies on 40ct Vintage Lentil.  And I’ve really been enjoying her (despite having to rip out her entire right hand side border and restitch it).  And I’m excited to finally be getting into some colors other than red and green!

You can see I’ve gotten my leaves stitched almost all the way down the right side.  I’ve been stitching a length of Attic Tea on the leaves, then I work on the middle.  Then back to the leaves.  That seems to be breaking up the leaves enough that they’re not driving me bonkers!


She’s a sweet little sampler, and I just love the size of her on 40ct, not very big at all.  And I’ve been enjoying her so much I think I will just continue to stick with her for now.  Today is And They Sinned SAL day, so I’ll be working on it later.  I can’t wait to get out of the grass at the top of page 2 and into something more fun.

And I had to share a little gift that Sylvia picked up for me at the Paris needlework show.  Isn’t it fun?


I love the little strawberry!

Well, I’m off to see what I can get accomplished with the remainder of my weekend.  I hope you all enjoy yours as well!

I am grateful for some time to relax, and getting to read and stitch!